31 August 2009

try not to be jealous, but i won!

I have been waiting patiently for what seemed like an eternity. And after checking my email and the blogs I follow I finally received the email I was hoping for. It was from novadesigns telling me that I won these earrings.....

As you can see, the wait was well worth it!

Yes, I know I am a lucky lady, I get to show these off for free. It just took a little blogging and posting on facebook, not much work considering I won these beauties. But don't think that I am the only lucky one to wear them, you can too. Click on the photo above which takes you to her etsy listing and get yourself a pair, and one for a friend and another for a co-worker... really the list could go on and on. And these aren't the only beauties, her shop is full of jewelry that I would love to be adorned with. I am sure you will feel the same, everything is so tempting.

not your average cigar box

This weekend I had some great company under my tent at the open market so I wasn't up to wandering, just chatting with my cousin who I haven't seen in far too long. Lucky for me I still have some pictures left from my previous venture to SoWa. During my adventures I came across a shop which had the most attractive cigar boxes I have yet to see. Not to mention other recycled boxes and paperweights all decorated with the loveliest of papers and some unique findings.

I gleefully opened this box with the fork handle and smiled. It is adorable. Makes me want to re-write all of my recipes so I can store them in here. What a lovely home this would be for some vegan goodies.

I have really been missing Paris lately. This month made it four years since my first and only trip there. The images of handwriting and postage remind me of all the postcards that I sent while I was there. And the addition of keyhole finding is lovely, reminding me of all the memories of Paris I have locked away. Sigh, what a lovely time in a beautiful place.

Who would think that a cigar box could be inspirational? "Be Fun" is a great motto for life. And maybe, just maybe, the key will lead us to a door with an abundance of fun to be had behind it. Well, that is what I want to believe.

I can't decide which is more appealing, "Fly Fly" or the butterflies. I suppose they are equal, they are free, free to fly to new adventures.

Really, I have never wanted paperweights so much before in my life. I always wondered the purpose. When I saw these, I didn't care, I fell in love. What is the Eiffel Tower, New York City, the butterfly or the flower? It doesn't matter, one of these needs to find a home on my desk. I want to daydream of far away places and of the beauty in nature while I am supposed to be working. Wait! I believe I discovered their purpose after all -inspiration.

This one may just be my favorite. Beautifully sketched botanical drawings, slight hues of deep orange and chartreuse and a butterfly in the deepest of reds. I am in love.

Please take a look at the artist's website. Read about her, browse around, shop, daydream and enjoy.

29 August 2009

lovely finds at the open market

This past Sunday I snuck out of my not so busy tent at the open market to take a peak at other vendors goods. And did I fall in love. My first stop was whistling sparrow designs where I discovered upcycled stitched creations. You must know by the description that all of Libby's items are unique, fun and never the same. This is why I am in love, her tent was alive with creativity.

This tank was the first thing to catch my eye. It reminds me of some handmade goodness that I found in London four long years ago. Beautiful bits and pieces of remnants put together to bring life to a shirt that someone else no longer cared for.

Behold, another lovely tank. The theme is so similar but Libby is too creative to keep it the same. I love the newspaper quality to it. There must be a message somewhere...

I adore the rosettes on this tank...

.....and the detail -the layers, tulle, words. Love that she chose to use an elaborate decoration in moderation.

I found my way past the racks of clothes to see some accessories and they are just as lovely. These clutches are wonderful, each having their own perfect detail.

Finally, I discover a display of rosettes. May I mention, I too use kitchen wares to display my work, so don't you think I am just smitten? These are all so different I have no idea how one could chose just one. What I admire most is that this artist will never tire of what she does. We will always have lovely new creations from whistling sparrow designs to look forward to. What will we discover next? I bet it is stitched to perfection and completely fresh.

18 August 2009

designed my first treasury and I am so excited!

This evening I was lucky enough to snag my very first treasury. I thought it would be fun to search etsy for fronds to see what came up. I discovered that many artists out there are inspired by fronds, just as I am. This theme resonates in paper arts, jewelry, soap making, photography, textiles, drawing and printmaking. I am drawn to the way artists approach the same subject in their own manner, especially when the theme is in the same genre. We each have our own way of capturing what inspires us and this is so fascinating.

