31 July 2011


For the first time this summer I saw calendula. I've seen this flower in the form of graphic art when buying something scented with the oil from the plant but have never have I seen the real thing.
I think what I love most is that it seems like a weed or wild flower. 
{I like the unusual}

And it is just the cheeriest golden orange.

A color which looks fabulous with this sapphire blue vase by tanner glass.

I love my father for picking this vase out for me. My step-mother had pretty purple calla lilies in it when she presented it to me. They too looked lovely.

happy sunday!
these photos just might give me the inspiration I need to get embroidering.
xo, kim

30 July 2011

friday in the city

I spent my Friday in a leisurely manner. Sitting at White Electric reading and browsing record stores.
Somehow I was able to get the window seat. It is nearly never available for me.

These are so brilliant, I fancy having that super handy Tom Toupin make me an asterisk one day.

My cup of darkness. 
{I love that so many artists have left their impressions at this cafe.}

I felt like I was in another world, shielded by this plant.

If only my kitchen had walls like these.

In case you didn't know I am quite interested in Audrey Hepburn. There's something so grand about her playing one of the first 'call girls' when hollywood wasn't allowed to portray women as such.

I can't decide which I love more..

...those white walls...

...or the red gate.
Though, the ceiling is a contender too.

this is definitely one of my favorite places in the city.

happy saturday!
xo, kim

28 July 2011

hibiscus from the park

As promised here are the hibiscus which surrounded the roses at Roger Williams Park. There's this sweet little brick path separating the two sections of flowers.
The film in my hipstamatic was one which is a little muted and looks like a printed photograph which faded over time. 

In this case it aptly captured the dreary, overcast day.

This is a species I'd never seen before. It captivated me even in the rain.

It's a great addition to the more commonly seen hibiscus.

I love this perfect bud.

I keep waiting for hibiscus to find their way into my metalwork.

Someday, I'll be walking along and visualize how it will all come together in silver. 

And enamel, I am certain. Who could pass up a chance to play with such lovely colors?

The combinations are always brilliant and my favorite part of the flower.

I adore how the bright color in the center bleeds into the petal.

There were some pretty cute, fuzzy bees busy pollinating. 

Those bees are doing a great job, this garden is thriving.

This is the sweetest spot and I look forward to picnicking in it soon. 

Back to the metalwork ideas, I'd love to play with re-creating the free flowing texture and form of these petals. It means I'd get to play with some fancy hammers.

See what I mean about the colors?


happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: i'm missing feeling well. the shingles really got me. i've less photos than ever this summer and miss my studio ever so much. thanks for taking the time to stop in here even though there aren't as many great photos as usual. 

26 July 2011

rose garden at Roger Williams

As promised here's half of the photos from Roger Williams Park. I separated them into rose garden and surrounding hibiscus {which will be coming soon}. 

I love that no matter which park you are in in Providence the benches are all the same.

The lichen on this one is quite divine.

The garden is a quaint courtyard enclosed by lovely trellises. 

It seems to be an escape within the park itself. 

There are still some roses in bloom.

Though I'm not much of a fan of roses this was a pretty garden.

If it hadn't been raining I would have been upset I didn't bring a book and blanket.

It's the perfect Sunday picnic spot.

I plan on returning in the winter, I'm betting it's pretty with a dusting of snow.

There were subtly colored roses in pale peach,

vibrant, deep pink, 

and palest yellow.

It was lovely to be consumed by them. Low lying bushes sprawled up towering trellises. 

And each flower had a just a few drops of rain on their petals and leaves.

When the heat remains low for a while this will be another of our picnic spots. I'm looking forward to some sunday fundays with low temperatures and less pain in my future.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

25 July 2011

liberty elm diner

On Sunday we tried out a new-to-us breakfast spot, Liberty Elm Diner.
I must say, I'm in love.

I was beyond excited to discover the list of local food sources. Aside from my love of supporting local businesses, I love knowing where my food comes from. As I don't eat cheese with animal rennet in it, this opens up many options for me as I knew what I could and couldn't eat here.

This really surpassed the typical greasy spoon experience. 
The only thing I am sad about is I left my little breakfast umbrella behind.

And since I don't frequent this neighborhood it was nice to walk around just a little..

..to take in some urban greenery..

..like this 'leopard print' grass..
{this is possibly my favorite picture here}

..and the black eyed susans.

The grounds around the RIPTA station are surprisingly well kept.

I went a little overboard taking photos of the flowers and grasses.

But it was a fun little color study..

..to see how the brilliant yellow, grassy green, brick red and straw yellow all looked in different combinations.

Plus, it is neat to see how the forms become abstract into gestures and color.

Back to more things urban, a flower on a lamp post,

and a cosmos growing from the concrete. 

Since we did the taste test and approved I am hoping to take my father and step mother here soon. It's a belated gift for my father's birthday, he taught me how to love those greasy spoons. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

ps: after this we drove through Roger Williams Park {yes, drove, it was raining} and I stopped at the rose garden for a few quick photographs. I'll share those soon.

thanks for reading!