26 March 2011

supermarket saturdays : Erin Tyner

I came across a new supermarket shop this week. A dramatic photograph caught my eye and I soon found myself caught up in the scenes captured in Erin Tyner's shop

'Fade' is part of the Half Awake series. It was a really difficult task to choose just one image to represent this collection. I am so curious to know more about these scenes. The characters seem to have such a history and I wonder of their struggles and interaction with their environments. 

Another difficult task was choosing just one image to represent the Any Other Name series. This collection of flowers makes for a poised and elegant collection. Now that I caught your attention get browsing Erin Tyner's shop.

happy saturday!
xo, kim


  1. I love Erin Tyner photos, and only a couple of weeks ago, sent the link to my friend :)

  2. Her photos are such lovely narratives.


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