28 April 2011

april snow

Callie and I ventured out for a windy, petal ridden walk today. It looked like April snow.

Though, I don't mind this April snow at all. New England is blooming again.

happy, happy spring!
xo, kim

25 April 2011

in love with my city

I took a nice stroll downcity a few weekends ago. Good friends of ours had us over for dinner and we needed to bring a nice housewarming present. Craftland was just the place to get that very present. After picking a present I hit the city with my lady and iPhone.

I love this city of mine.
xo, kim

23 April 2011

happy spring weekend!

Here are some spring blooms for your rainy Saturday.

I am ever so lucky my neighbors have such beautiful gardens.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

16 April 2011

happy weekend!

Sigh, the fallen leaves are gone. The trees are sprouting again.

 And the window boxes are getting spruced up.

 Restaurants are jazzing up for outdoor seating.

 Signs of warm weather and sunshine are popping up.

Our walks are getting longer each day.

 I keep finding more to capture.

 More colors and forms are emerging.

 Often I walk without earbuds in because the birds are so darn happy chirping away.

 It is even sounding like spring.

 Soon our windows will start to open and remain that way.

 It is all so exciting.

 In a few weeks I won't need layers to enjoy brunch outdoors.

 But this may be the most exciting time, it's the anticipation of what spring brings and that just makes me giddy. 

Enjoy your weekend and take in some spring.
xo, kim

14 April 2011

north burial ground in spring

We have a few days of April showers now. Enjoy the sun today while it is here.

These sunny days are my favorite until I get to the studio. When the temperatures reach above 50 the heat doesn't get turned on and cold gets trapped in our space. So, if you see me around bundled up even in the sun I am still thawing. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!