06 August 2009

nova designs giveaway

A lovely jeweler is giving away these lovely earrings.

So, I know you are dying to find out what you need to do to win these lovelies?? I guess I will tell you even though I want to win. Here is the deal, you must blog, tweet, post about them on facebook or anywhere else you strut your stuff. Then you visit the lovely blog of nova designs and leave her a comment to let her know all you have done, with links of course because she will be keeping her straying eye on you.

I have already decided I will be receiving these in this lovely box. HHhmmm, not sure I will be able to my eyes off my mailbox for the next few weeks.

I decided I will be a good sport, best of luck to everyone!!


  1. You definitely get a gold star for the best blog post!


  2. Tess, Thank you so much!!!!!!! I tried. I love your work. It is so original, playful and well made. It was a great excuse to write about you!


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