31 August 2009

try not to be jealous, but i won!

I have been waiting patiently for what seemed like an eternity. And after checking my email and the blogs I follow I finally received the email I was hoping for. It was from novadesigns telling me that I won these earrings.....

As you can see, the wait was well worth it!

Yes, I know I am a lucky lady, I get to show these off for free. It just took a little blogging and posting on facebook, not much work considering I won these beauties. But don't think that I am the only lucky one to wear them, you can too. Click on the photo above which takes you to her etsy listing and get yourself a pair, and one for a friend and another for a co-worker... really the list could go on and on. And these aren't the only beauties, her shop is full of jewelry that I would love to be adorned with. I am sure you will feel the same, everything is so tempting.


  1. you are too sweet! I am so glad that you won!

  2. I am glad too. They crossed the border and were worn with flair!


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