30 September 2010

a glimpse of Secret Door Projects from try handmade

This week over at try handmade, I introduced readers to artist Jean Cozzen. He is a designer and screenprinter in charge of sensationalizing Providence.

Be sure to stop in a read my post about Secret Door Projects. Learn a bit about our neighborhoods and be dazzled with Jean's designs.

29 September 2010

welcome autumn!

Seeing that I haven't a choice in the matter, I decided to celebrate autumn. Callie and I have been enjoying the weather and getting in as many walks as we can. We are still working on her sitting still while I take photos with my iPhone. She is somewhat hesitant, there are so many great things to sniff, but she is giving into her rewards and eating lots of treats. 
Shake It Photo

There is a prettier side of the road near the park that I like to walk back to our house on. So many people tend to some lovely gardens. Plus, there are more corners and Callie gets to practice sitting while I check to make sure there are no cars coming. I must admit that I am confused about seeing this flower, I thought wisteria flowered in the Spring. Am I completely off on this one?

Shake It Photo

These cute little flowers are from another street that I admire. It is part of my detour home so I can have garden envy. 

Shake It Photo
I am always so amazed with there flowers will grow. I suppose that puffballs so spread seeds all about, so maybe this isn't too surprising.

Shake It Photo
A few days ago when I took this picture there were just a couple of leaves on the ground. This morning they were blowing all about. I passed on the photo-op since I still have a whole season to catch a bed of leaves.

lens:John S  film:Blanko  flash:Off

Lately I have been quite smitten with my farmer's market. I am ashamed it took so long for the attraction to take place. But I am now deep in love. These flowers in an Amstel Light beer bottle sealed it with a kiss, we are now hot and heavy. 

lens:John S  film:Blanko  flash:Off
I wanted to catch these cone flowers before they turned to seed for the season. 

lens:John S  film:Blanko  flash:Off
Same with the black eyed Susan's. I love how the grass is in focus while the flower is just a shock of yellow in the foreground. 

Cross Process
I had this thought that this stone walkway could be a constant throughout all the seasons. Next it will be covered with snow. I will keep you updated. For now, I am happy with leaves. 

Cross Process
I was hoping that the flag stone came out more vibrant. It was a rather grey day though. Cross Process seems to have captured the mood perfectly.

Cross Process
I was trying to focus on the flowers, but sometimes the glare on my phone's screen doesn't allow me to know what I am shooting at. The result still amazed me to see how many things are growing out of the stone wall. 

Cross Process
My favorite plant in the stone wall is the succulent. I love how a multitude of leaves can compose themselves into the form of a flower. It is also amazing to see the varying colors of this plant. This is a yard I don't walk by enough, my neighbors have a great sense when it comes to gardening. 

Cross Process
And I can't forget the most important part of our autumn celebrations, Callie girl's birthday. Miss Callie Rose turned six this week. She is still two at heart. Her favorite birthday celebration was having the chance to roam the park. She ran about for three minutes then ran to the bench I was sipping coffee on just to sit on my feet. She had the whole park and she chose me. Oh, I love that face of hers. 

enjoy the rain. i love hearing the sprinkles tinker on the ground.
xo, kim

28 September 2010

details of Montréal on travel tuesdays

No matter where I am, home or abroad, I always stop to admire the details. Sometimes it is a carving in stone, other times iron work but mostly I admire flowers. Here are some details from Montréal...

Ironwork always translates into jewelry in my mind. Sometimes I see the pattern coming together as a piercing out of a sheet of silver. This time I see a structure made from silver wire. The leaves are so elegant, someday this set of forms and lines may find it's way into an earring design but hopefully a bracelet and ring to compliment them.

This piece of metalwork will just be a fond memory to me. It is the above the door to a restaurant, home to the best meal we ate in Montréal. On our last day we ventured out to what I call the antiques district. After hours of scouring and making friends with a man who repairs chandeliers {yes, I came home with a bountiful bag of crystals!} we decided to find a place to eat. I had yet to try crêpes on our trip and went with the first place with them on the menu. La Gargote des Antiquaires had a beautiful courtyard covered with bright awnings. After lots of pointing, smiling and nodding we ordered our best meal. It seemed all the more charming that the menu was in French and that is all the owners spoke. My crêpes were delightful covered in strawberry jam. It was the perfect end to our trip. 

