31 August 2010

my travels through a lens...travel tuesdays

There is something magical about this photograph taken in the River Seine. 
It looks like a sketch the artist started to cover in a wash, capturing the grey, rainy day on the quiet River Seine. The trees just starting to develop with a penned outline. 
What really happened was that we took lots of pictures, most of them didn't come out all that well. But we keep them all to hold onto the memories of Paris. I loved our trip ever so much and will take all of the memories I can. 

au revoir,

28 August 2010


Today I spent the day under a tent in Portland, Maine selling my jewels at Picnic

The sun was shining, the weather was sweet. 

I bought lots of loot from my neighbor, heatherjeany. And I sold some pieces too. Some favorites, though they were new to me. Like my new funky hoops and dot earrings in Tiffany blue and ruby red. I had my first male customer buy earrings. I sold an old favorite and these cuties I have had for the summer. On top of all of this I sold some real oldies on clearance. So old, they aren't on the internet or in stores any more. There are perks to buying from me in person, aside from my smile and compliments on how great you look in the jewelry I created just for you.

I need to rest up. Tomorrow I explore Portland before leaving for Montreal. More travel pictures coming up.
xo, Kim

supermarket saturdays welcomes pocketo

I can't recall how I came across this five minute candle by poketo

Maybe it was a tweet, or just from browsing supermarket. But ever since I came across it I have been thinking of uses for it. 

Celebrating a promotion, new baby, anniversary. Or do you just create your own romantic candle lit dinner? I love the spontaneity. They are the perfect size to carry on you just in case. 

What would you celebrate?
xo, kim

p.s. i have this shirt of theirs and i am smitten. really, really smitten.

27 August 2010

object fetish fridays welcomes Amy Tavern

I never know how to begin my search for my artiste  du jour when it comes to searching object fetish. Not that the site isn't user friendly, it is just that everything is so darn pretty. This week searching through brooches I found Amy Tavern

cluster brooch

 The artist poetically describes her work in her bio:
My current studio jewelry, “Line Drawings/Borderlines,” is composed of simple lines and abstract planes that I vary, combine, and layer to create new, interdependent and often interactive spaces and patterns. I strive for a visual interplay between elements, creating pieces in which positive and negative space are equally important. The compositions are inspired by aerial views, simple drawings, and my interest in arrangements and order."

double line bracelet
In the double line bracelet, negative space is created for function. But it is also created in the larger circle framing the smaller one. I enjoy the simplicity of this design and the play on the circle. For me, straying from a perfect form would be difficult and it's this thought that makes me realize that the design really isn't all that simple after all.

large arc earrings
In this piece the negative space is created to interact with the body. Accentuating the wearer's jaw and neck. 

two-piece rectangular stateline earrings
These earrings seems to consume all of the negative space we are use to seeing in Amy's work. She keeps the silver it's original pale white making the piece seem smaller and fainter than the bold and darkened members of this series. We are forced to create our own ideas of negative space, which is in flux as the lower rectangle is able to pivot. 

web earrings
These web earrings are my absolute favorite. The artist starts to play more with the space she created in the largest circle, controlling the negative space we see. She draws with bold, thick lines and directs our gaze to the center and back around again. Making us appreciate every last bit of her design.

To see Amy Tavern's entire collection click here.

xo kim

26 August 2010

a glimpse D.S. Brennan Photography

This week over at try handmade I wrote about D.S. Brennan Protography

Diana mixes her two passions, photography and science, to create her art. Her photographs range from muted hues to bold bursts of color. But don't take my word for it, go look at some more samples of her work here.

Feel free to contact me with some suggestions of Rhode Island artists you would like to see featured.
xo, Kim

24 August 2010

welcome summer!

This week brings a variety of summer photographs. There really isn't a rhyme or reason to these photos, except they all involve warm weather fun.

I think this may be the final sunflower from our yard. Their heads have been too heavy for them to last all that long. {Maybe I will need to take some black and whites and post them with text from the sunflower sutra.} I did enjoy them while they were here.

hipstamatic {lens:John S film:Kodot Verichrome}
This Saturday I followed a facebook post to finally meet up with the juice truck. I would like to thank Frog and Toad for the introduction. Their orange carrot ginger juice was divine.

