31 October 2010

rockin' the craft world

I have been ever so lucky this autumn to be accepted into many wonderful craft fairs. For most of them it was my first time applying and I can't quite believe that I got in. Through my never ending pile of work I keep telling myself to be excited and enjoy the ride. I am doing what I love after all, aren't I?

This is my soldering bench at the moment. It is time for mass soldering of moon post earrings and remnant earrings. I must say, now that a wonderful jeweler friend of mine taught me how to solder like a production jeweler, I have been getting down to business. 

Twist Craft Fair
In the not so distant future I will be selling my wares at Twist fair. I am a Twist virgin and can't wait to see what this show brings. I will be prepared and armed with many of my staples and lots of new enameling. I am ready to rock.

To finalize this super long weekend of crafty goodness I will also be in Craftopia: Holiday Edition. If you missed the spring sale, you won't want to miss this one too. It is a sweet sale right close to home.

Until then, I hope not to pass out in a pile of silver dust.

happy making, kim

makin' whoopie on Halloween eve

Another Saturday brought another late night baking. I am going to see my niece and nephews tomorrow and I didn't want to go empty handed so I scrolled through some Martha Stewart recipes and decided on whoopie pies. Really, bringing a baked good was just an excuse for me to have a bowl to lick.

Why whoopie pies? Because they seemed to require the least amount of artistic baking. 
{This coming from an artist.}

Colored sugar made them festive enough for me. 

I think the little monsters will be surprised, all six of them! And my father will be happy with the results, we share the same sweet tooth.

Of course, Callie girl helped. She loved the frosting!

happy halloween!
be spooked, kim

30 October 2010

supermarket saturdays presents she hit pause studios

This week I have been on the front page of supermarket twice. Both times with the same pair of earrings. {It is quite flattering.} The second time I noticed a shop with some polaroid prints and I knew I would fall in love with she hit pause studios. Even the name is sweet.

I do love seeing this image. It brings back memories of the cyclone at Rocky Point Park, and all of the long hot summer days I spent there. This transfer, like my memories, are splotchy and depicting only the brightest of colors. 
This image is so sweet. I am quite fond of puffballs and making wishes on them. I love how the light is bright on the girl's face, blocking out most of the detail of her features. It makes it easier for us to relate to the photo. It could be of anyone of us making a wish.
Here is the photo which graced the front page of supermarket with me. Another delicate photograph, as the subject matter calls for. 

I do enjoy the range of color in Matt's work. He knows how to use color to create mood. 
The balance in this photograph is perfection. The off center typewriter with the carriage pushed to the right makes for an interesting composition and adds movement to the still frame. She Hit Pause Studios captures nostalgic images with ease. 

To see more brilliant polaroid transfers check out She Hit Pause Studios' website

happy saturday!
xo, kim

29 October 2010

Mia Hebib on object fetish fridays

Using another Friday as an excuse to look at jewelry I covet. This week I am offering a glimpse of Mia Hebib's work. I just read her artist statement and knew I needed to share it here.... 
"I created Oblik Atelier in 2007, a name that defines my never ending play with LINE, SHAPE and FORM. Oblik, which means "shape" in Croatian, embodies my often complex pursuit to preserve simplicity while keeping a fluid and feminine form. My shapes are intuitive and they come as a result of constant observations of my surroundings."
Mia does a wonderful job in describing her series of work and I knew I wouldn't be able to compete.

This is her folded ring. Silver adorned with veneer doesn't sound like an elegant presentation but Mia proves us wrong. My favorite part is that she designed the ring after a wood shaving. I thought I was the only person who didn't look at the curls of wood as something to discard. 

I am amazed with the simplicity in Mia's work. Her "You Earrings" are perfect for everyday. But they are glamorous too. Especially to a fellow jeweler who can see the inner-workings of the piece. It seems the ear wire also functions as a support for the back of the earring. This adds to the whole design allowing the earring to decorate the front and back of your ear and allowing movement. {For more earrings in her Deco-eco-co-o line visit her website, which is also beautifully designed.}

Aren't these chandelier earrings fun? The purposely imperfect lengths of the wire set these apart from the other chandelier style earrings we see over and over again. There are some things I love overdone, the more silver the merrier, these being one of those pieces.

I never knew playing with sheet could result in such a fun piece of jewelry. Most jewelers leave wire looking like wire in their work, it isn't often that one sees sheet that still looks like sheet. Mia carefully played with line and shape to create a playful form she turned into earrings. These remind me of how silver rolls when you cut into a sheet with scissors. I am seeing a pattern here.

I hope you loved the work of Mia Hebib. I think I need to start my holiday wish list. 

xo, kim

28 October 2010

lovely and local : zoetropa

Welcome to my newest series of posts, lovely and local. This week's feature is on Zoetropa, a printmaking enthusiast from Boston, Massachusetts. 

I am smitten with her simple lines used to portray everyday subject matter. The artist's images have a sketched quality unlike most block prints. Faint whispers of line look like brush strokes giving the image some life.

Who knew bulldog clips could be so fun? Pam uses vibrant colors to catch our attention, making us appreciate a common object. But the repetition of the clip reminds us that it is still just an everyday object, a fun everyday object!

