16 June 2009

When Time is On my Side....

I will soon be blogging about two artists once I can get some time to do so properly. I don't want to be hurried and botch it up. First, I met a lovely person through etsy while purchasing some vintage buttons to make jewelry out of. She is one of those sellers who can make your day, not just with delivering you what you paid for but by adding a little present and sweet note. Helping to remind you that you purchased these items to make something beautiful so put some of that precious time aside and do so. And this is a reminder that I need! I have been getting caught up in production work for the markets and I need to be more efficient so I can make more delicate jewelry that represents myself as an artist. The next subject will be a dear friend of mine who is like an older brother. We both have a compulsion to create and we look at the world through lenses that crop objects into compositions for us to relay through our work. This is why I am so drawn to his pottery. It is delicate, caring and so beautiful. Characteristics that I don't see often outside the jewelry world, but I guess that my world is a little isolated.

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