26 August 2011

cement + weeds + brick

Callie and I took a short trip to Wayland Square to get some illy coffee. While we were there I noticed a pattern. There were weeds growing from cement cracks. 

The blue brick building and the sign above were a nice addition to the theme. Wayland Square is such a quaint place to be. Especially with good coffee and a cute pup.

happy weekend!
xo, Kim

ps: stay safe east coast.

22 August 2011

august adventures

I took these on the first day of august. It seems like forever ago. Callie and I went for a stroll in the early evening when the sun wasn't overbearing.

I love how the lady above looks like she is floating. She captivated me on this day. 

the first of august seems so long ago. it seemed to create a promise of feeling better soon. but august is narrowing in on september and i still get uncomfortable and wish for better times.

xo, kim

sorry to start monday out being so morose. 

13 August 2011

J'adore Paris

This is where I was six years ago today. 

 Ever since I've vowed to learn French and to return. So far I am falling short. I just know I will get back there someday. And I'll know French by then too!

happy saturday!
xo, kim

11 August 2011

flower photos

here are two random flowers photographs. 
I've never seen this type of hydrangea before. The layering and mix of colors is just beautiful. 
This hibiscus was pretty amazing too. It looks carefully hand-painted.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

10 August 2011

hoping for peace

I took these first two photos six years ago to this day while visiting London.

This last photo was taken on the 11th of august 2005. 
It was always the most powerful scene I could recall from the trip. I was amazed that citizens of England were able to set up signs of protest to leave undisturbed as a reminder of what problems they had. It seemed to be a silent protest of sorts, always visible from the windows of Parliament. I hope the words of citizens don't get lost, problems get resolved and peace comes soon.

peace always, kim

06 August 2011

aqua + black

 from a new-to-us picnic spot in the city.

there was something sweet about this simple graffiti..
..and these sweet orange chairs. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim

03 August 2011

old pawtucket mill part three

Here is my last series of point and shoot photos. I really hope to get some more exploring done here. 

Of course the rusted metal structures are my favorite part. I also may have left with a brick.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

02 August 2011

old pawtucket mill part two

I did some wandering inside the mill. My favorite part was how the light filtered through the holes in the wall. My second favorite part is seeing it being refinished, the new paths being made and new windows. I want to return to explore the inside more. 

My favorite photos have the three empty windows with the sky shining through. But I think those came out better on my hipstamatic. A few more regular old point and shoots to come, then we will get to some iphonography.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!