30 October 2011

support RI PBS

Join us artisans in supporting Rhode Island PBS. 

There are some pretty great pieces here and my Arts in RI group donated lots of goodies. 

27 October 2011

bristol instagrams

here are a few instagrams of an evening autumn stroll in Bristol, RI.
these are the windows of the bristol post office. i am use to the grand post offices of cities, this location is quaint and colorful.

a sweet camera shop. 
{in case you were wondering, this was taken without a filter.}

and here is a sweet, modern light. 

it was difficult to photograph our stroll in the dark. i stopped at the beehive. i only left with tea but i wish to return for brunch or dinner, though it won't be the same without meeting my little sister there. she is moving across the country to california in less than a week and i'll miss her so. the beehive is our little place. this was a great brisk autumn stroll. i hope to do again it soon.

happy thursday!
xo, kim

26 October 2011

what's the story..

So, there may be more than morning glories here. 
I am always captivated by the flowers in the Olga's courtyard. 

But the fascination is mostly with morning glories lately. 

I decided that after the holiday rush is over,

I will be revamping my morning glory earrings.

The days of abstract gestures will be long gone.

They will be lighter in appearance.

Much more formed.

And more in the style of over the top Art Nouveau than their current form. Wispy lines and all.

In case you haven't seen said morning glories, these are how I currently make them. 

Back to real flowers, these are remarkable as well.

They make me love Olga's for more than the coffee and croissants. 

happy Tuesday!
xo, Kim

the city i love

It's been a little bit since I've posted photos of my city here.
And I have these three that I am in love with.

Especially this one.
Join us and keep Providence Beautiful.

This may be my new favorite signs. It's a simple design and minimal wording. And I love the reflection.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

25 October 2011

studio days

I took some time the other day to clip some weeds around the studio grounds. Then I made this sweet little arrangement to brighten up my desk. I do love looking up from my computer to see it.
I knew there was a reason I had kept some stout bottles around, they are the perfect vase for this arrangement.

I discovered a new way to texture my moon post earrings. Previously I'd draw line after line with a scribe and ruler. I am sure you can guess just how tedious it was. I'm not quite ready to reveal my secret, but it involved using this mighty hammer. 

And Kurtis, the studio snail, is getting along wonderfully in his new abode. I added some orchid potting soil, a rock and grass and leaves from outside. He loves honeycrisp apples!

Now back to work, punching out moon post earrings from textured sheet was never the easy part. I now have a magical machine called and arbor press that makes this so much easier. Easier on my shoulder, easier to cut them closer to reduce waste of materials, really, just easier!

Then it's dapping time. It isn't the most fun job but I get by with plugging into a good audio book and hammering away. And I love hammers, especially old vintage hammers stamped with the previous owner's name.

After some intense soldering it's time to clean these babies up. 

Sometimes I look up from my texturing, hammering, soldering and disc cutting to see an amazing sky.

Or I catch a golden sunset.

And trees look neon in the light. 

Glowing like flames.

Our views can be pretty great.

And the buildings fascinate me. Who worked behind these now boarded up windows?

After I take in some sights, I'm back to work with some coffee close by. There's always more soldering to be done.

This is autumn in the life of a crafter. Make, Make, Make. 
What does your autumn bring?
xo, Kim

20 October 2011

Amie Louise Plante Jewelry

Looking back at my favorites of the RISD show I realized I saved my favorite booth for last, Amie Plante. I've wanted to show her work here long ago, but it's difficult to find the right words to describe objects made by a person who taught you part of your trade. It seems more personal, yet it is hardly fair not to give her a mention. Amie's work is stunning and lucky for me, it's familiar. It isn't familiar in that Amie's work hasn't developed over the last ten or so years but that she continues to add her flair to series after series. The same forms may come up but they are always fresh. New colors emerge, different gemstones are played with and layers are made, adding to the series, giving it a new outlook.

There are two things I am attracted to with Amie's jewelry. First, is her use of eye-catching color and second is her knack for adding energy and movement. Maybe there is a third, she always adds sparkle!

Her jewelry has motion, alluring the onlooker into wanting to touch it, try it on, fiddle with it a little. 

Aside from color and motion, her designs are amazing. They wear well and can lean towards formal or everyday. What fun is it to own something too precious to wear?

