28 March 2011

monday's muse : fruit & twig key

I finally got myself another little helper so I can identify all of the dried pods, calyxes, fruits, burrs and the like I have been collecting for oh so long. 

First up, a cone-like structure with over-lapping scales..
..which seems to be an Tsuga canadensis, or eastern hemlock.
{this one was super difficult. the book shown above has many terms I am not yet familiar with so this little cone was named Tsuga canadensis with a little help from google images.}

Next is something I have been collecting for a long time and have had cast into fine silver. I am super excited to put a name to the face.
Alas, it's a Liquidambar styraciflua, or Sweetgum. 
It comes from one of my favorite autumn trees, it's leaves turn deep crimson.

This last one I used the Winter Weed Finder to identify this three-parted calyx.
I discovered it's a Blue Flag Iris or Iris versicolor. I prefer the later.
{long ago and far away in college I cast one of these in silver and settled with the title "decomposed study" and though it was fitting I would have preferred knowing it's true identity so I could study it's life cycle a bit.}

Can you tell I get a super silly excited about weeds and knowing their real names?
happy monday! i hope you aren't home sick like me.
xo, kim

27 March 2011

in my studio : spring colors + flowers

Over the long winter I always kept some fresh spring-like flowers in the apartment to remind me of the upcoming season. These colors have inspired some new work in my studio.

I am still looking for the right orange, until then, this is what I am looking for.

Yellow came into my new palette by accident. I was trying out a transparent pink and it came out golden yellow. It was perfect for the piece. 

But maybe I will try and find another yellow too. I am quite smitten with it's cheeriness.

All of the leaves sprouting from the ground have made me want to search for a new green. Instead I found my green while trying out a transparent purple. Lots of happy accidents these days. 

That new blue sky that's been showing up has made me look for a nice new blue! 

So, here are the pieces. I'm still playing around with how to connect these cuties. So far I am loving these new colors and am super excited to share them with you. 

A little back story here..
I found these at Wolf and Myrow years upon years ago. I believe they were brass covered in white paint. Two years ago I had molds made of them and had them cast into fine silver. I finally allowed myself some time to play over this past week. Now I am waiting for some beads and other supplies to come in so I can complete them and ship them off to my stores. 

Here is a little idea I have been playing with. Lots of wrapping is about to happen. Now, where is that order from Rio? As usual all of my other orders have arrived. Until then I will just keep stock up with enamel flowers so I have a nice crop to complete. 

happy sunday!
xo, kim

26 March 2011

supermarket saturdays : Erin Tyner

I came across a new supermarket shop this week. A dramatic photograph caught my eye and I soon found myself caught up in the scenes captured in Erin Tyner's shop

'Fade' is part of the Half Awake series. It was a really difficult task to choose just one image to represent this collection. I am so curious to know more about these scenes. The characters seem to have such a history and I wonder of their struggles and interaction with their environments. 

Another difficult task was choosing just one image to represent the Any Other Name series. This collection of flowers makes for a poised and elegant collection. Now that I caught your attention get browsing Erin Tyner's shop.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

23 March 2011

welcome spring!

It is officially spring although we have snow in the forecast for today. I have been pretty stubborn lately wearing spring coats and leaving my mittens at home. Today, I am bundled and prepared. Knowing it is spring will make the snow seem colder than ever. 

I love getting to knitting group early then walking across the river to get the best mocha around.

The walk makes it so I earn the mocha.

And the views make the walk worth it.

On another adventure in another end of the city, Callie and I took in some sun..


..and crocuses!

I thought this graffiti was super sweet. 

And here's my girl. Even this Swiss lass was Irish on the 17th. 

happy spring + happy wednesday!
xo, kim

22 March 2011

yellow in my little state

 Inspired by the Paris Color Project of Little Brown Pen, I set out to capture some yellows on the borders of Providence and Pawtucket. After my first adventure I realized my hipstamatic had black and white film (D'oh!) so I made certain to choose the proper film for the next project. 