I never quite know how stone carvings will find their way into my jewelry. Maybe the form and shape will just appear as a gesture in an abstract form. It is less obvious being in a completely different material but I admire it just the same.

After seeing all of this ironwork, I always vow to get on with some forging projects. It never quite happens as I plan though. 

This lady reminds me of Mucha's ladies. The ones with poppies in their hair. I discovered her while we were searching Mile End for coffee. 

I am always amazed with passion flowers. They are so complex. I can hardly believe that there are so many of these lovely flowers on one vine. I came across this plant in Mile End too. There were some great stores with fresh produce and plants scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

I am still missing Montréal. I mostly miss the scrumptious mocaccinos from Club Social. 
xo, kim

25 September 2010

supermarket saturdays welcomes Jellybeans

Today seems to be the official beginning to fall. It is warmer than most autumn days today but the increasing number of crimson leaves are making it quite clear that fall is here. As is the plentiful harvest of apples at the farmers market. Every week our local farmers seem to have more and more to offer and for that I am grateful. Thanks to them we will have some fantastic end of season pizza on the grill tonight. This babbling was supposed to lead smoothly to an introduction of why I chose Jellybeans as my supermarket favorite this week. One of her pieces was on the front page today and I realized how well she seemed to capture the season. 

Retro Falling
And my instinct was right, this is how Angela describes this particular image, "Of a tree in the final stages before it drops its leaves for the winter, fall. I feel that the leaves in the fall have such a ‘retro-ness’ to them, with the reds, oranges, browns, and neutral-like greens and blues." She does a good job capturing the slow speed at which the leaves tumble from the tree to the earth. 

Sapphire Dreams
Saphire Dreams reminds me of a blustery and brisk autumn night around Halloween. 

Acorns Watercolor
On our walks in the park lately, there are have been many acorns crunching under our feet. Maybe that is what makes the walks more enjoyable. I have a new-found energy in getting myself to walk there lately. It has been more refreshing. 

If you are the type who is already preparing for the holidays you should stay tuned to Jellybeans shop. After taking a glance at her blog, I noticed that there are some great winter cards in the works.

happy weekend and happy autumn!

24 September 2010

object fetish fridays welcomes emiko oye

Last week I visited Craftland for a gallery opening. I had been looking forward to this opening more so than any other as it is a jewelry exhibit and I know one of the women working hard to curate this show. One of my favorite collections in the Chromophilia exhibit was from the artist emiko oye

meadow 1x4 bracelet
Her work is playful, yet refined. We wouldn't expect to see legos treated in the same manner one would treat gold. emiko pulls this off swiftly. Delicate balls of silver adorn the well chosen legos. In the bracelets on display at Chromophilia gold tube settings held faceted stones in place. This is when I fell in love. I do miss my tube setting days. 

tire cufflinks

These playful tire cufflinks are just wonderful too. I saw the earring version. These are quite perfect for the man who still harbors a deep love for toy trucks. 

iced windows limited edition earrings
emiko doesn't allow her repurposed materials to control her designs. She utilizes them to her advantage. Whether we can immediately recognize her materials or not, she is in full control. We are always in awe of her materials, comforted in knowing them and surprised at her interpretation of them.  

enjoy! Kim

23 September 2010

try handmade feature: Felt Like It

This week over at try handmade I wrote about local artist Amber Alves of Felt Like It. She makes everyday objects out of felt and adds a face for extra cuteness. 

Go meet Bartie and some others at my try handmade post on Felt Like It. Or just go straight to her shop and start stocking up on holidays gifts. 

Enjoy the cuteness, Kim

22 September 2010

welcome autumn!

I have no choice but to give in this week, it is officially autumn. The daylight is shrinking away, the nights and mornings are getting crisp, there is no more denying it. Tuesday morning on a stroll I wore a corduroy jacket and scarf which seems like bundling up after the long, hot summer.

This group of iPhone photographs were taken on the grounds of my new studio. Callie and I went for a jaunt to the mailbox and had some fun discovering our new environment. On one of the loading docks in our complex there are some shoes set into the cement. I forgot to look and see what size they are.