These earrings are the perfect mix of what I've been loving about Amie's work from the moment I saw it. Her natural castings have always been my favorite as have her enamels. The addition of lovely mint colored stones just makes it even better. 

Amie Louise Plante can be found here and here

happy thursday!
xo, kim

ps: thank you, Amie for taking time from your busy schedule to teach me how to enamel. I've been hooked ever since. 

17 October 2011

Quench Metalworks

Another artist I was happy to see at the RISD Alumni Sale, Quench Metalworks. I've been an admirer of her etsy shop for some time now but it's always better to see jewelry in person. Plus, there was a super cute little lady doing a great job of handing out postcards. You don't see that on etsy. 

I love to see real metalsmithing jewelry. You can tell by looking at each piece that Jennifer Atkins Lisa utilizes an arsenal of tools to make her jewelry. 

Jennifer also knows how to use buttons as a focal point in her pieces. In the world of craft, we see lots of button jewelry, but we don't often see pieces of this caliber. These buttons are carefully sewn in, like little mementos. Maybe they are from a loved one's shirt and newly stitched to a swatch of fabric from their coat? There is a story being told here that we can all relate to. 

I got to fiddle with these Loop de Loops. They are just as stunning in person. I quite smitten with this design, it's a simple play on repetition of shape that is elegantly done. The near uninterrupted flow of the ear wire brings the whole design together completing it's perfection. I just added them to my wish list. 

happy monday!
xo, Kim

ps: there's more to be seen here and here

16 October 2011

Jennifer Daltry : Artwork

For about a year now I've know Jennifer Daltry as half of the duo behind the Rock and Roll Yard Sales and What Cheer Antiques. This summer I realized that the lovely illustrations and prints hung on the walls of What Cheer? were of her hand. 
I got to see a few of them yesterday while I was browsing the RISD alumni sale. I love the wispy quality of her lines and how Jennifer seems to tread so lightly on paper, allowing its texture to show through. Each stroke is filled with intention. 

This one perfectly captures the holiday season which is fast approaching. It reminds me of 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' if it were in book form. 

This print has a very different quality from the rest, less paper is left untouched. Jennifer maintains the same quality of line, the moonlit trees dance in the same graceful nature. I keep finding myself caught in their shadows, waiting to see the limbs past the trunk.

Should you find yourself in Wayland Square be sure to stop into What Cheer Antiques to see these prints in person. Jennifer's work is enchanting. 

happy sunday!
xo, kim

ps: click on the photos above to see their source.

14 October 2011

moveable type truck

This evening I got to do some letter pressing on the amazing Moveable Type Print Truck!
above photo from http://type-truck.com/
Below is my second letter press print ever. Somehow, I missed learning even a drop about this art form in my days at UMass Dartmouth which is something I need to work on changing.

I was crazy excited that the ink was so gold and shiny!

happy weekend!
xo, kim

13 October 2011

hermes rocket

Lately I've taken on a passion for acquiring old objects. Turntables, furniture, singer sewing machines, game pieces, pages of books, prints, fabrics, records, button, clothes. It is endless.
I've had great fun revisiting the past through my hermes rocket. It brings back memories of typing at my father's first of many offices while he was helping customers. Making him paychecks so we'd be rich or just typing him notes. With the help of a twitter friend I realized there was a place ever so close to home who sold old typewriters in fantastic condition. I came home with my newest crush. So far my biggest use it typing thank you notes to my etsy buyers. But it's been handy to send notes to family and type labels too. 

After searching the internet for the perfect typewriter font I realized that what I really needed was a good ol' manual typewriter to get the effect I has been searching for. 

This I call irony. It seems that every time I set out to type something I need my computer to find my customer's name or get other details of the order. No matter, I'm still in my crush phase. And this machine works like a dream.

happy typing!
xo, kim

flowers I care for

I captured these eye catching blooms while they are still around. 
The New Guinea Impatiens live in the fire escape garden. 

Aren't they so pretty after catching some rain?

My new phalaenopsis lives on the kitchen table. I've never had such an amazing spotted orchid before. 

I hope my luck with orchids comes back soon. I've been known to buy some for 50 cents from the cart of dying flowers just to bring them back to full bloom in mere weeks. It's been some time since I've had that luck but I hope to regain it soon. Maybe some repotting is in order.

enjoy! xo, kim

thanks for reading!