I have been trying to embrace my hipstamatic app but it doesn't seem to be as reliable as ShakeItPhoto. Aside from getting the proper combination of lens and film I have a hard time with composition. Sometimes I nail it and other times I fail miserably. The juice truck sign came out great but it seems to be my biggest success so far. Do you have a favorite app? Or do you like the challenge of choosing the right combination?

Enjoy the drizzle before the heat returns.
xo, Kim

my travels through a lens...travel tuesdays

This week brings us to London, specifically the Tate Modern. It seems ironic that the weather is so similar to London today, damp and cold. Not that needing to wear a sweatshirt would stop me from returning.

I fell in love with the architecture of this museum. Can't you see why?

Visiting the Tate was fun, relaxing even. There wasn't a mad dash to see more major pieces of art than you can possibly remember before closing. We were able to stroll and take in some great works.
I loved seeing Andy Warhol. I have noted in my journal that we saw a self portrait, two Jackie's, a Marilyn, a double Elvis and an electric chair. I loved listening to the audio tour of Warhol's work. It was this trip that started my love for all things Andy. But I was also thrilled to see some works from my art history days. You know those days where you sit in the cool, dark auditorium under the illumination of slides? I spent some time looking at Duchamp's Fountain, Koons' Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank and Dali's Lobster Telephone, along with quite a few pieces of Jackson Pollock's.

My absolute favorite room in the museum, possibly my all time favorite in any museum, was the one full of Mark Rothko's Seagram Murals. I sat there for some time listening to the audio tour and when it was over I sat some more to reflect. This series of work was commissioned for the Four Seasons restaurant, while only seven works were requested, he made thirty. Upon completion, Rothko didn't feel that the work was suitable and donated the pieces. The very day the museum received this body of work, it was learned the artist died of his own hand. The room was set somberly with the paintings raised high on the walls, creating a space for meditation and reflection as the artist wished. Soothing canvasses blend with a few unsettling ones, allowing us to see the struggle within  their creator. If you want to see this body of work for yourself you can view the interactive exhibition here. While looking for this link for you (well me too, I loved seeing his work again) I came across a great quote:

'If a thing is worth doing once, it is worth doing over and over again – exploring it, probing it, demanding by its repetition that the public look at it.'
Mark Rothko

I hope you enjoy the link on Rothko's work. Try to imagine his work hung on warm walls and being surrounded by it. Close your eyes and breathe.
xo, Kim

21 August 2010

supermarket saturdays welcomes paperwhite studio

What else is there to do on Saturdays but go to the supermarket

This week I decided to feature one of the first shops I discovered on supermarketPaperwhite Studio of New York, NY. This image was gracing the front page on my very first visit. 

The possibilities seem endless. Funny, serious, just plain silly, but it gets the point across. In case you lack imagination there are some options too.

I love that the artist thought of things you always hope to be loved more than. For instance, the "cold side of the pillow." Then there are things I could never dream of being loved more than being "the dog."

What would you fill in the blank with? And, what would you want to be loved more than?
enjoy, Kim

20 August 2010

object fetish friday

It is Object Fetish day today which gives me an excuse to browse their pages chock full of lovely jewelry. Page after page after page of breathtaking jewelry. Have you been? If not set aside some time and don't be surprised if you add some pieces to your wish list. 

Today I decided to search through the bracelets and I came across Ciclus' collection. Based in Spain, Ciclus focuses her attention on making sustainable designs. Through her jewelry you can see how her background in industrial and graphic design influences her love for using repurposed materials. 

The photolithograph film reminds me of smoky quartz, dark and shimmery. But the red thread makes this design playful and more everyday. The contrast is surprising yet fun.

The eclipse necklace seems more formal to me. It shimmers like black diamonds and is held together with transparent thread, making the handiwork mysterious. Don't you love the shapes the film takes on in this piece? They seems to dance effortlessly.

And to add a dash of color, Ciclus uses old postcards and flyers to create an enameled effect. The results are bright and bold. In this collection she uses color to replace the shine of her film pieces. 

