26 February 2011

white nest on supermarket saturdays

Happy saturday! I came across a shop I hadn't seen before on Supermarket and am completely amazed with how wonderfully consistent the products were photographed. It wasn't a surprise to learn that Meg from White Nest was an interior decorator before she ventured onto her one of a kind home goods business. She creates a lovely setup for her handsome goods, showcasing them perfectly.
orange birds in flight hand embroidered pillow cover by white nest
Meg chooses one simple color for the pillow's front and accentuates it with bold embroidery. I love the gesture of the birds in flight, created by just creating outlines.

golden yellow felt ruffle kidney pillow cover by white nest
This golden yellow pillow is perfect. One bold color balanced with a single bold design element, ruffles. There's no competition, just pure balance.

hand embroidered peony flower pillow cover by white nest
These pillows would look lovely on my couch and comfy chairs, migrating throughout the living room. Seeing as I am not one for matching, one of a kind pillows seem perfect for me. 

enjoy your saturday!
xo, kim

25 February 2011

object fetish friday : Elisa Bongfeldt

Another week means another Fridays spent eyeing gorgeous jewelry on object fetish
Enjoy these industrial yet elegant designs by Elisa Bonfeldt

How I want to try on her cylinder bracelet. 
I looks like great fun to wear and I bet it sounds quite lovely too. 

Elisa's lace ring reminds me of my first ten speed bicycle, the one I was always fixing the chain on. Thought it reminds me of something so simple I am lost in it's elegance. 

Most jewelers let the stone stand out making a setting that seems to disappear. Being that I am someone who likes to work with metal over stones I appreciate how Elisa keeps the settings present and equal to the stone. I appreciate this balance and I seem to notice the glint of the diamonds more. 

I love this hollow form reminiscent of a large washer being far more elegant than the real thing.

And since I love metalwork more than stones I love these stacking rings. Void of precious stones yet still incorporating color means I love them all the more.

 happy friday!
what does the weekend hold in store for you? perhaps some shopping..
xo, kim

24 February 2011

lovely and local : Carr Studio

Long ago back in autumn I was vending my bling at Craftopia and across from me were these amazing aluminum prints. Each one was shimmering like a jewel from the Carr Studio booth. 

Then a month later while working at Craftland customers would trickle to the counter asking if they could get some help in removing an aluminum print off the wall. Once they had one of these shimmery tiles in their hands they would be amazed that it looked even more stunning in their hands. 

I love how Nancy's subject matter ranges from details of nature to landscapes and cityscapes and finally to the figure. All of these subjects are treated with the same care for detail. 

Her eye for color, pattern and composition are what makes her work so successful. Nancy keeps her eyes open and waits for just the right moment to capture her vision.

This may just be my favorite. I am fascinated with the gorgeous buildings in our city and always wonder what they look like from inside or how their neighboring buildings look through a window or from a rooftop. And she captured copper turned verdigris over time. I am smitten!

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: get shopping!

23 February 2011

welcome winter!

Well, I'll be honest, welcome warm winter days. Last week was the start of knitting group at Craftland. With the weather being a bit warmer I decided to take a walk to the Cable Car for my beloved soy mocha before our group got started.

The Biltmore is one of the iconic spots of Providence. Well, to me it is. 
Maybe it is because my prom was there, even though I wasn't a huge fan of prom night.

I crossed the river for this mocha. It's that good. The view was worth it too.

This building is pretty grand.

More luscious skyline! 

One of these days I will hop the fence and explore this demolition up close. 
Isn't it neat to see where buildings were once joined?

And the Arcade. Another icon of the city. I miss it so. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

22 February 2011

my little state

Here are some photos taken in august of 2008. I was riding on the bike path and came across the Audubon Society Wildlife Refuge. It was a nice little excursion and rest from pedaling.

I love the color contrast in reed grasses. The plum shades look nice amongst the green grass.

One of my favorite things about the bike path is that it runs against the water.

What would living in the little state be like without views of the ocean?

enjoy the sun!
xo, kim

16 February 2011

tulip love!

I have been enjoying this orange tulip in our flat the past few days. It is in the bright white bathroom and adds the perfect dash of color.

