31 January 2011

monday's muse : Ingjerd Hanevold

Here is another inspiring piece from hnoss depended. This one is by Ingjerd Hanevold. 

This isn't the same piece in my book, but that isn't what is important to me. It's the theme, the artist's ability to capture nature. She allows nature to take over her pieces. Flowers are re-created in new materials. Her work is never gaudy or overdone. Just simply beautiful as the flowers are found to be in nature.  

happy monday!
 xo, kim

30 January 2011

in my studio : the hoopla

I am feeling like it is about time to do a behind the scenes post. Let's get behind the hoopla!

I spent most of my pre-holiday making season ordering 40 feet of wire at a time. Just as I my order was delivered I would place another {literally!}. 
Can I just mention that working with 40 feet of wire is awkward?

After I measure and cut 40 or so hoops I bend them roughly to prepare for soldering. 
Terribly exciting isn't it?

Now this photo may not look exciting, but indeed it is. It is a new pickle I am using and quite in love with. Vitamin C powder is super easy to use, can be watered down a ton and isn't harmful for you. And, it doesn't require that I make a special trip to get it. I pick it up at Whole Foods while I am getting my fruit and veggies. {Ok, who am I kidding, I mostly get vegan cookies there.} Also, it is perfect to use with enameled pieces I have soldered.

So, the hoops are soldered and pickled. Now they are formed on a bracelet mandrel.

Then they are tweaked a bit with my beloved pliers.

Next they are textured with my favorite antique store find, the old, dirty hammer.

I love hammering on my anvil, it sounds divine. And, you see results of your labor immediately. It is so satisfying.

And the part I loathe, cleaning time.

But these 3m wheels make it a little more bearable. 

And finally, the walnut shell finish. 

I am not keen on the noise these beasts produce. But the matte, frosted finish makes me happy, so I tolerate the beasts. After enduring the pre-holiday madness with just one of these I bought another with my earnings. Double the noise means faster production and I must accept it. No more lines of hoops waiting to be finished. It feels good to need more tools, you know you are starting to do something right when you work is in high demand. 

Finally, they are all listed in my etsy shop. Supermarket too! 

happy sunday!
xo, kim

29 January 2011

supermarket saturdays : girl tuesday jewelry

There is something simply stunning about this Glacier Necklace by Girl Tuesday Jewelry on supermarket.

I especially love the detail of the two chains hanging below the druzy quartz. Not to mention the simple play of monochromatic color. 

Isn't it perfect that Girl Tuesday Jewelry used an over-sized stone in a simple piece? It isn't over done with too many details. Just the stone and the chain work perfectly together, balancing each other without competition. 

This is just my favorite in her shop. There are hearts a plenty for you to get for your lover. Not get to it!

happy saturday! xo, kim

28 January 2011

object fetish fridays revisits Amy Tavern

I couldn't resist visiting Amy Tavern's work again. While glancing at the main page of object fetish I saw her colorful earrings flash by. I excitedly dashed over to her shop to see what new pieces there were to discover as I knew her work had changed from when my first crush on it began last August.  
The purposefully misshaped circle was so familiar but this time it is created from sheet and used as a canvass. But it is the color that is new, a process inspired by graffiti. The results are modern and hip but the shape maintains a classic quality. I just fell in love all over again. 

enjoy & happy friday!
xo, kim

ps: go get shopping for your lover. 

27 January 2011

lovely and local : morris & essex

I don't think I shared with you all of the handmade goodness I got for christmas yet. A good part of my loot came from Morris & Essex. I first discovered them while vending at Picnic Portland this past summer. I fell in love with all of her pieces making it hard to pick just one item. In the end I settled for some screenprinted undies {shown below} and kept a business card so I knew where to return to make my holiday wish list. 

This moth & butterfly shirt has become a fast favorite. It is so comfortable, rusty orange and adorned with insects. 
These little birds are so sweet. Ones I would love to feed breadcrumbs to in the city. Now if only the weather were more suitable for the shirt...
I have yet to acquire this shirt {hint: x-small please!}. I love how Morris & Essex re-visits a theme. She obviously loves nature but doesn't bore us with the same images. She changes the silhouette, adds or detracts detail and never inundates us with the same palette. 

If you are looking for some cards to send to loved ones Morris & Essex has a website full of handprinted paper goodness. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

26 January 2011

take this, old man winter!

A tulip! In January!

Way back around Easter my father and step mother gave me some potted tulips. Though I live in the city now I decided to keep the bulbs to plant again. I wasn't sure when or where but I knew I would give it a go. 

They spent the summer in the stairwell to my apartment. I was certain they wouldn't give me another chance to see them flower again as they were pretty neglected. 

When autumn was coming to a close I took them in, pulled the bulbs from the pot and freed up the lose dirt from the roots. I filled another pot with soil, buried the bulbs, added water and put them in the cold, dark pantry. 

Once I saw some pale green emerging I took them out to the windowsill. The stalks grew and out came this purple flower. I did a dance of joy to see a tulip, in my apartment, in January. Then I stopped dancing to take some pictures of my new baby,

take this, winter!
xo, kim

25 January 2011

a few staircases of Montréal

One of the things I love most about Montréal are all of the amazing staircases. 

The twists and turns and lovely iron railings. 

Neighborhoods are full of of amazing staircases leading to brightly painted facades. 