Ciclus' work is all one of a kind. But it is well unified in shape and color, even in the monochromatic pieces. She knows how to rework the circle and push the limits of function. 

I just can't choose a favorite. They are all so lovely. Well, just need to add some to my wish list.
xo, Kim

19 August 2010

A glimpse of Bang Bang You're Thread

This week on Try Handmade I wrote about Allison Cole the illustrator and designer extraordinaire who lives and works in Providence, RI. 
Her fun designs litter so many useful items that you may not resist getting a little something from Allison's shop. So, go on now and read the full post on her, you will be happy you did.

Please contact me if you have a Rhode Island artist you would like to see me feature.
xo, Kim

18 August 2010

welcome summer!

Before I share some photos I wanted to let you in on my new blogging schedule. In an effort to keep me posting regularly I came up with some themes I hope you like....

travel tuesdays {photographs and musings from my travels}
welcome summer wednesdays {well, welcome any season}
try handmade thursdays {I will give a little snippet of my try handmade post}
object fetish fridays {I will share photos and my opinion on lovely jewelry}
supermarket saturdays {sharing great handmade finds}

Now onto welcome summer...

While walking to my car I was lucky enough to spot a monarch butterfly flitting through the butterfly bush. So very apropos! 

I don't think that I ever noticed before that monarchs are a brighter orange when their wings are open. I tried to snap a picture before the butterfly landed but it just didn't happen. 

No matter. It was magical to see this butterfly hanging out in the butterfly bush. 

What do you see out in the yard that makes you smile?
xo, Kim

17 August 2010

my travels through a lens...travel tuesdays

Lately I have been itching to travel. I simply need to get out and explore, see new sights or even ones I have seen, they just need some refreshing. I certainly wouldn't turn down a trip to Paris just because I have seen it. When I get really antsy to travel but a trip doesn't seem possible, I start looking through my photos of trips past. There are so many of them just sitting in files on my computer, no notes attached, just images. When I take the pictures, it is all still vivid in my mind so I forget the importance of jotting down the little details. So, for the next trip, I vow to take better notes to store in my travel journal. This will make any revisits to my trip all the more vivid.

Now onto Quèbec! This is the Fountain de Tourny, captured at night.

While returning to the hotel at night I made one more stop to photograph the fountain. I had seen it in daylight. But it seemed more captivating in the darkness of night.

I wish I had taken pictures during the day too. It would have made for a nice contrast. But then the noise and bustling of the day would have gotten in the way. Oh well, I am happy with what I have. 

The figures are perfectly lit. You can see the curves of their form emerging from darkness. The cherub on the top seems like he may jump.

The gesture of the water always makes me awe struck. While the constant noise is soothing.

At night, it seems like the water and the sculpture are two different entities. Yet, they seem to come together divinely.

These are from our Quèbec trip in the fall of 2009. The weather was lovely, nice and warm and not too cool at night. I spent most of the days wandering the cobblestone streets whilst eating pounds of strawberries from the marchè. 

happy travels to you!
xo, Kim

14 August 2010

welcome summer!

It finally happened. One of the sunflowers planted by the wee one downstairs has bloomed. It must be ten feet tall and it's head is bowing down from weight. I don't think I have ever stood near such a tall and lovely sunflower before. And I am beyond amazed that a three year old planted the seeds for this beast.
Throughout the end of the spring and beginning of the summer I watched the little lady gardener carry her watering can over to the spot where she sowed some seeds. Before the stalks started to grow I didn't know what to expect to see growing in that spot. Then I started to recognize the leaves, but I never thought I would see something so large and beautiful. And this is the first of about eight. So, expect more photos of sunflowers in the near future.

water your flowers! the results are grand.
xo, Kim

10 August 2010

a glimpse of my try handmade column

I got to thinking that I should stop in to my blog and give you a little glimpse of the column I write for try handmade. Post a little picture of the artist I chose to write about that week. Maybe give an excerpt and a link. You get the idea.

This week I wrote about Greg Stones and how his paintings are funny as poop. 

Go on over to try handmade to see if you agree.

