26 February 2010

short and sweet

I was just over at Fleur Avenue's blog and loved this short film so much I thought I should share it with you...

I hope you find it just as sweet as I did.....

have a happy, inspired day
xo, Kim

23 February 2010

outside my window

I am expecting this same view outside my bedroom window at some point today or any day this week...

even though I am dreaming of Spring I am leaning toward this view. It is prettier and more inviting than rain.

Now that I have studied this photo a bit and thought about the cute fire escapes my abode has, I am thinking I should take up guitar and sit outside on the metal supports and sing, A la Breakfast at Tiffany's......

Something to think about while I wish for Spring....

21 February 2010

outdoor specimens

When I come and go from our cozy bungalow apartment I stop to reflect on these specimens...
I admire the textures of each, noting the differences and appreciating the complexity of each structure. I get caught in the splendid awe of nature. 

I often wonder who collected them. The little lady downstairs? her parents? or a friend who thought they would be appreciated here? No matter, I am happy to have them to reflect on daily. A little reminder of just how precious nature is.

17 February 2010

Craftopia application: signed, sealed & delivered

Finally I hit the print button to be able to fill out my application to Craftopia. I have had the document open on my desktop for weeks thinking, I will make new pieces and photograph them, all to dazzle the judges. Since weather warnings and not feeling well kept me from these ventures I decided to try and take better photographs of the work I have. 

I have been making these "dash of color" earrings for a while now. They debuted at Craftland and have yet to be released on the internet so I guess they may be new to some of you. These are sweet little experiments in color through enameling. Sometimes they are one big dash of color and other times they are a dash of color splashed with a tiny sample of a complimentary color. They are so fun and I couldn't make two pairs the same if I wanted to. {for the curious minded, the color part sits against your ear lobe and the silver wire hangs gracefully from behind your lobe}

And my old favorite, a vintage button ring. Once again, no two can be the same. This one is no longer in my possession, it currently resides in Australia. {read more here} I am sure it is quite happy there! I know I am happy it has found a loving home. 
here is what the owner had to say: 
Hello Kim,

I got the ring today. It is lovely. I'm wearing it right now!
Hope my order is the first of many from abroad.
Thanks again,
...I think she is smitten!!

And these lovely frond earrings have yet to find a home. Maybe they are intimidating? Maybe my photographs have been poor? I did a little shooting today and I hope I caught them in a better frame.

Wish me luck on Craftopia!! 

12 February 2010

my travels, documented through a lens.

I was wide awake at 3am this morning with my lady. She had the munchies and I haven't been feeling well so we took care of each other. I cuddled up on the couc and watched a netflix movie on my macbook. I chose "Broken English" based on the views of Paris from the preview. Seems I am feeling nostalgic for Paris as I had also watched "Le Ballon rouge" before bed. When I am watching movies based on places I have visited I keep my eyes wide open to connect with a sight I have stored in my memory. This made me start thinking, I have so many photographs from London and a few from Paris {***sigh*** I had camera trouble and only have day one of three in Paris and none of the three days in Amsterdam} and it seems fair that I should share them, as, I am always looking for something to blog about that won't bore you to death. 

Introducing... "my travels, documented through a lens" post one...

I wasn't sure which picture to choose for the first post. Then I decided I would use the first picture I took once off the plane in London.
This is a piece from The British Museum, at the time it was located in the special exhibition part of The Great Court. I almost didn't make it anywhere else in the museum because I loved this sculpture so. But I remembered how I would love almost everything seeing as I was in an art museum, so I got a move on.

As a metalsmith and lover of nature I adored the use of old metal gun parts to build this tree. The texture is as interesting as bark and the patinated metal gives the look of a weathered structure from outdoors. The sculpture also balances the lines of sturdiness and fragility as a tree does. The massive weight of both, the thick interior structure or rings of wood balanced with the covering of pieces of bark which can be flimsy as can the final layer of gun parts pieced together. Aside from the structural similarities I am driven to the underlying theme, nature is fragile in and of itself, and it becomes yet more fragile when we interfere. Guns are just as fragile with a human behind it. It sheds a light on how mindful we need to be of each other and the earth we live on. With all of this swirling in my head along with my aesthetic attraction to the tree, I nearly curled up at the bottom of this sculpture to feel safe, ponder my impact on nature and show respect and gratitude.

I hope you enjoy this new endeavor as much as I do. I have pulled out the travel journal and a map of the British Museum to reminisce. Click over to The British Museum and take a trip yourself.

02 February 2010

Laura Bucci giveaway at curls and coffee

I come spreading the joy and goodness of a giveaway over at curls and coffee. The artist of honor is  Laura Bucci I discovered her work while searching on etsy for an unusual cozy to fit around my travel mug. Yes, it seems strange to get a cozy for a travel mug, but my stainless steel mug didn't have a rubber sleeve on it and it kept trying to wiggle through my mittened hands. It is most important that I have my morning tea in full, no spills allowed.

Now, onto what is to be given away...
Adorable and functional, made with great attention to detail of luscious fabric remnants and hand stamped of the artists own design.

Laura Bucci's items scream ecofriendly, reusable sleeves versus disposable cardboard, fabric remnants saved from the trash and her products are washable. I adore the themes of the scooters and bicycles. To me it is a suggestion, a gentle push toward reducing your carbon footprint, reminding us that we need to get out in the fresh air.

So click over to curls and coffee and enter this giveaway in every way you possibly can. I promoted this shamelessly to support a great artisan.

thanks for reading!