10 February 2011

lovely and local : MB by Brigid

Baby, it's cold outside. But Brigid is making adorable knits to keep baby cozy. Not just baby, she makes some great neck warmers for you too.

Ok, not just cozy, cute to boot! 

Brigid has a bright and cheery color selection for your wee one. 

Her store has more than just knits to offer. This super cute, perfect for valentine's day photograph is there as well. Brigid also has a few appliqued shirts and headbands too. Grab a hot cocoa and get on over to her shop. Get something warm for the chilly outdoors.

happy thursday!
xo, Kim


  1. So adorable! Great inspiration, too. I've been thinking of adding some kidwear as it's so adorable...just not sure where I'll find a model now that my kids are in their teens! Heading over to check out her shop! xoxo Beth

  2. Brigid is a sweetie. I met her through craftland. She's a teacher and obviously quite fond of kids.


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