30 November 2010

my travels through a lens

 With the upcoming Craftland party and holidays on the brain I keep thinking about celebrations. I am not one to decorate for the holidays. If decorations look nice I keep them up year round, just like this store in Le Marché in Québec. 

I am thinking that my living room needs a disco ball. 

Or maybe some strung red lanterns. Shouldn't every day be a festive one?

happy decorating and celebrating!
xo, kim

29 November 2010

monday's muse

Once long ago I came across what I thought to be an amazing find, a diamond in the rough. There in front of me was image after image of work I loved. Pages filled with craft, striking handmade objects, in mediums I was studying. I carried my first American Craft magazine around with me like a treasure, never wanting it out of my site. Soon after I realized that this was indeed a treasure, just a well-known treasure.  

Upon graduating college and finding ways to earn a little extra spending money I have come to be a business member of the craft council. {No more scrounging up spare change from the floor of my car to buy an issue.} Thanks to this membership I look forward to finding this treasure in my mailbox, delivered just for me. It seems that the work gracing the cover of American Craft is always alluring to me. Maybe it was the little girl in me who had previously saved years of meager beach treasures who fell in love with the cover of the October/November 2010 issue or maybe it was the grow up crafter attracted to the melding of textiles and jewelry. Either way, I fell in love with the work of Kay Sechimachi. There is something lovely about her delicate pieces. The care given to the strands of fabric she wove and knotted and the intertwined accents of her beach collection. Her technique is soft, like her memories, yet the addition of her findings cements the experience acting as proof to their existence. Her story is quite lovely, so take some time to give it a look. 

happy monday! 
be inspired, kim

28 November 2010

studio sundays

Sometimes, I slow down in the studio and take in my surroundings. Like the pictures I hang up for inspiration on shape or color. 

Such photos may hang for quite sometime before I discover the influence they have on me. 

Then one day, I notice that I am doing more than looking at these photos. 

I am absorbing them, appreciating how the colors interact. And relaying these reactions and emotions into my work. 

 I come to realize what attracted me to these photos from the start. 

They usually hold color combinations I wouldn't dare try on my own. But, maybe that is why I need some time to see them day after day or even year after year. They need to catch my eye just right so I realize just how great nature is. How perfect the colors are and that I can only attempt to capture them in my pieces. 

This inspiration got me on a roll resulting in many new enameled pieces in my etsy and supermarket shops. Well, these are the ones left over from my crazy craft sale weekends. 

happy shopping!
xo, kim

24 November 2010

welcome autumn!

Before Tuesday got all blustery and leaves started to blow around like snow, Callie and I took a stroll on the Boulevard. Though we live close by we don't get to the other end all that often. The end with the most flowers which have now dried up and gone to seed. 

I love the pods left behind from the black eyed susans. 

I am constantly kicking myself for not bring garden scissors with me on these adventures. I would love more of these to cast. It seems to me that January would be a lovely time to create jewelry from these pieces. 

Some leaves are still holding on, though, I suspect not for much longer. 

And crimson is still my favorite.

But this gold candle flame tree is quite nice. It seems to illuminate the path.

But this week, these magical berries are my favorite. 

They appear to be floating in mid air, like bubbles.

Callie girl and I are still working on her sit while I am stopped. One day it will be automatic. This I know.

Please someone tell me what this flowering succulent is. Should it still be flowering?

My absolute favorite red door ever. Maybe it is because it is framed in black. Or that it belongs to a stone house. Or that in the summer there are chairs of the same color in the front yard. Or that the garden around it is ever so lovely. But probably that it is at the prettiest end of the boulevard and you can see it all from this little stoop. 

enjoy autumn and it's leaves. i do love seeing the leaves dance by like large colorful snowflakes.
xo, kim

23 November 2010

oh, montmartre, je vous adore tellement

I am quite certain I can say Montmartre is my favorite place on earth. It was the first adventure I took in Paris. My first and best omelette, my first night in my favorite city, oh, and I can't forget, my first taste of pomme frites. 

Here is the Basilica of the Sacré Coeur looking a little ghoulish at night. It is a lovely site to come upon after an elevator ride up the hill. 

I wish I could recall the site of these photos but I just can't. All I do remember is that I fell in love. 

One day, I hope to have a flat in one of these buildings all nestled together. 

I left with some lovely bohemian prints and bought a slew of them for one euro each. They make me smile every day.

Such pretty window boxes. So many restaurants were decorated this way.

And, just maybe my flat will have a little iron railing like those gracing the above windows. 

And of course, the stairs of the Rue Foyatier, cheaper than the elevator. I felt pretty silly to find these after buying an elevator ticket. Silly tourist mistake!

This is certainly my favorite place on earth.
now I'm off to daydream, kim

22 November 2010

monday's muse

This may just be the most beautiful posts to ever grace my blog. It isn't of any doing of my own. Bettina Speckner is an amazing jeweler, artisan and designer. I had the pleasure of attending one of her lectures. I heard of her love of cows and watched her mouth watering slide show as I listened to her process and inspiration. 

When I heard her speak she told us her main medium was a collection of ferrotypes. Though, I think she was starting to migrate towards learning photo-etching so she could process her own photographs on zinc plates. Her other source of materials is having her original photographs photo-enameled by a small company in Europe. I was completely fascinated to hear about her variety of talents and resources.