Cross Process

This is the front building of our grand new space. I do love old mills, especially those covered in ivy.

Cross Process

We have this great saw-toothed roof building in our lot. This is the other side of the view from our space. It makes a great pattern. It faces the north, allowing in sunlight to inspect fabric for flaws.

Cross Process

The area is covered with some great, tall marsh grass, adding lots of greenery.


The grass stands contrasts the red brick and matches the windows and doors. 

Cross Process

The stars on our building are green {some of the other buildings have yellow stars}. I think this should become the boiler girls' symbol. {Oh, we are the boiler girls because we are in the steamy boiler room building. It promises to keep us toasty in the winter.}

enjoy autumn, it comes around tonight at 11pm. maybe it can stay around a little longer than summer did, i have no idea where the season went this year.
xo, Kim

21 September 2010

travel tuesdays brings us to Québec

With autumn approaching I thought it would be nice to show a collection of photos rich in golden yellow accents. These were taken while wandering the cobblestone streets of Québec. 

I fell in love with the pale stone facades of the quaint homes. Though my hands were full with fresh strawberries from the Marché, I stopped often to take some photos.

Window trims and shutters are brightly decorated. I wanted to peek through the panes to see if the inside was just as pretty. It was hard to resist.

Aren't the stone borders around the paneled windows pretty? I love the change in texture these brick-shaped stones add.

I love the slight variations in the shutters as I strolled from house to house. 

Lovely, lovely yellow! I bet this is refreshing to see during the dark days of winter.

I am always amazed at the flower boxes I see on our travels. So well maintained, thoughtful specks of color and always so lush!

It was nice to see the stone making up the facades vary some, in texture and color. The yellow stands out more here. I think the green foliage helps too.

Doors are bright in Québec too. I saw an array of vibrant colors {blue, red and green too}. Yellow just happens to be my favorite today.

I wonder about the purpose of this little niche...

I love the bursts of green flowing from these windows. Can you imagine leaning out the windows with a yellow tin can to water these greens? Must be a great burst of fresh air in the mornings. 

I had to throw this little gnome in. After watching Amélie I have a new found amusement with garden gnomes. Where do you think he would travel to? I bet he is the reason all of the window boxes are oh so lush!

18 September 2010

supermarket saturdays presents Steel Toe Studios

This Friday morning as I did my daily check in at Supermarket I saw a belt buckle on the front page that made me drool. 

Isn't this stunning? I love the depth of this design.

Once I looked through Steel Toe Studio's shop I realized that I have been smitten with her work already.  {Steel Toe Studio's pebble dishes have been on my etsy favorite's list for some time now.} These dishes would be perfect to pile some veggies on. Maybe plums from the farmer's market? I do love fresh plums. 

This money clip is brilliant, so well composed. I just love how useful her pieces are. Utilitarian in form and function. 

Stop on by Steel Toe Studios shop for some great design.

17 September 2010

object fetish fridays welcomes Sarah Loertscher

I have been noticing a lot of faceted jewelry out there, the ones that are puns on large carat diamond rings. You know the ones I am speaking of, don't you? Sarah Loertscher's pieces aren't at all like those that I have come across, and I consider this to be good, really good.

These artist does more than play around with the diamond-less rings. She draws her inspiration from "[her] interest/obsession with rocks, growth patterns of crystalline structures, and how a single line can became a chaotic mass. When constructing a piece of jewelry, I repeat a line or shape into a layered structure, or distill forms down into their structural supports."

In this piece I love how the artist uses her geometrical design but adds some depth to the piece. After she pierced the form out of a sheet of metal she cupped it slightly. I must mention that I also love that it is a tie tack. Men need jewelry too.

Sarah's double kite earrings look like they would be just lovely to wear. The design is simple, yet bold. I would love to see these on because the post was added in a brilliant spot. I love that the view of them would vary depending on what angle you viewed them from.

This steel hexagon bracelet is another display of how great Sarah's designs are. She took into mind how we love to play with our jewels. We like to layer them and see how they interact on our bodies. These are made with the intention of not wearing just one, allowing the model to make her own statement with how many she chooses to pile on. 

Oh, how I do enjoy my object fetish posts. The jewelry is just so lovely.
enjoy, kim

thanks for reading!