I have just one question, how do these stairs get shoveled?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

24 January 2011

monday's muse

Seven years ago my brother-in-law (future brother-in-law at the time) brought a book back for me from Denmark. He had just returned from a residency program there. And being inspired from traveling afar for the sake of making art he brought something back to inspire me to start making again. The book was Ringe Dialog

For years I was completely stuck with what I should be making in my jewelry studio. I struggled with wanting to make only top quality exhibition work. Complex pieces full of brilliant concepts that one could spend hours discussing. I came to realize that this would be the route which insured me spending weeks and months alone in my then basement studio. These pieces were time consuming to make and required so much planning that the act of making didn't always happen often. Sure, you were making with paper models, trying templates out in cheaper metal and sketching plenty. But, this wasn't the  wielding a torch or a hammer part of making that I loved most about the process.

Something about this page from Ringe Dialog always came back to me. The artist, Mette Vivelsted, had chosen to make a fairly standard looking ring. Then she took the time to re-create the silhouette of this ring out of wire. Doing this again and again she has turned her production pieces into one exhibition piece. 

There are a few morals to this story. Making the same pieces again and again insures that you will learn to make that piece and make it well. You will learn to get comfortable with your materials, something I wasn't able to do making larger scale pieces because they were all so different. More pieces also means more hands for your work to fall into, spreading your art far and wide. And, finally, it is a great foundation should you decide that one day you might want to make something grand. You can build on your basic skills and make that complex piece that gets others talking about it for years to come. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

23 January 2011

ring a week #2

One night this week I came home to a vase full of orange tulips, already trimmed and in water. {I am quite the lucky lady, I know!} After admiring them for days I came to see them differently on Saturday evening. 

I looked at them as pieces. They weren't just a bunch of tulips, there were individual tulips made of stems, petals and leaves. Then I saw one special little leaf as jewelry.

 I have long admired tulip leaves and re-created them in a few jewelry pieces of mine. 

Their texture is smooth, like silver. But that isn't my favorite part. I love how the end of the leaf cups around the stem and maintains that curve once it is cut away. Then the leaf slowly looses that bend only to find it again at it's point. 

I am loving this photo diary of my ring a week. It is most inspiring. This one I know will find it's way to my bench. Some forming hammers will come out to play and my anvil will make some noise. 
happy sunday!
xo, kim

22 January 2011

supermarket saturdays : The Opulent Project

These Day/Night earrings by The Opulent Project are brilliant. 

The design, color and materials are all just, well, brilliant. I love their versatility which forces direct interaction with the wearer. Most earrings just require you to put them on. With these you have decisions to make. Elegant night time wear or simpler business attire. As far as I am concerned, they will always be perfect. If anyone is reading who isn't sure what to buy me for an upcoming holiday, these are high on the list.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

ps: The Opulent Project is a master of using repurposed materials. They are super subtle about it. Their materials are striking but it isn't completely evident of where they came from until reading their product descriptions. Take time browsing their shop, you will thank me later.

21 January 2011

object fetish fridays : Elke Mitscha

I have been thinking a lot about roses lately with the upcoming holiday. It isn't that I like roses, I don't at all. See, I use to work in a florist where all we did this time of year was take orders for dozens upon dozens of red roses, with babies breath of course. The man ordering the roses always seemed so impressed with himself, like he was giving the greatest gift as I rolled my eyes at the lack of originality. So, men, if you are going to get roses for your lover this valentine's day, make is a Brooch of Roses
Besides, these roses will last. And you want to make a lasting impression don't you?

Elke Mitscha may use geometric forms to suggest petals but this brooch maintains a vivid image of roses. She captures the gesture of this flower perfectly. 

And, I am a sucker for a handmade pin back. That always seals the deal for me. 

happy friday!
xo, kim

20 January 2011

lovely and local : egg-a-go-go

Sarah Coyne is the mistress of cute behind egg-a-go-go. If you are an avid buyer of handmade I am quite certain you have seen her work around. 

This holiday season folks flocked into Craftland looking for this shirt (or the card version). I heard many stories about so and so being clever and having a husband with a beard and glasses. I can see the attraction. 

I find these to be the sweetest little pillows. 

What is it about mixers that attracts me? Maybe it's that I love all of the colors they come in. They are like jewels for your kitchen, accented with shiny steel bowls. That's it right there, jewels and shiny, those are the reasons I love them so.

As with all of Sarah's work this feathers and leaves print is simple with just the right colors. That is the theme that attracts me. Her lines are clean and accentuated with just the right amount of color. Nothing is overdone, just made to perfection. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

19 January 2011

welcome winter, a trip to the farm

We finally did it. We bought a kitchen table. First, we took a little trip to the farm to borrow a vehicle for the trip. While we were shopping, Callie stayed to visit with grandma.
There were some old tools in the garage.

And this girl can't resist inspecting tools. 

I am in love with the handles. Not only are they stylish but they look comfortable too. 

I always love seeing the turbines in motion.

It is quite the amazing structure.

The silo looks perfectly patinated against the jewel colored sky.

Callie is running around with Kikko and Rocky {my mother's two huskies} below the windows of the barn.

Everything here is so interesting to me being the complete opposite of what surrounds me in the city.

There's Callie, sinking in the mounds of snow. She loves it here.

And finally, I caught the birds in one of my frames.

We didn't see any cows on this trip. They would have looked beautiful in the white blanket of snow.

Just some shoes from our trip to Ikea. 

happy wendesday!
xo, kim

ps: i love this welcome winter at the farm edition, don't you?

thanks for reading!