I adore how Bettina alters the photographs she loves so much. She adds precious materials acting as details for her memories and our memories too.

It is important to the artist that the images are timeless. Giving us all something to relate to, though, the memories or feelings may be vastly different for any one of us. 

I think what I fell in love with most with Bettina's pieces is her equal care for both sides of her jewelry. The part that only the wearer sees is just as stunning. It is a special secret, a knowledge that there is more than can be seen and it is just as beautiful, or even more so. 

I do hope you love Bettina Speckner's work. Should you be in New England she has work at the Sienna Gallery. I would be quite jealous if you got to see it before I do.

happy monday!

21 November 2010

studio sundays

My poppy earrings have really started to take off this sale
 season. Finally! I started making them in poppy colors and I think it has helped. Though I love red, orange and yellow I thought I needed a little something to mix things up. So, I did a little research and found this poppy in one of my favorite books. 

I rummaged through my transparent blues and after firing it the plain blue wasn't enough. 

I realized what I needed was some pollen. It is the orange that really makes this poppy color work. The opaque orange gives the true appearance of pollen as it looks grainy and suspended in the clear blue. I do wish I had a better photograph. Maybe if these are still around after the weekend you will soon find them in my etsy and supermarket shops. That is, if I have time to photograph and list them!

happy end of weekend! 

20 November 2010

supermarket saturdays : Lola Riera Jewelry

Seeing as how I write mostly of jewelry I try and choose a craft other than jewelry for my supermarket saturdays post. But, Lola Riera Jewelry was too good to pass up. 

There is something wonderful in the simplicity of Cristina's jewelry. Her work is comprised of monochromatic, easily recognizable shapes. But to the trained eye her forms are quite complex as they are a hand-fabricated hollow structure. 

The simple piercings are also eye catching. Cristina turns a necessity for a hollow form into decoration making her work simply stunning. 

happy saturday! 
I am off selling my wares today. Hopefully, you are buying handmade.
xo, kim

19 November 2010

object fetish fridays : Karola Torkos

On my first glimpse at Karola Torkos' work I was drawn in by the simplicity of the design below. 
A simple circle repeated. Somehow modern and classic all in one. 

Then I saw this familiar object, a push pin. Clustered together and plated in gold, they make for stunning earrings. 

When I saw these clusters of color in the forms of earrings I knew I was smitten.  

Discovering the meaning behind these pieces made them all the more lovely and easy to relate to....
"reminiscent of the 70s, childhood memories and kindergarten crafting, fool's gold is a collection of jewelry made from cascades of colors. linked and combined in different ways the jewelry depicts a play with contrasts, shapes and lengths. the shifting between intuitive randomness and considered construction makes this jewelry something familiar yet something new and unknown"

xo, kim

18 November 2010

lovely and local : Made in Lowell

Just this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting a local crafter. Long familiar with her cupcake pincusions {I have been eying them at Craftland for some time now!} I was more than happy to see her smiling face. Meet Liz of Made in Lowell....
Aren't these just divine? They are the perfect present for the avid seamstress. 
These hair pins are also a favorite of mine from my visits to Craftland. These come in the yummiest of colors. I am smitten with the mustard right now. It matches the rich leaves of autumn. 

This necklace is all new to me. The dash of rust amongst the robin's egg blue is stunning. 
Made in Lowell has more to offer than felted goods. Liz also has some great cards, handmade supplies and Martha Stewart worthy eggs. I can't believe how famous my twitter friend is, can you? 
enjoy and happy shopping!
xo, kim 

17 November 2010

welcome autumn!

 With all of the madness of prepping for craft shows I haven't had much time to stop and look at much of anything, well aside from silver. I tried to make up for that on Tuesday seeing as I spent most of Monday sleeping.

The park is still quite pretty despite construction. It seems our fountain is going to work next year and for that I will tolerate dug up side walks and large fenced off areas. 

Crimson leaves are still my favorite. But the sky was so grey and lacking in contrast.

When Callie was a tiny pup she loved romping through the leaves. Now when we are in the park and I try and play in the leaves with her she just barks. I take that as a sign that she no longer likes the rustle of leaves or to be buried in a pile of them. Guess she had to grow up sometime.

This bench always looks best after the rain. And covered in yellow leaves.

I do wish a photo could show her tail wagging. She loves this park so.

This tree is still holding onto it's leaves. For that I am grateful. More crimson for me!

I tried taking photos when the sun came out after our short rain but hipstamatic was dead set on capturing everything in a dark and dreary way.

Even the golden leaves against the bright blue garage door looked less spectacular than usual. 

But it created a nice contrast for the ivy.

And captured the left over rain drops too.

I am also grateful that these cone flowers are still holding on. 

It is nice to see some blooms other than mums this time of year. 

I have been keeping my eye on the brown eyed susans. Those pods will be mine for the taking when the petals are gone. I see a new line of jewelry in the future.

This little one is just starting to grow.

Maybe it will get nice and big like this bloom.

This vine was just lovely. The dried up flowers are so whimsical. I would love to re-create them in silver. 

When we returned from our walk Callie girl was so happy that she grabbed le poisson and danced. 

While I love the dancing Callie I also love the sleepy Callie. I am ever so sleepy after preparing for three days straight of craft shows and she makes for a super cuddler.

thanks for reading!