29 June 2011

welcome summer!

summer has sprung in our yard!
purple cone flowers, lace capped hydrangeas, herbs and bumble bees are plentiful. 

I always enjoyed hopscotch in the summer. We used rocks to scratch the squares into the pavement. I remember being taught how to play the game on my grandmother's street. How I loved spending my summers in her pool. 

happy wednesday! 
xo, kim

28 June 2011

travel tuesdays : montreal green

There were some really great hues in Montreal. 
Those Canadians really know how to brighten up the place.

I am hoping to get back to Montreal this autumn. I miss their croissants and coffee. Nothing here in Providence compares. This reminds me, I should get studying my french. Maybe this time I will be prepared for more than Bonjour.

au revoir!
xo, kim

27 June 2011

monday's muse: random photos

As I am running out of space on my computer, I've been cleaning up my photo collection. These two photos were taken on January 17th of 2010. They were taken with my point and shoot so the location information wasn't saved with the photo. For the life of me I can't recall where I took these photos. 

I'm happy to have re-discovered them. The colors and designs are quite striking. 

The colors are vastly different but these photos are united in the use of curves and angles. I am completely fascinated with these two photos. When I get around to piercing some designs into silver, these curves will influence my designs. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: don't you love discovering old photos?

26 June 2011

studio sundays

Here are some studio shots of what I have been working on lately. 

 I've had these cast flowers for over a year and just now I am getting to making jewelry with them.

Since I had a specific place I wanted the daisy to rest I made a bail for the hoops so they wouldn't spin on the ear wire.

Of course I wanted them to be textured too. I used my trusty hammer #21 of the 100 hammers project. {I'm falling in love with this hammer.}

This is right from the soldering block. New daisy hoops!

My favorite is the oxidized finish but I aim to please those who like shiny objects.

Here are the aster and forget-me-nots.

Part of the fun of playing with cast objects is trying to figure out an unusual way to add ear wires. 
{Also, I may have some other designs up my sleeve for these.}

Here is a shot of my piece work solder set up. There isn't much room for error with getting the posts in the correct place so I use my trusty third hand. 

As I am the maker of these I get use to seeing them all grouped together. 
I sorta like 'em that way. Aren't these cute little studs? A nice spin on a classic earring if I do say so myself.

I started playing with how I was going to form the ear wire with the one to the far left.

This is a little aside and all around great tip. I placed my foredom {with a cup bur in it} in a vice to make a nice finish on the ends of my ear wires. It does a lovely job.
Plus, I get a free hand to take a photo too!

Well, you know, I am a big believer in options. 

happy sunday! 
how did you celebrate your funday?
xo, kim

ps: these earrings are now available here + here 

24 June 2011

neighborhood stroll

we have new benches in our neighborhood park.
you can't tell below, but the fountain now has water too.

callie girl likes to walk the edge of the fountain, i think she'll be in by the end of summer.

i can't get enough of that face. i think she hoping to get some cream cheese.

there are so many flowers in bloom.

i have the best neighbors, they keep the most wonderful gardens.

i've been waiting for these ferns to unfurl for a few weeks. pretty amazing little creatures.

the allium is already done blooming.

i miss this Mediterranean bell allium. 

long ago, i planted some of these in my garden. i miss my bulbs that i smuggled in from amsterdam. 

and here is the first purple cone flower to bloom in our yard. last year these flowered well into the autumn. i'm excited to have them back again. 

happy weekend! 
xo, kim

23 June 2011

industrial yellow + black

i am completely fascinated with the bold colors and patterns found on a front end loader. 
sounds silly right?

there is also something amazing about tires which are nearly as tall as i am.

the repetition of shape is pretty amazing.
 and the fact that there are only two colors allows you to pay attention to the shapes. 

see.. a front end loader is fascinating.

happy summer! 
xo, kim

21 June 2011

he loves me...

I just love this cosmo, hanging on to one last petal. Callie is the best walking partner, she allows me to stop our strolls to capture these little things I love. 

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

20 June 2011

just some more hipstamatics of flowers

are you surprised? of course there are more hipstamatics of flowers on my blog. As long as I can walk and carry a camera there will always be photos of flowers.
{thanks to all who helped me to identify the flowers here. my post is now complete.}

{i was given the name of this beauty and can't believe i didn't know myself. i've had nigella pods for years that i've been hoping to cast. mystery solved!}

common milkweed
ever so long ago in college i made a ring in the likeness of flowering milkweed. this is the first time i was able to see the flower in person. it's so nice to see this amazing structure outside instead of on the pages of a book.

another amazing flower planted on the sidewalk in my neighborhood. i always wonder how gorgeous their backyard gardens must be if they keep suck lovely sidewalks. 

mayweed: stinking chamomile
i've always fancied growing some chamomile to dry and make tea with. 

my field guide is failing me, i can't identify this fuzzy yellow blossom either. i hope to get lots of comments from some smart flower lovers. {thanks to a lovely tweeter, this flower has been identified.}

bachelor's button/centaurea montana
 i love the ants marching on this purple flower.

so this yarrow came out neon yellow and somehow the brick and leaves turned this iridescent blue. 

i am blown away by the results. photographing with my hipstamatic wows me every time.

happy monday!
callie is feeling under the weather and visited the vet today. we are hoping her belly is on the mend and there aren't many trips out over the night. my girl is generally a camel but she spent the morning ringing her 'please take me outside' bell. poor, sweet girl.
xo, kim

thanks for reading!