25 November 2009

My love for Craftland's holiday show!

This past Sunday night I went to my beloved Craftland and dropped off a box full of jewelry goodness for their holiday show. I loved seeing the boxes of all the other art work piled high awaiting their debut on opening day, 4.december.2009. Not only am I excited to have been chosen to be in the show amongst 170 other artists, I am also pleased to have opportunity to volunteer at Craftland during the month of December. So many others are volunteering too and I can't wait to meet these fellow artisans who share a passion for their work and love of Craftland

This is their glitter filled banner outside the shop. I believe the store just keeps getting better and better with every trip I make there.

With the flower baskets of summer long gone, wreaths are taking over. I was happy to catch the street lamps lit as well as the white lights which light up the street year round. This is always a festive destination!

In return for my jewelry I left armed with these sweet postcards to pass out about town to advertise our show. One of the masterminds behind Craftland,  Jen Corace, designs all of the media pertaining to the shop. Delicate posters in the store fronts, shimmery banners and these heart-warming cards. To see more of her work click on her name above and click here to see her blog, and click here to see Jen and partner in crime Deb Dormandy working together, showing off each other's strengths. To see the amazing bookbinding of Deb click on her full name. 

I hope to see many faces at Craftland so take a peek at their site to see the dates and times for some extra special events like: the Opening Party, Meet the Artist Night, Girls Rock! RI Party, Buy Art reception, and which day of the week you will be able to get free coffee from White Electric Coffee, a lovely indie cafe in Providence.

18 November 2009

inspiration for enameling

Lately I have only jewelry making on the mind. With a large inventory due by the week's end at Craftland all I can think about is my jewelry that needs to be made and delivered there. I have designed some new earrings which are to be enameled and I have been trying to decide on which colors I will use. If left to my own preferences they will all be chartreuse and robin's egg blue. So, it was time to pay more attention to my surroundings on my walks in the city. Through the screen of my iPhone I have captured some colors that will push me out of my comfort zone, or maybe lead me to a new place of comfort. 

I have been thinking of my approach to applying color. Will I just use one color? Or more than two? Will the colors blend or be definitive lines? My attraction to this leaf tells me that there will be more than one color and they will blend, seamlessly. 

And, maybe I can step away from using bold colors all of the time. Time to mix things up a bit and use muted tones too. Seems like a lovely idea to me.

I vow to use a variety of muted tones. Not only will there be reds and oranges but golden yellows. Do I dare sneak brown in too? 

I can't let my true nature escape me, however, there will be some earrings where the boldness of color will just jump out at you. If I made everything the same it would be so very boring wouldn't it? Besides, it wouldn't be made in the spirit of all that is handmade if they were all the same, now would it?

Definitely blurry lines. Blended colors, just like autumn will soon be in our memories. A haze of hues, some muted and some bright, but all lovely.

thanks for reading!