31 December 2010

object fetish fridays : Åsa Lockner

There is something imminently gorgeous about Åsa Lockner's jewelry. The pieces shown here leave the viewer wondering how the piece finishes. Does it end up shiny or matte? Which color stones are still to be added. Instead of answering these questions for us Åsa lets us fill in the blanks. We create the piece along with her.

Personally, I find Åsa to be a brave metalsmith. She is sending work out into the world "unfinished" in the eyes of many. In the stages before filing, sanding and polishing your works seems less precious and vulnerable. Her craftsmanship is laid out for all to see without needing to really inspect. Her process is right before our eyes and not covered in sparkle and shine. 

But the lack of sparkle and shine and being upfront about metalworking not being a glamourous affair is what attracts me to her work. We put our hearts into our work then spend hours cleaning everything up just to add shine to attract the buyers attention. But here, there is sparkle and shine, we just need to look for it and appreciate it for what it is, a work of art.

My collection of photos here is meager compared to the artist's work. You can find more work on her website and in her object fetish shop

happy new year to you!
xo, Kim

30 December 2010

lovely and local : The Ruby Needle

Lately all I can do is try and layer up to stay warm, such is winter in New England. I am growing to envy those who can wear wool more and more each day. And seeing the lovely pieces made by Beth of The Ruby Needle makes me all the more jealous of you wool wearing folk. 
These over the top designs look ever so cozy and perfect for any lady freezing her way through the Rhode Island winter. When I say over the top I say it with pure affection. I admire Beth's bold stitches balanced with just the right amount of color and texture. 

I just love her formula, it makes for ageless and timeless pieces which will always keep you stylishly warm.

Aside from knitting Beth writes a beautiful blog full of inspiration. I am always pleasantly surprised when I check out her blog and see the banner at the top. A mix of serene images with just the right colors making me always wanting to come back to read more. 

keep toasty warm!
xo, kim 

28 December 2010

welcome winter!

did winter ever come to this little state.
this is a little jaunt into the woods after we got just a bit of snow.

before the blizzard.

 but after the first decent snow fall. 

this little patch of woods in the city was the perfect place to visit after a dusting of snow.

 i didn't need my winter weed guide to know that these are queen anne's lace.

i love how mystical the background looks in this picture, like emerald city.

now these weeds i need to look into. i have been collecting them for some time without knowing it's name.

there was a little patch of weeds before the path.

then we came upon a stream.

 flowing to here.

miss callie was quite interested in the stream.

so was i.

the wall had some great patterns.

with a splash of graffiti. 

remember those stairs in the beginning? well, we climbed them and came upon a great view.

and so the blizzard started.

the ivy is getting covered.

the street too.

and the blizzard left and we surrendered and stayed in.

callie dives in loving the fresh snow.

she just can't get enough.

we ventured to the studio after our day inside to see it covered in snow.

and the roof tops were just as pretty as i expected.

i have been waiting for this view.

and finally, the city from my mother in law's. ever so pretty.

happy wednesday! keep toasty warm.
xo, kim

so this is christmas...

...and did we have fun. I spent it with the near and the dear ones. Watching my five nephews and one niece open their presents is always the highlight of my holiday.
This year opening my present was quite fun too. These two owls were made with love by my nephew Patrick and they go down as my favorite present this year. 

happy holidays, there are still celebrations to be had. 
xo, kim

27 December 2010

monday's muse

I am still thumbing through the same art nouveau book. This gouache by Margaret Macdonald inspires me for a few reasons.
It is celebrating daily life, making a menu into something grand and elegant. This piece is knowing that art has a place anywhere and everywhere. It is beautiful, powerful and subtle all at once. The other thing I love about this painting is that it was created by a woman who may have been more influential than we realize. Upon seeing this image and falling in love I realized that Margaret Macdonald was the wife of Charles Rennie Macintosh, an artist I have long admired. Aside from being his wife she was also collaborated with her husband to help create some of the lovely interiors he is known for. Since documentation is lacking, we are left unknowing of who was whose muse. It may be that he was hers, contrary to popular belief. And that, I love.

happy monday! 
xo, kim

26 December 2010

handmade with love

I received a request from a terribly sweet lady asking me to make her husband a ring. 
Seems his wedding band was lost and he was looking for something simple.

He wanted rounded edges and a satin finish.

I bought some rectangular wire and round wire and rolled them out. 

Annealing in between turns through the rolling mill.

The rectangular wire won. It flattened well in the middle and the edges rounded a bit. 

I am not the best as measuring or cutting {odd for a jeweler, I know} but I have some great tools for the job.

I tried to measure twice and cut once but it turned out I was to cut three times. {I ordered lots of extra silver, I know myself all too well.}

I filed the edges to perfection, no gaps here.

I know, there are some steps missing but it is hard to photograph while you are soldering. I am now making the edges nice and round. A ring for everyday needs to be comfortable. 

Here is a rare action shot of me sanding.

Voila! A simple band with a satin finish, made with love.

happy making!
xo, kim

25 December 2010

supermarket saturdays : Alisha Louise Designs

Alisha Louise's jewelry has been a long time love of mine on supermarket.  
Her piercing ability is impeccable. As is her planning of design. On the piece above lines intersect and overlap appearing to be formed ironwork. On the one below the design gradually increases in size, effortlessly.  

I am growing quite fond of these pierced pieces with vibrant colors. Especially the one above, orange and blue are just meant to be together, especially on a grand scale. 
Alisha Louise isn't afraid to make a statement. Her jewelry seems bold and fun to wear. And maybe one day I will get to try it on.

happy happy christmas! 
xo, kim

ps: I had mentioned in the original post that Alisha Louise had a body of work at Craftland. This is not the case. Through my crazy working haze I had confused her name with another jewelry artist who does some enameling. The whole time I was thinking the work was drastically different, there was something in the name that confused me. Alisha Louise has a sense of color and design unique to herself and not to be confused with another. Like I said, it was the name and not the work that threw me off.

24 December 2010

object fetish fridays : Raissa Bump

Oh sequins! I love sequins and how festive they are and this made me all to happy to find these pieces on Object Fetish. Raissa Bump has a way with incorporating these shiny, sparkly discs into her jewelry. 
And it is a playful way, she mixes sequins with precious materials taking her pieces beyond costume jewelry. Though, Raissa manages to keep the festive nature.

She also plays around with patterns in her jewelry. Both themes make bold statements. Raissa's pieces look fun to wear, but shouldn't all jewelry?

happy eve of christmas!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!