24 April 2010

Grand Re-Opening {Finally!}

I am relieved, my etsy shop is finally full of all of my new work and a few old favorites. I am quite pleased with my photographs too. My cozy bungalow has a great window for photographing jewelry.

So, take a peek.....

This bamboo coral ring is the start of my specimen series. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and hope this project takes me in the direction of really glamorous cocktail rings.

I started my pod series last summer but started to focus on it more this spring. This ring is one of the first of the series that I made. It is a piece of faceted carnelian with a textured silver backing riveted onto a ring band. This ring is inspired by the bittersweet berries we enjoy decorating with in the autumn. 

This is my favorite of the pod series thus far. It is reminiscent of plump summer berries, not yet ripe enough to eat. The color of olive jade (or serpentine) is the essence of life to me. Watching spring bud to life around me has surrounded me by this color.

This pod ring is representative of decay. Not all buds blossom, some come to an end before they start ,and it doesn't necessarily lack in beauty.

Moon earrings are an old favorite. Inspired by lovely texture on left over scrap metal, they had a humble start. I have been having fun with different sizes and noticing that customers love the options. These are medium. Here are the small and large. Look and see which ones are for you.
{read: these are the start of a new series also. I have a feeling that these moons will appear on necklaces and dangle earrings too!}

I have been away from enameling for too long. To get myself back into the swing of things I designed some earrings that I could use as color palates for my explorations in color. After I have finished playing I get to come up with fun names for my studies. This one is Freckled Pink!

This was a fun exploration. The chartreuse was labeled as a transparent purple but I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome, I am smitten with chartreuse! Even more so in combination with lavender. The combination reminds me of lilacs blooming from green leafed bushes. 

These were the first pieces of metal that I enameled since university {it was long ago, trust me} and I started with my old favorite colors. Robin Egg Blue and Leaf. How could you not tell they would be a favorite? They have taken over my business theme. Banners, cards, stickers, ricrac, you name it is covered with this color combination. Luckily my customers seem to like my love for greens and blues too.

Now that I have filled my shop I find myself wanting to get back to my bench to design some more new work. As an artist are you ever done designing? I doubt I will ever be.

xo, Kim

19 April 2010

Grand Re-Opening

I am currently taking a little break from the grand re-opening of my etsy shop. It is so exciting, I am finally getting my new work out on the internet. It has been done for a while and made it's debut in Craftopia this month but today most of my new items will be available online. Hooray!

So, here are some photographs but I would LOVE for you to take a look at my shop too. 

Here are my bitty earrings. They made of scrap pieces of silver. I just can't waste a speck, so I made these itty bitty earrings for people to enjoy. They reflect light and color and are fun to wear.

I heart enamels! My favorite part is playing with color combinations so I designed some earrings to show off my experiments. 

My frond earrings are an old favorite. I took new photos of them in the hopes of showing off their beauty. I suspect there will be a small series of these in the future. I can't wait to see them all together.

Another oldie. I wasn't going to continue my vine necklace series but it seems this one in particular isn't ready to be retired. I won't complain, vine necklaces are made from recycled silver and this one {olive jade} was always my favorite.

My enameled poppy earrings are a blend of my old style with my new passion for enameling everything. Bold, bright poppies hang from a delicately shaped ear wire. I can't wait to get some more color combinations together. Maybe there will be more ear wire shapes in the future?

I would love feedback on my grand re-opening. Constructive criticism welcome.

xo, Kim

14 April 2010

welcome spring!

Today Callie and I welcomed spring. We took a walk around Providence to some lovely stores on Hope Street with the mission of finding birthday presents for our beloved and greatly missed Miss Freja. Our Swedish gal turned three today and we are just a bit behind in shopping. Don't worry, we found some great surprises to make up for this. 

On our way to buying the usual, yet unusual, handmade presents I kept my vow to photograph everything in bloom. 
I love seeing our city streets lined with these pretty {yet poorly fragranced} blooming trees. Don't the tons of teeny flowers look beautiful against the vibrant sky?

This bloom is from a sapling that was just planted along a row of other trees lining the street. 

I am unable to resist tulips. This photograph reminds me of all of the tulip bulbs I hauled back from Amsterdam. Out of over a hundred bulbs of mixed colors about ninety percent of them were red. At first I was a little angry to think that I had bought extra luggage to bring home red tulips but after a few springs it seemed like a funny joke that I had between me and Amsterdam.

This little patch of flowers is in front of a cute little house which leaves dog biscuits and water out on their front stoop for the doggies passing by. While I enjoy the flowers Callie enjoys the treats. It is a perfect combination.

I am so happy to have stumbled along dogwood which had just burst. I am in love with these trees, so much so that I have a dogwood boutonniere all sketched out waiting to be made from silver.

These frilly pink blooms remind me of a tree I use to climb near my grandmother's house. When the tree bloomed my cousin and I would shake the petals off the branches and onto out uncle's car parked below. After we vandalized his car with petals we would climb the tree, she more gracefully than I. 

Callie and I loved our spring day. The walk was refreshing, the stores full of beautiful items and the boulangerie had delicious coffee. Now it is late and time for bed. Callie is snoring and I want to cuddle.

new work, new market season

The first market of the season has come and gone. This has brought along a sense of anxiety, as the market season will be a long one this year, and a sense of relief. I put my new displays, work and packaging out for the shoppers to see and I got myself many compliments {especially on my teeny, square new business cards!}. So, all of my hard work seemed to pay off, ahh.. another sigh of relief. 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had been browsing antique stores for displays. And I had a blast in my search efforts.

Not finding everything I wanted in an actual store I also searched etsy for my letterpress drawer. What would I do without etsy?

The finds from the antique stores needed some love and kindness to become the perfect displays for me.
I didn't mind, I love looking through paint squares at home depot just as much as I love to mix bold colors together to make one great piece!

Now, for the big reveal.....
...my displays in action at the first market. 
{not to mention, my new packaging, gift wrap and earring cards!!}

I do love how this all came together for me. I must admit, there wasn't much of a plan when I started collecting these items so I am lucky everything came together. My theory is that if I like one thing then everything else I get will look perfect with it because I picked it all out. Might be silly but it makes for less stress while gathering all of the bits and pieces from different places. 

I had so much fun playing with colors, making new cards and price tags and designing new work. Now, I just need to get designing more to fill up my lovely letterpress drawer. More rings are in order!

What part of market preparation do you love?

thanks for reading!