Yellow turned out to be a great choice as the sky was raging blue..

with lots of puffy clouds.

Once you choose a color it is great fun to see that color against others you hadn't intended on capturing.

In the states yellow and black are plentiful..

and it is rare to see a well painted curb.

In New England it is always joyous to see a crocus come up but we always prepare ourselves to see it surrounded by snow in a few days. 

Does anyone know the reason behind the madness of painting hydrants in different color combinations? Not that I am complaining, I love the change.

I was really digging the bold yellows but this golden shade is quite nice too.

I love how this one looks like it was captured on old film with the huge flaw in the upper left corner.

More codes I don't understand but still appreciate.

This project is great fun. I pay more attention to what is around me when I am out and about with Callie. I manage to come across color in the most unusual of places.
happy tuesday!
xo, kim

21 March 2011

monday's muse : winter weeds

I didn't have as many winter adventures as I had planned when I ordered this book. Snow banks and lack of sidewalks made sure I didn't get out and play. Spring has come and the snow melted {though we are expecting some today} allowing me to get out and see those winter weeds that are still around. 

While on an adventure with Callie this city girl found herself a great weed to identify. 

This is the subject, completely unknown to me upon pulling it from the earth.

Out of the options it seemed clear that this was a capsule and it wasn't at bur-like.

I love this part, breaking it down to parts, making you count and take the whole dried flower into account. It forced me to stop and pay more attention. 

And it certainly lacked wings {thought I would like to come across a winged structure}.

Stiff and dark it was, though some of the drawings were deceiving and I resorted to google images for a little help at this point. I would love to see this book redone and looking more like the piece of art it should. Hmmm, doesn't that sound like a great project. Romping through the city streets looking for burrs, calyxes and bracts only to draw them in detail. I love this idea.

And thanks to the winter weed finder {with a dash of google} I discovered it was yucca! Now when the sun starts to shine and the flowers come out to play I know where to look for some yucca in flower. And when I get to making some jewelry in the likeliness of this lovely structure I will know what to name it. 

happy monday!
I love a fresh start to the week.
xo, kim

20 March 2011

in my studio : swedish stars

These Swedish stars have been a long time inspiration of mine. I believe it was four years ago now when I received my very first star from my sister in law. These stars were never taken down after holiday celebrations came to an end and moved with me from apartment to apartment and found a new home in my studio. I love the shade of red and thought everyday deserved to be festive.

I am forever getting compliments on them which is a great reminder to stop being busy and to take the time to look up from my bench to admire them.

One day my admiration for their forms will find a place in my jewelry. Until then I will settle for capturing the color on shapes I work with daily..

happy sunday!
maybe you should spend your funday shopping..
xo, kim

12 March 2011

supermarket saturdays : metalnat

I have been eyeing these snap button earrings by metalnat for a few weeks now. There's something so sweet about the simplicity of them. 
It may also be my fondness for imperfect matches. They may not be identical but they go so well together. I am smitten with this everyday object cast into silver and made into jewelry. 

This concrete disco necklace is another great use of an everyday object. Concrete takes on the form of a stone, adding another shade of grey and creating a smooth, cool surface. 

I love seeing utilitarian objects made into bling. This is truly a creative mind at use, taking the ordinary object or material and turning it into functional, everyday jewelry. 

happy saturday! tonight we are celebrating daylight savings time. what are you up to?
xo, kim

09 March 2011

good bye to winter

It's hard to believe spring is almost here. This winter seemed to fly by.

I suppose this has been my busiest crafting winter so far and I think that helped move time along.

All throughout the autumn I kept thinking, I will rest in January or February.

But I was lucky enough to have stores to restock and new stores came my way.

In the end I got some snow days and sick days, not entirely relaxing. 

This isn't a complaint. I am eternally grateful folks like my jewelry enough to keep me making.
Now, to find some time to work on those new designs swimming around my head..

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!