14 July 2010

fresh from the side of the road

While walking home from the gym the other night I decided it was time for some new flowers for my end table. So, I picked some Queen Anne's Lace from the side of the road.
Last night I captured it on my iPhone. Doesn't the Shake It Photo app make it look like an oil painting? 

Queen Anne's Lace has long been an inspiration for me. When I get some time I will fashion some jewelry after one of my favorite flowers. It is ever so complicated, yet simple in color. Stunning!

enjoy the summer flowers!
xo, Kim


  1. Proof that it isn't the tool that makes a piece of art great, it is the artist. Lovely photo.

  2. wow, so pretty! I LOVE queen ann's lace. why is it not more popular??

  3. Becca, not sure why more people don't love it. in the summer it is free.


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