So here is a sneak peak of the treasury, but please hurry and take a look because it expires on Friday, 21.August.2009 at 7:46pm est.

So, click here to see the real deal.

Designers Wanted! visit Vicki at Simply Hue

A lovely blog I follow known as Simply Hue is calling out to designers to enter into a new series called "Spotlight on Designers." Vicki, the author of Simply Hue, wants to feature twenty artists over the period of one week. Your expertise of design can be in jewelry, handbags, greeting cards, textiles or pottery.

So, now you ask how does one go about submitting your work? Really, it is as easy as an email.

But first, here are some hints to help catch Vicki's eye:
1. Your designs fit the basic aesthetic of Simply Hue
2. Attractive photo styling,
and 3. Clear images.

To get the full story click on over to Simply Hue, take a look around, enjoy what you see, add a comment or two regarding her lovely posts and send along your email to Vicki with a link to your shop or website. So very simple.

Did I mention that you will be in good hands? Vicki ran a feature on this lovely jeweler. As you can see, she has great taste. I want to be in the company of Kathi Rousell and I am sure you feel the same.
Take a look at this feature to get a feel of what you could be in for. Good luck to all.

15 August 2009

another anniversary sale

Last night and into early this morning I was dancing for joy over an etsy sale. I checked my email before going to bed and discovered that I sold a necklace. When I read my entire email there was a message which planted a smile on my already happy face.

"Beautiful design. This is for our silver wedding anniversary later this year. We are both UMD grads, too: she -a math major- and I -a biology major- met in an art history class."

There are so many things to be excited about. An etsy sale, being a part of another anniversary celebration, being on the same etsy team (MSIA) as my buyer and sharing the same status of UMD alumnus. And isn't is adorable that they met in art history class under the many beautiful canvasses of art? I think it is so romantic. The good old art history room in Group Six is always dimly lit, has comfy chairs and plenty of romantic art for the viewing. The perfect place for a budding romance.

For their silver anniversary Mark will be giving his wife, Wendy this beauty of mine.
This seems like the perfect choice for an anniversary celebration. The aquamarine has a silvery look to it. The composition also flows well with marriage. There are lots of twists and turns in the piece, just like marriage, but the strength of the metal and stones hold everything together, just as patience and understanding keep a marriage strong.

Needless to say I think Mark has great taste and I would like to introduce you to his work which I have been complimenting him on through our team forums. He has an amazing knack for creating patinas on his brass and copper forms which he painstakingly shapes into natural designs using punches, hammers and mallets. This is the loud aggressive sort of work I also enjoy making. Out of noise and what seems to be chaos, art is created and it has a fun, calming quality to it.

These are my absolute favorites. The mix of the blue patina on beautifully shaped butterflies makes me wish I had a garden to give them a home to.

I appreciate the complexity of this piece. Adding texture while forming and bending copper is no easy task. The verdigris on Margeurite accentuates her shape and makes her even more beautiful.

Flitter is another wonderful collection. Wonderful detail and color, perfect for your garden.

I guess nature art studio and I have a lot on common. We both love nature, art, and the many shades of blues and greens that metal acquires over time, or with a little help from a knowing metalsmith.

12 August 2009

I heart Boston

My heart lies in Boston. I could walk around the city for hours on end and not grow tired of it. Often I get lost and make the same loops only to discover that I noticed something new so it was all worth it. After my SoWa market on Sunday I took a jaunt in the city I love.

First stop was to faneuil hall for Wagamama, if you haven't heard of Wagamama I must introduce you. It is a wonderful restaurant I discovered in London. When you order soup you need a ladle and chopsticks to eat it. Oh, and lots of time because the bowls are huge and full. I am most happy that a Wagamama followed me home a few years after I first laid eyes on it.

Maybe the menu gives you an idea of what we were in for? I am even happy to see the menus again. I am smitten!

The weather was perfect, so much so I sat outside. I was able to enjoy looking at these bubble lights which I always envision when I think of faneuil hall.

So, I neglected to take pictures of the food. I was afraid to scare away the other people at our table. By the way, another great part of the Wagamama experience is you never know who you are going to be elbow to elbow with.

