30 December 2010

lovely and local : The Ruby Needle

Lately all I can do is try and layer up to stay warm, such is winter in New England. I am growing to envy those who can wear wool more and more each day. And seeing the lovely pieces made by Beth of The Ruby Needle makes me all the more jealous of you wool wearing folk. 
These over the top designs look ever so cozy and perfect for any lady freezing her way through the Rhode Island winter. When I say over the top I say it with pure affection. I admire Beth's bold stitches balanced with just the right amount of color and texture. 

I just love her formula, it makes for ageless and timeless pieces which will always keep you stylishly warm.

Aside from knitting Beth writes a beautiful blog full of inspiration. I am always pleasantly surprised when I check out her blog and see the banner at the top. A mix of serene images with just the right colors making me always wanting to come back to read more. 

keep toasty warm!
xo, kim 


  1. Oh, my goodness, Kim! What a lovely post...you are so very kind! Thank you for all the sweet words about my work! I just adore your jewelry and can't get over your talent! Thanks again for blogging about me! Wishing you a wonderfully happy & healthy New Year! xoxo Beth

  2. Beth, you are ever so sweet! Happy making. You have some great work in your store.


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