The other day when I was pruning my oxalis I accidentally pulled off a good leaf. 

It made for the perfect accent to this darling tulip, don't you think?

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

15 February 2011

my little state

Here's a little collection of pictures taken in my little state. From long ago when we lived in Tiverton and had to take a car ride to find sidewalk to walk our lady on. This time is also known as Before Craft.

Some roadside weeds.

It is the same shade as my clover enamel.

Hibiscus always looks pretty along the sea.

Doesn't it?

I love this ivy. It appears to be growing from nowhere.

happy tuesday! 
enjoy the sun. the flowers will be here soon enough.
xo, kim

13 February 2011

rockin' the craft world

Come visit me today at the Rock And Roll Yard Sale taking place at The Met. I am excited to be selling in my little town of Pawtucket, where my bling is made with love.

I have some special pieces for this event. Get them while you can. Your lover would be so pleased to get one of my little craft boxes tied up with string. I promise!

xo, Kim

11 February 2011

object fetish fridays : Jung Ja Lee

There are many artists who have amazing textile abilities but they don't always translate these abilities into jewelry successfully. Artist, Jung Ja Lee manipulates her textile techniques to create a whole piece from beginning to end instead of mixing her delicate work with an awkward chain or pre-made findings. And this is why I love her work. 

The work is hers from beginning to end. She doesn't compromise her design to fit a finding. Jung utilizes her textile know how to create chain and to connect her handmade components. 

I also love the feminine colors. Her palette is the perfect match for her delicate neck ware. It is reminiscent of decorative collars made for large swirling dresses.  

Jung's construction is always interesting. It is playful yet still feminine. And I love it.

happy friday! what are you up to this weekend?
xo, Kim

10 February 2011

lovely and local : MB by Brigid

Baby, it's cold outside. But Brigid is making adorable knits to keep baby cozy. Not just baby, she makes some great neck warmers for you too.

Ok, not just cozy, cute to boot! 

Brigid has a bright and cheery color selection for your wee one. 

Her store has more than just knits to offer. This super cute, perfect for valentine's day photograph is there as well. Brigid also has a few appliqued shirts and headbands too. Grab a hot cocoa and get on over to her shop. Get something warm for the chilly outdoors.

happy thursday!
xo, Kim

09 February 2011

welcome winter!

Maybe I don't feel much like welcoming winter. There is still a lot of snow and it's terribly chilly. But once I bundle up and get outside this lady of mine jumps all about like a puppy. It makes me smile and realize that winter isn't that terrible. Spring will come. 

Though it makes me smile to see Callie romping it doesn't keep me out for long. She can't make up for icy walkways that weren't shoveled. 

Luckily, the cemetery gets plowed.

Yesterday the sky was blue again and I wished I had time to celebrate.

I was happy the weathermen were right in predicting no accumulation with yesterday's flurries. 

But this girl, she is always ready to celebrate fresh snow. 

As an aside, I had a little adventure in Pawtucket yesterday trying to find the post office. {I may live in Pawtucket but I mostly venture to Providence as I am mere blocks away.} Does anyone else use a gps in their own town? Please say yes, I'll feel better.

happy wednesday!
stay warm, kim

08 February 2011

blithewold gardens through a lens

This may not be an adventure far away in distance. It is far away in time. The summer of 2008 seems like more than years ago. It was back when the Swedes were here to visit. When I still lived in Tiverton. And it was me, before craft. Enjoy this little adventure through Blithewold gardens. I am so happy I came across this little collection of photos and can't wait to have them printed so I can hang them in my studio.

butterfly bush

clematis after it flowers
I hope one day to create these swirly little fellows in silver. One day soon.

cone flower

black eyed susan

I hope that one day my adventures in color lead me to a shade of lavender or lilac that I love. Maybe by summer..

queen anne's lace
These too, have long been in my sketchbook of ideas. Maybe a hairpin and matching ring would do?
queen anne's lace

poppy pods

bell flower




pathway through the garden

A Monet-esque pond

out to sea
I need a Blithewold adventure soon. This place is a place of peace for me. The bamboo forest is so refreshing and peaceful, but every inch of the grounds are amazing to me.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!