29 September 2011

Angela Fung Jewellery

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the jewelry is what I noticed most while at the New York International Gift Fair.  Shiny objects always catch my eye. Angela Fung had more than just shine in her line of jewelry, she had movement. 
Angela creates simple yet thoughtful jewelry. Her pieces look sophisticated and elegant but she uses this sophistication to hide it's playfulness. Her real audience is the person who loves to fiddle but appreciates clean lines and simplicity.

These cufflinks are perfection. In my experience, men like jewelry that has a function and is well constructed. And they like to understand how the pieces are fabricated. Angela Fung's cufflinks are perfectly functional, and simply constructed. The wearer can figure out the basic means of their fabrication and appreciate her playful details. I don't think these would be worn out of duty, like the tie you gave dad on father's day. They will be worn with appreciation for the design and for the thought you put into the gift. 

This is just a little sample of Angela's work. There is much more to be seen here

happy thursday!
xo, kim

27 September 2011

rust in the streets

This may be odd for a girl to admit but I love rust. 
I am amazed at how metal ages,

and takes on new colors from being subjected to the elements.

The mix of yellow paint against the yellow patina makes a nice juxtaposition. 

It is also amazing that rust itself can get worn away.

This may just be my favorite, rust + red.

I also enjoy heavy metal against weathered wood. I suppose I just enjoy seeing man-made objects age.

This may not be rust, but it fit with the color theme.

But I may be wrong, I wouldn't be surprised to find rusty water in a fountain.

I found these pipes fascinating. 

And was immediately asked if I needed help while I captured rusty machinery.

I guess a girl isn't supposed to be interested in such things. 

It isn't like a was holding spray paint, just an iPhone and a sweet dog.

This manhole cover is more taken over with moss than rust but the rust colored leaves achieved the look I was going for. And moss is pretty interesting all on it's own.

Not only does the color of oxidation amaze me, the layers and flaking fascinate me. The patterns of the rust amongst the patterns of the metal object make for some lovely textures. I suppose I am just fascinated with all things related to metal.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

26 September 2011

autumn blooms

Callie and I started out for a walk on this warm autumn day. 
Here is my girl sitting at a corner waiting for my cue to cross the street. I wish she sat and waited every time I asked her to, this is still a work in progress. Until then I will hold her leash nice and tight.

These hydrangeas have turned a pretty pink from their plain white. 

It makes for a nicer contrast against the fence.

I am happy to see them lingering into autumn. 

Purple aster are out for fall.

Just like this white clematis. 

I love how there is a species which flowers in the spring and summer and another that waits for autumn.

These are the perfect shade for fall. 

I love this stoop. My neighborhood is full of wonderful porches and gardens.

Aren't these greens a fun color and pattern?

The neighborhood is full of color.

These are particularly cheery.

This is a pretty shade of mums, they are usually darker so these caught my eye.

There are lots of tall grasses towering over fences. I love their wispy quality. 

It took some begging on my part but Callie girl posed in front of the ivy covered fence. 

This color and texture fascinates me.

And more purple autumn bursts with life. 

My, aren't they pretty?

As are these daisies.

It's great to have yellow and purple blooming together. 

They are perfect complimentary colors. 

happy autumn!
xo, kim

25 September 2011

solos glass

I came across Solos Glass at the New York International Gift Fair. It's ironic to discover from their website they are based here in Providence, RI. I left the smallest state to find our talented neighbors in the Big Apple. 
My selections here may come across as biased, I am in love with this olive green, especially patterned with white, both in the same piece and having the solid green with the solid white paired together. These three would make an amazing centerpiece with a single queen anne's lace in each vase.

This cell-like pattern is pretty amazing. It works well with the contrast of color against the clear glass. Seeing the pattern on the reverse side just adds to it's complexity. It appears as if something took over the bottom of the vase and crept it's way to the top, like a complex lichen structure.

The colors chosen here have an ink-like appearance, taking on the effect of dropping india ink in water. Though two of them are the same pattern as the olive vase above the color choice give these vases a wholly different appeal. They seem to have been decorated by hand with pen and ink with some delicately washed brush strokes. 

After browsing the collections of Solos Glass I realized I can't decide which I love more, the bold, opaque color combinations or the soothing, transparent colors. They are all equally stunning in color and form. I think what I love is seeing the opaque colors take on substantial, complex forms while the transparent colors taking on classic, delicate looking forms. Solos' collection is diverse yet timeless and always stunning. 

for a peak at some vintage glass clocks look here. Amazing, aren't they?

happy sunday!
xo, kim

anemone, always a muse

Back in the day when I worked for a florist I'd be delighted to see some anemone in mixed bouquets. They broke up the monotony of roses and mums. 

They are such amazing little flowers with so many stamen. 

I always tried to think of how I would reconstruct one of these in silver. It would be a tedious exercise but the results would be delightful. 

Maybe I will start to think about this project once again, starting with the center first. It is the most magical part of the anemone in my eyes. It could be part of a series, the center, a few petal pieces {just as they would fall from a dying flower} then the flower in it's entirety with a stem and leaves. 

It's nice to dream. Now off to bed for me. 
nighty night, kim

23 September 2011

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

While browsing the bustling New York International Gift Fair Ananda Khalsa's jewelry caught my eye.

It must have been the mix of color and simple shapes that drew me into her booth. Whether she is framing a hand painted scene or a gemstone she does it simply and with elegance. Ananda has a way of creating a focal point which captures the viewer. 

Bold color in the form of stones or paint are set against a neutral frame. Once your eyes take in the deep hues you realize the soft accents of gold, silver or a wash of grass and pale sky. 

Ananda's work is well planned and perfectly balanced. The paintings may be her visions but we can all relate to the tranquility expressed in her lines. And she chooses gemstones of the most unusual shapes which makes them seem as if they were hand-picked just for us. Ananda's jewelry is personal yet tells a story we can all relate to and make our own. 

there is much more here

happy friday!
xo, kim

21 September 2011

an east side stroll

when I am in the mood for some illy coffee, callie and I take a stroll on the east side. 
I won't lie, I often indulge in a chocolate croissant because they are devilishly delicious.

there are so many pretty roadside flowers on this side of town. 

and it's easy to spy the bridge that is always up.

the houses look so inviting too. I love this subdued palette, it seems like a palace of calm. 

the front gardens are quite pretty. simple but eye-catching.

with just the perfect amount of color.

it seems the brightness is saved for the sidewalks.

did you know in providence that if enough folks in the neighborhood call to request a tree one if planted for free. at least that is the rumor. 

then you have a spot to plant the prettiest of zinnias.

this is the most colorful patch I've come across on foot.

unfortunately, the ones I planted in our yard were taken away by Irene.

sedum is out to bloom too, this plant always reminds me of brisk autumn mornings. 

I can't tell you why but dandelions are a favorite of mine, most weeds are. they are simple, and grow on their own, no cares in the world. they just add color to our day.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

ps: enjoy the last few days of summer!

thanks for reading!