20 November 2010

supermarket saturdays : Lola Riera Jewelry

Seeing as how I write mostly of jewelry I try and choose a craft other than jewelry for my supermarket saturdays post. But, Lola Riera Jewelry was too good to pass up. 

There is something wonderful in the simplicity of Cristina's jewelry. Her work is comprised of monochromatic, easily recognizable shapes. But to the trained eye her forms are quite complex as they are a hand-fabricated hollow structure. 

The simple piercings are also eye catching. Cristina turns a necessity for a hollow form into decoration making her work simply stunning. 

happy saturday! 
I am off selling my wares today. Hopefully, you are buying handmade.
xo, kim


  1. Cristina, of Lola Riera, is a dear friend whom I met in Spain about a decade ago. She is as exquisite as her pieces; a wonderful woman, talented artist, all around amazing Spanish American wife/mama/friend. I'm so glad you stumble upon her work and featured her here!
    Well done.

    1. Coco, What a sweet comment. I am always pleased when my little blog gets out there to the artist I write about, or in your case a close friend, and the post is well received.


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