13 January 2011

lovely and local : modern printed matter

I love when I discover that handmade goodies I love are made locally. While I knew Modern Printed Matter was a store in Warren I just hadn't put together that the cards people loved so much in the Craftland show came from the same place. 

I happily clicked through many items in Modern Printed Matter's etsy shop and included one of her cards in my recent treasury

Anna has a great aesthetic, simple yet bold. Her images are clean and perfectly represented in a single vibrant color attracting just enough attention. 

I can't decide what I like more her vintage prints or the nature themed ones. They are both so well done. Let me just drop a little hint here, your lover would totally appreciate some personalized note cards. I promise you!

happy thursday!
xo, kim


  1. I keep meaning to pop into her store...my friend/neighbor Linda @ alamodestuff has some of her adorable things in there, too. Great stuff & thanks for sharing! xoxo Beth

  2. I have only peered through the window. I must get back there some time.
    Oh, I love to share!


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