The meal was so very good and I ordered a little of everything vegetarian so I brought my soup home for later. Nothing from here goes to waste. Time to meander and put the left overs in the car.

Can't you see why I am in love with Boston? Little treasures are hidden all over.

When I saw how much fun this boy was having in the fountains I had to stop. He was so happy I smiled for him. That little bugger was hard to catch though!

I turned around to cross the road and venture on to see more of the park and this seemed like an interesting composition so I caught it on camera.
I wonder, is this why we are such crazy drivers?

Pressing on into the park I discovered these sculptures....

...and after much inspection I realized just how playful they were.

Maybe part of the attraction to my love is all of the art Boston has to offer?

One last click of the camera and we are onto the north end. I love this quaint part of town.

Sadly, I wasn't able to capture the quaintness that is the north end. But the streets are lined with white-lighted trees always making the streets festive. I do love it so. The narrow cobblestone streets, brick buildings all packed together, flower boxes sprouting up and the smell of Italian food in the air.

Seeing this sign generally means that I am walking back to my car and will soon be leaving the city I heart.

There are still more lovely things to see, another fountain bringing a park to life. Behind us are people eating and chatting at small cafe-like tables. A little piece of Europe in my Boston.

A final view of faneuil hall before I make my exit.

This time all lit up, shimmering and lovely.

This was a short affair with my love. And I hate to turn away but I know I will return with a sparkle in my eye, looking forward to my next rendezvous with the city I heart.

07 August 2009

eco-friendly jewelry on the Huffinton Post. vote for your favorites.

I have known I was smitten with the Huffington Post, maybe even addicted. All of the signs are there. I have the iPhone widget to read up on the blogs, I get the daily email with all the highlights, I have fanned all of their pages on facebook...well, I can't let you know how obsessed, I must stop somewhere.

This is my favorite but I think you should take a look at the link and choose your top five. Then post them to facebook, blog about it, obsess in anyway you choose.

enjoy and be inspired!

06 August 2009

nova designs giveaway

A lovely jeweler is giving away these lovely earrings.

So, I know you are dying to find out what you need to do to win these lovelies?? I guess I will tell you even though I want to win. Here is the deal, you must blog, tweet, post about them on facebook or anywhere else you strut your stuff. Then you visit the lovely blog of nova designs and leave her a comment to let her know all you have done, with links of course because she will be keeping her straying eye on you.

I have already decided I will be receiving these in this lovely box. HHhmmm, not sure I will be able to my eyes off my mailbox for the next few weeks.

I decided I will be a good sport, best of luck to everyone!!

03 August 2009

hurry up and take a peak!

A lovely jeweler whom I have blogged about put together a treasury and I am honored to be a part of it.

Just to refresh your memory here is a little sample from hightowerbotanical's shop...

And here is the lovely treasury she made (psst, it is her first, so pop her cherry and click on the picture to view the real deal. But be quick, as it expires Tuesday at 6:18am est)

Maybe I am biased, I am in it and it is all jewelry. Nah, it is beautiful. Good eye, hightower!

support all things handmade~the mini blog

There is a great blog which provides free advertising for etsy stores. Everyone behind the scenes volunteers to set up etsy minis to promote other etsians. I was just taking a look at the plethora of blogs I follow and came across the mini blog realized how wonderful an idea this is and I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. I went to take all of the steps to promote my site only to discover that my etsy mini was already there. Guess I have already danced the dance.

so, here it is......
Drop Earrings in Olive Jade and Sterling Silver
Vintage Button Cocktail Ring
Frond Earrings
Large Leaf Earrings in Shell and Sterling Silver
Buy Handmade

sharing a page with this lovely shop.....
Tuxedo Coin Ring
Resin Leaf Pendant No. 45 of 100
Dangle Leaf with Peridot Earrings Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver Seashell Pendant with chain
Buy Handmade

There is more to be offered than advertising, this is a great way to shop. The mini blog does a wonderful job of dividing up the multitude of categories that etsians work in. Oh, and the subcategories are even better with narrowing your search. Support all things handmade at: http://etsymini.blogspot.com

thanks for reading!