31 December 2011

happy new year from Callie Rose

the sweetest face around has a new year greeting for you...

here's a few tips on how to live like a Callie girl..

*when someone does something to make you happy show it. if you don't have a tail to wag, smile or give a hug. people like hugs.

*greet those you love like you haven't seen them in ages. I prefer to get a toy and dance and squeak but hugs, hellos and exclamations of 'it's so good to see you' are perfectly acceptable. don't ever let those people forget just how much you appreciate them in your life.

*dance like no one is watching. let loose, you only live once. and dancing with a partner is even better!

*always be excited to go someplace new. be happy for adventures in the car. some rides end up someplace scary like the vet but others bring you to pretty cities and with new smells and yummy food.

*always find time to snuggle. it's nice to feel loved and give love in return. there is always time in your busy day for a snuggle. and I promise, it'll make your day better.

*spend more time outside sniffing and getting to know your surroundings. once i get my knee surgery and recover i vow to go for lots of walks and know where every last dog in the neighborhood likes to pee. while i do this mom gets to take pictures which inspire her work and she samples coffee in new neighborhoods. exercise and inspiration go a long way to living the zen life. 

*and think of yourself first. for instance, when an itch comes on when your mama is calling you to eat, stop and scratch that itch. take care of yourself first so you can give your loved ones your full attention when you answer their call. if you treat yourself well, you will be even better to the ones you love. 

happy new year!
xo, Callie Rose 
{yes, mama gave me my own last name}

29 December 2011

handmade holiday, gifts given

Every year I kick myself for not writing down the names of every last artisan I bought gifts from. I need to start making lists and taking pictures of what I buy as some folks don't have all of their goods on their websites. {Imagine the horror!} 

Without further ado, here are the pictures I could round up....

My aunts got "you rule" ornaments by Sew Mary Ann. The absolute perfect gift!

And for the lady who helps keep Callie fur from our floors, I bought her a little something to jazz up her sewing routine. Made in Lowell's work is just darling. She always seems to have the right gift for someone on your list. 

My brother-in-law, now residing in Sweden, needed something stylish to keep the chill away. I found this cowl at Craftland by Pip Robins. I couldn't have hand-picked the color combo better myself. Upon finding it I thought it looked custom made for him.

It seems that not a year can go by that I don't leave Twist without something from Beehive Kitchenware. This year I got my father this heart spatula. Yes, my father! It reminded me of weekends at his house,  where mornings turned into afternoon while we talked over coffee and pancakes. He is manly enough to carry it off, I promise!

Nephew number five is on the way, his January due date is approaching and fast. When I saw this onesie by eggagogo, I knew it was perfect for the newest member of the family. 

For my niece who loves her skirts and high heels I got her some tea party cookies and cakes. They were perfectly girly and so well packaged. I was delighted to find out she had a play kitchen, I've been looking for a reason to buy something made by Jar of Wonder.

This vase isn't the exact same one that I got for my step-mother but it's the closest I could find.  As always, I am late giving gifts, this was meant for her birthday. But she was just as happy to get it on christmas filled with red and white tulips. Taylor Ceramics has a nice, clean aesthetic. The flowers and vase never compete, they just compliment each other. 

Not pictured but just as adored, a clutch by pink lemonade boutique for my niece in Sweden. It's a sweet little bird pouch I filled with ....

...an "f" initial brooch in fuchsia...

...and some buttered toast with a smile by migration goods. I'm pretty sure my blue-eyed Swedish niece will love it. 

As always, I kept my vow and bought handmade.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

25 December 2011

happy christmas!

It's been a few years now since I made my own cards so I went all out this year.

I bought some linoleum blocks thinking that I would carve them. 

In the end I cut triangles from pieces of rubber blocks and mounted them to the back of the lino blocks. 

I had fun mixing the paint.

And using a briar for the very first time! 
{well I guess I did give one a little roll on the moveable type truck} so this is the first time I've used one all on my own like a big girl. 

I wasn't happy with any of the green paint options so I mixed some gold in with the basic green. Each tree was a slightly different shade but they all shimmered.

I enjoyed seeing progress. 

And the third tree got some silver mixed in. 
I couldn't make a card without it looking like it was covered in metal dust. 

I really loved hanging them on the clothes line to dry. I felt so accomplished. 

It seems that we needed more than triangles with stumps. So, I cut some stars from an old cork. 

And the trees were topped. I used a regular old ink pad for the stars and stumps. It seemed easier considering the size. 

Keeping with tradition I made the Callie stamp. It's been seven years now in which I have been putting my girl's face on holiday postage. I have family members who collect her stamps. The first year I did it we received a ton of compliments. While everyone was discussing the Callie stamp one of my aunts asked how everyone liked the stamps she made of her kids. No one noticed those. Callie proved to win the popularity contest.

Finally, my completed pile. Signed, sealed and ready to deliver. 

happy christmas! happy everything and anything you celebrate!
xo, kim + callie too

24 December 2011

happy christmas eve

Our city is all lit up and festive this time of year. I love it this way!

happy christmas eve. 
I hope you are happy wherever the night takes you.
xo, kim

23 December 2011

city of hope

A lot has changed since I moved to my city. I was full of hope and dreams. I thought my business would soar and I'd be part of the craftiest communities around. 
It's a case of the grass looks greener.... But one thing that never changes is my love for the city.
And I certainly wouldn't leave it to return to the country. 

It's simply beautiful and I can't help from hoping it will treat me well someday soon. 
Maybe it just has different plans for me than I had for it. 

pretty vague, but at the very least enjoy the pictures and happy friday.
xo, kim

22 December 2011

pea green + sapphire blue

I came across these green poms at whole foods and new I couldn't leave without them. 

They make my day a little brighter. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

20 December 2011

rose colored city of providence

I apparently spent a day and a half taking photos with a rose colored lens. That's what happens when you are too busy to check your phone's photo album to see how your life has looked over the past few weeks. 

They have a more nostalgic feel than I would generally go for yet I am starting to appreciate them as a collection. My rose colored Providence, I'd take this city under any hue.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

ps: I've been catching up on life, holiday cards are waiting for stamps and some gifts are wrapped and ready for shipping. Now, maybe there will be snow in our future. That'll feel like winter and this girl will be happy. After all winter is just a day away.

19 December 2011

late autumn city photos

Just some adoration of my city in late autumn. 

I am sure you've learned not to expect much more than neighborhood photos on here by now. 
{With the exception of Callie pictures, flowers and bling of course.}

I love the change of seasons. Bare trees frame buildings with their jagged lines instead of shading them. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

18 December 2011

brick red + lichen green

I rarely look up from my work bench at the studio. Once I get into a groove, I don't stop. One of the few things I try and do is get out to check the mail, allowing myself some fresh air. Somehow that short walk along the same path always provides me with something new to look at. 

I notice something new every time. This last stroll and new roll of "film" made me see the contrast of the lichen green against the brick red. Sometimes the green is vibrant, nearing emerald and other times it has faded to lichen. I prefer the softer hue. {And I love the focused centers blurring to the edges of the photograph. This is my new favorite film even if it's meant for foodies and I photograph brick.}

happy sunday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!