Coming Soon: Picnic Portland

I can hardly wait for the 28th of August for the Picnic Music + Arts Festival. This is the first sale I have gotten into that isn't super close to home. That is why it seems so terribly special, like I am really getting myself out there.  Also, seems like a great way to end the summer and start the fall selling season. 

Hope to see you there!
xo, Kim

06 August 2010

fun at Indie Arts Fest

This past weekend marked my first time vending at Indie Arts Fest. We had lovely weather, a perfect day for an event in the park. I thought it was a fantastic venue, hearing the fountain throughout the day was quite nice. 

I have been working on redesigning my display.
I love my new banner. It is the same as my earrings cards, business cards and stickers for my jewelry boxes. I feel so well "themed" now. What do you think of my new table covers? Seems like my jewelry stands out on them as opposed to my older pale green covers. 

I am still toting around my birdcage full of earrings. Most of the styles are now on sale. Out with the old and in with the new. I am not sure how my new earrings designs (still in the planning stages) will look on the cage. We'll see. 

This is my favorite part of the table. All of my enameled pieces are here. As are my fun post earrings with new textures and finishes. I tried to make my price signs close to the design on my banner. You can't see it here but I used a great typewriter font. 

I think all of my hard work paid off. Any suggestions, thoughts, criticisms or compliments?

Enjoy summer and buy handmade.

05 August 2010

welcome summer! neighborhood stroll

I just can't get enough of the flowers in my neighborhood. Here on the Pawtucket/Providence border we are lucky to have such great gardeners. 

Love these hydrangeas. I spotted these on my way home from leaving my car at the mechanics. It turned out to be a great mechanic day, the check engine light only ran me $40.  Anyway, I am always amazed at the variety of hydrangeas and how they bloom at different times. These are pretty in white.

I am still in love the with black eyed susans. {do you prefer black eyed susans or brown eyed susans? so very confusing.} They have been in bloom for some time now. The front yard here is so cheery with them hanging about. 

go take a stroll.
xo, Kim

04 August 2010

welcome summer! eating outdoors in the city

This weekend was really some of the best weather of the summer thus far. High seventies and not humid, pure perfection. After a great day at Indie Arts Fest we spent Sunday taking it slow and enjoying the day. I suppose we just celebrated a Sunday as people do. 

We ate outdoors in the courtyard at Olga's. Even though I could see the brick buildings of the city it seemed like an escape. Surrounded by tall hedges and trees we ate a peaceful lunch. 

There are many beds of plants on the brick patio. Most are herbs that the kitchen uses. But they saved space for some cheery zinnia. 

Such a pretty hue against the white stucco. I am always in awe of the flowers there. So long ago I recall visiting in the end of winter and seeing crocus creep out from under a shallow blanket of snow. I knew then it would be a magical summer getaway. 

basque in the sun!
xo, kim

welcome summer!

I am still having fun photographing summer flowers in bloom. It seems that I only have time to take the photos and not to share them so tonight I am sneaking some late night posting in.

I just love the tiny little purple flowers all bunched together. It is hard to take in just one single flower isn't it?

The butterfly bush looks like a painting here. You can even see the orange centers of the flowers providing a great little contrast. I think the texture of the fence makes for a great background. 

The purple cone of flowers also stands out well against it's leaves {as well as the weeds}behind it. 

It seems like I will soon be posting some large sunflowers too. The little lady who lives downstairs planted them with her father. They are now taller than I am. They are quite stunning already, I can't wait for bursts of yellow.

xo, kim

02 August 2010

did you know?

I am currently a columnist for tryhandmade. I write weekly posts about Rhode Island artists. It has been great fun to roam my state {through etsy's shop local, of course} and discover talent I have yet to meet.

Try Handmade

So, keep in touch with the RI art scene through my series. Comment  a little on the blog. Make some local suggestions for me. Appreciate handmade!


When I got out of the shower the other morning I noticed a bamboo leaf pressed against the bathroom window. With the sunshine coming through the patterned pane of glass it made for a pretty picture. 

I love the pattern in our window and how it shines through the chartreuse leaf.
So pretty.

enjoy the summer!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!