31 May 2011

neighborhood flowers + one sweet wheel

My neighborhood never gets boring. 
There are shiny wheels and bright blooms right around the corner. 


I've never seen a peach iris before. I love the orange fuzz on the lower petals. 

There are so many colors around. Even grey days are nice and bright. Not that we have had many grey days lately.

 I love zinnia! Right now there are some sprouting in pots in my bedroom window. I hope they bloom soon. I've been itching to get some photos of them.

I love flowers mixed in together. Yellow + white are a perfectly cute combination.

Anyone know the name of the white ones?

Cosmos are pretty cute too. Dainty + simple.

And the color of this lupine is stunning. 

happy tuesday! 
i am coming off a long birthday weekend. 
lots of celebrating and photos were taken. expect lots of posts soon.
xo, kim

29 May 2011

small snail, big city

I wonder what the city looks like to this little fella. 

I sure don't know what brings a snail to the city but I do hope he enjoys his visit. 

happy sunday! xo, kim

26 May 2011

spring! (new film + rain)

I got some new film for my hipstamatic. As of yet I can't decide if I am a fan or not. 
It captures the image well.

Nice color contrast.

And perhaps the perfect amount of haze.

But the frame changes, drastically. Sometimes it matches the subject, but not always.

On this day I took a bunch of pictures after the rain.
This isn't a new film, but one less explored.

I am happy I took the time to try it.

I must say, puffballs are best captured after rain. The details are amazing.

 There are still some lily of the valley out to play. 

There is so much blooming right now,

it is hard to take it all in.

The rain droplets were so on my side in this iris photo.

I have never seen beach roses in the city before. We had lots of them at one of our college rentals in westport. They smell just like potpourri. 

I love clematis!

The blooms all came out so pretty. I welcome the colors after the long winter we just had.

So does Callie girl. She is sitting pretty because my pocket is full of treats. Callie is getting much better at sitting when we stop at corners to cross. Treats work wonders!

happy almost weekend!
xo, kim

25 May 2011

spring snow

A few days ago when the wind picked up we had some spring snow. Callie and I came upon a corner covered with pink petals. It was quite magical. 

At least the rain and wind gave us a pretty pink corner in our neighborhood. 

happy end of week! 
xo, kim

ps: my birthday weekend is nearing!

23 May 2011

spring flowers + other things green

Callie and I have a new route in the neighborhood. I am loving the new-to-me gardens. Callie is loving that we met someone who works for a dog food distributor. She came home with free treats and a toy the other day. That girl is just so darn cute. 

 It may have been a dreary May but the flowers are helping me along. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

22 May 2011

graffiti + city sky

As always, this girl has lots of fun in her city. Whatever did I do before iPhones? 
I bet I didn't stop and look around as much. I certainly didn't carry a camera with me. 

I love the silhouette photos. The sky was amazing on this particular spring weekend. 

happy sunday!!
xo, kim

ps: monday is almost here and I am so ready to start the week off right.

thanks for reading!