26 December 2010

handmade with love

I received a request from a terribly sweet lady asking me to make her husband a ring. 
Seems his wedding band was lost and he was looking for something simple.

He wanted rounded edges and a satin finish.

I bought some rectangular wire and round wire and rolled them out. 

Annealing in between turns through the rolling mill.

The rectangular wire won. It flattened well in the middle and the edges rounded a bit. 

I am not the best as measuring or cutting {odd for a jeweler, I know} but I have some great tools for the job.

I tried to measure twice and cut once but it turned out I was to cut three times. {I ordered lots of extra silver, I know myself all too well.}

I filed the edges to perfection, no gaps here.

I know, there are some steps missing but it is hard to photograph while you are soldering. I am now making the edges nice and round. A ring for everyday needs to be comfortable. 

Here is a rare action shot of me sanding.

Voila! A simple band with a satin finish, made with love.

happy making!
xo, kim


  1. what kind of dremmel thingy do you use to make your edges round? Never seen that before. Looks handy.

  2. they are 3M radial discs. I get them here: http://www.contenti.com/products/abrasives/131-403.html because they are local and cheaper. But they ship too. I use them for everything. Solder clean up, enamel clean up... and it goes smoother than pumice for a nice shine.

  3. which one do you use for rounding of the band- I'm always horrible at that, people always say 'too sharp!'

  4. Part of what makes the edges so round is that I use wire and roll it out. I have had success with rectangular and round wire. I also go over it with sandpaper and then 3M wheels from the yellow (80 grit) all the way to pink (pumice).


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