26 January 2011

take this, old man winter!

A tulip! In January!

Way back around Easter my father and step mother gave me some potted tulips. Though I live in the city now I decided to keep the bulbs to plant again. I wasn't sure when or where but I knew I would give it a go. 

They spent the summer in the stairwell to my apartment. I was certain they wouldn't give me another chance to see them flower again as they were pretty neglected. 

When autumn was coming to a close I took them in, pulled the bulbs from the pot and freed up the lose dirt from the roots. I filled another pot with soil, buried the bulbs, added water and put them in the cold, dark pantry. 

Once I saw some pale green emerging I took them out to the windowsill. The stalks grew and out came this purple flower. I did a dance of joy to see a tulip, in my apartment, in January. Then I stopped dancing to take some pictures of my new baby,

take this, winter!
xo, kim


  1. Oh, you lucky girl! What a beauty! Great photos, I can almost smell the sweetness of it's bloom! My jasmine is in bloom right now, too and it's thrilling to smell the jasmine filled air as I walk through the family room while it's so awful outside! Enjoy! xoxo bEth

  2. Beautiful! Plants are so amazing! I'm glad you gave those bulbs another chance and they came out to say hello!

    I'm still waiting on a Christmas amaryllis! I hope I get to do the same plant dance you did!

  3. Beth, aren't flowers so precious this time of year?

    Sarah, My amaryllis didn't fare well this year. I set them back in the pantry for a new start. Maybe I'll have some early spring blooms. Here's to happy plant dances!


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