09 October 2010

supermarket saturdays presents nervous system

This week presents Nervous System, intricate jewelry made of fun materials. Nylon, silver, gold, felt, stainless steel and plastic make up their palette. While their materials may vary greatly the subject matter is what unites their work, patterns found in nature.
My first introduction to the work of Nervous System was while I was volunteering at Craftland. These rings were in a little plastic case on a table I was in charge of straightening. They were the reason for many oohs and aahs. I love how they appear to vary slightly, making each one feel as unique as the structure in nature they represent.

I have been able to touch these pendants and feel the weight under my hands. They are delicate, yet sturdy. Equally a pleasure to wear and to look at.

I am in love with their brooches. They are quite stunning and not at all traditional. While most jewelers would be using the actual coral to make a brooch, Nervous System creates a design inspired by the "aggregate growth of coral and dendrite crystals." Much more eco-friendly, wouldn't you say?

This wave bracelet is another great piece. I love Nervous System's sense of adventure, they explore materials and different manners to adorn the body. Brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings make their work easy for anyone to pick up and want to wear. They are diverse while well unified. 

Enjoy and stop into Craftland to see these in person. If you aren't local I promise you won't be disappointed if you decide to splurge and order something from their shop. You will be in love. 

have a lovely Saturday! Kim


  1. Wow - yes, I think I just fell in love! (Too bad Craftland is a couple of thousand miles away... but the online-shop on the other way - I think my boyfriend will be quite happy if I point out what I want for Christmas). Those organic shapes really are intriguing - as well as the more playful "dot-brooch". Thanks a lot for sharing
    Linda // www.paperphine.com

  2. Linda, Glad you love it! Have fun making your wish list.


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