Zoetropa's photographs are wonderful. They make me fall in love with her products. Isn't that the way it should be when selling on etsy? Pam really has a knack for design. Her store reaches past the limits of etsy's format and her blog is simply simple. She adds the right amount of color to catch our attention. 

Yes, I am smitten! Oh, and you lucky locals, you can see Zoetropa's work in person at Craftland. But, that isn't surprising is it?

enjoy! kim

27 October 2010

welcome autumn!

The other day brought grey, dreary weather. It seemed to be the perfect day to take Callie for a romp in the cemetery. There is a wonderful stone stairway at the North Main Street entrance I wanted to get photos of while she was sniffing about.

This photo isn't as grim as my introduction made it sound, is it?

The corners of the stairs hold a great collection of acorns.

I miss my days in the florist. These flowers remind me that we are in the height of mum season. My least favorite flower aside from carnations to work with.

Though, these mums are prettier than the ones I had to use in cornucopias and pumpkin arrangements. They are more daisy-like than the stock we got into Stop and Shop.

They were fun to come across.

I love how the colors in the stone were brought out with the apps on my iPhone. Everything becomes more vibrant.

It adds some great texture to the photos.

I took to noticing that there were some interesting images on the head stones.

There are lots of raised plots here with weeds growing from the nooks and crannies. Very Tim Burton looking.

I am surprised at the number of hands used in the imagery. It must hold lots of importance for the time period.

I adore this flower pattern which was repeated. There was some lovely lichen growing over the stone too.

This is my favorite carving in the cemetery thus far.... 


...lots and lots of poppies...

...and seed pods of poppies.

Maybe the stairway looks spookier in this photo.

And not too much in this one. But the setting seemed perfect for the grey day.

And, of course, I love the gates.

But before we went to work {we being Callie and I}. We walked through the complex to get the mail. And to take pictures of the sculptures in the parking lot. Isn't this a great pattern?

Since I moved to the city I see less clover around. I have missed it and am happy to know it isn't far.

And back at work to a lovely collection of dahlias from a fellow metalsmith friend who came to my studio party.

Aren't they great specimens from her garden?

And for the Callie fans out there, here is her photo of the week. She is now allowed on the couch, invitation only. We will see how long this lasts. I do love the cuddle time.

enjoy october before it ends!
xo, kim

26 October 2010

Travel Tuesdays: The British Museum

I missed so much on my travels to Europe. Jet lag mixed with a no show tour guide made for a poor showing of London. We made it to The British Museum and literally sprinted through before they closed. 

Having a new camera we weren't familiar with didn't help with all of the rushing. Most of the pictures we took actually look like we are running past the art, not stopping to focus.

I love the detail of these two carvings. I am always amazed with the accuracy of chiseled designs. 

happy travels, kim

24 October 2010

studio party success!

We celebrated the opening of our studio last night. It is one of my favorite parties thus far. I had a great time and can't believe all of the friends and family members who came out to see us. 

It was a busy and festive night. I am not sure that I stopped smiling.

 I think it was the glögg that made our party a success. {There were only cloves and cinnamon sticks left.}

 Or that we knew you would need a place for your olive pits.

It is fun to have people come into your space who only see your end product. They play with tools and ask questions. I think we will need to start giving some demos soon.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support the boiler girls. We had a great time and hope you did too. 

20 October 2010

welcome autumn!

It is starting to look more like autumn in the city. Since the studio hasn't had heat, I have been leaving the house dressed for winter making it so eating outdoors is tolerable. While Callie saunters the park I eat my bagel, sip coffee and take lots of pictures. 
Autumn may be here but the colors aren't here in full force yet. Though I am sure they will be soon enough.

What a lovely contrast and CrossProcess brings it out even more. I may have a problem, I confess, I am in love with park benches.

This is a completely random find outside my studio. I think it makes for a great picture.

Here is my lady snoozing. I am not sure how she manages it but Callie stays in bed while I am up and getting ready yet she is still always waiting on me. 

From a walk by the river. I hope to get back here one day soon, there is a dog park nearby that Callie wants to take a romp in.

We are getting onto my favorite photos. When isn't the Providence skyline not a favorite?

 This was my view this morning as I ate my bagel on the comfy grass.

It was ever so peaceful.

The sun was shining bright and I had no idea what these photos were going to look like. I kept taking photos with all different apps so I could be surprised when I got inside and could see my screen.

 And surprised I was. Aren't the colors jewel-like?

It was hard to leave my little spot but jewelry needed to be made.

It was hard to leave the pretty views and this lady loving the outdoors and sunshine.

As we walked to the car I saw this reed grass, it seems like a sacrifice discarded in the pavement. 

The sky has been amazing lately. Looks like the steeple is hiding in the clouds.

I am completely amazed with this sculpture and the varying degrees of verdigris is beholds. Today I came to realize that I don't explore downtown enough. 

I am enamored with these gates. But aren't I always falling in love with metalwork?

bittersweet berry? 
Isn't leaving the beautiful outdoors for a job you love always bittersweet?

enjoy autumn, kim
ps: I may just have found my mocha match in the city. Club Social, you will always be dear to me but the Cable Car holds a new place in my heart.

thanks for reading!