24 November 2011

a little last bit of autumn

I am so grateful to have gotten in this amazing autumn stroll. 
Everything is gleaming in gold.

With emerald still lingering.

It's a stunning combination.

Grass is still nice and green through the fallen leaves.

It's hard to believe that we already got snow.

And this particular day felt more like spring.

But I will take what I can get. With all of the making I've been doing it's hard to find time to get outside and breathe in fresh air. I'm grateful for crisp breezes and bursts of color. If only I allowed myself this time more often. Next year, and this time I mean it, I will take better care of myself. I will let my life creep back into my schedule, take time to breathe, relax and use my muscles for something other than hammering. This is a promise I vow to keep.

happy autumn!
xo, kim

an east side stroll + a french bulldog

This past week I took le petit chien, also known as Emmett, for a little stroll.
I guess his neighbor was holding an impromptu used book sale on their stone wall.

Back to le petit chein, it is funny to actually walk a dog. See, it is usually Callie that walks me. 

And Emmett doesn't mind one bit if I stop to take pictures. 

He doesn't pull in the opposite direction to sniff something more interesting. 

He perks his bat ears up even more to be on the lookout for a new adventure.

And he has a photogenic neighborhood. With good coffee nearby. And the best chocolate croissants.

Aren't these doorbells charming?

But this letter slot wins in the charm department. I have letter slot envy.

And, well, I am just a weird gal who is attracted to rusted, deteriorating metal.

I left le petit chien to go get that amazing coffee and even better croissant. He was sad to see me go. I bet he knew I would have snuck him a crumb or two (without any chocolate on it of course).

I've never been in this bakery. It's the sign I'm smitten with. Do you have a favorite treat here? I'd love a recommendation. 

This is my absolute favorite rooftop on the east side. 

In fact, this photo pales in comparison to the one above. 

I just realized the time, this girl needs some shut eye. After all, I am the hostess of the turkey and non-turkey festivities tomorrow. 
xo, kim

20 November 2011

mini cyclamen

I found this itty bitty cyclamen I just needed to take home with me. 
They are perfectly sweet.

And they remind me of my florist days.

To me, cyclamen have always looked like flowers blown inside-out from heavy winds.

This has always been my favorite shade, magenta with white edges.

happy sunday!
xo, kim

19 November 2011

let's twist again

Last weekend I ventured to Northampton to vend at Twist Fair
Here's my setup with all of my new winter hues. 
{not that you can see them, but I promise, they are there!}

One of my favorite parts of Twist, is the disco ball. When the ball spins, the fun starts.

And here's Callie, the official canine sponsor of Twist!

Maybe I should have had a warning about this photo, it's quite intimidating. This year there was a photo booth for the crafters to go be silly and have some fun in. Eling {of migration goods} and I decided to be space terrorist. Well, I may have bullied our sweet Eling into acting as a terrorist with me. Either way, this is one priceless photo. I adore this crafty western arts gal. Her work is so darn cute and she makes for the best of company. 

Next up, my favorite Twist vendors. 
Happy Saturday!
xo, kim

18 November 2011

callie rose

My blog has been slow running as of late. My Callie girl has been under the weather and we don't get out for our adventures in the city. Therefore, I take far less photos than usual.
A few weeks ago miss Rose hurt her knee while on a jaunt with her daddy. She let out a yelp and hasn't made a peep over pain since. She is one strong little lady. It seems she tore her cruciate ligament. So, it's been lots of bed rest for this girl. We've been taking good care of her, mixing up supplements in yogurt to slip them into her food and taking her for acupuncture or as we call it, pupupuncture. As always, Callie Rose takes everything with a wag of the tail and with big puppy eyes. We still get dances with her toys when we get home from work, always the gracious hostess giving you the warmest welcome you'll ever receive. She knows just the right thing to make your day better, sweetness and love. 

Here's to short walks and a speedy recovery!
xo, kim + callie too

war of the roses

Autumn may have arrived with snow in the forecast, but these roses are winning the war.
They are still soaking up the little sun they can and dancing in the autumn breeze...

..enjoying one last party before they rest during the frosty winter. 

happy, happy friday!
xo, kim

weathered oranges

It seems like I take a lot of the same paths and always notice something new.
While checking the studio mail I realized these weathered orange hues.

The patterns and textures are pretty impressive on their own.

But the wash of color makes it all come together. 

It's funny, I love urban photography but I'm such a sucker for flowers too. Guess I'm just a girl who can't make up her mind.
xo, kim

09 November 2011

city sights

Here are a few photos of my city. 
Yeah, I'm still head over heals in love.

This may be my favorite building in Pawtucket. It could have something to do with the name of a metal being posted at least twice on it. Ahhhhh, metal. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

08 November 2011

oxalis shadows

On Sunday I noticed this shadow cast on my wall from the oxalis living in the windowsill. 

The results fascinate me. It looks like a charcoal drawing 
done on grey textured paper. The sort that you use white chalk to make highlights on, a la middle school drawing class. Only, this is way classier.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

07 November 2011

happy, happy autumn

Monday morning I went for a short walk. Finally, I got to take in autumn.
Trees are ablaze in gold...

...a lovely contrast to the blue sky.

My walk was a triumphant one. I've finally reached 100 sales on etsy! I set out to drop my packages off at the pickup and to celebrate with a coffee. 

I am at last, feeling better. I thought something was terribly wrong with my sales being so slow. 

Then Saturday night after dinner and games with friends I came home to three etsy sales, the third being sale number one hundred. {She's getting an extra shiny object in her order!}

I spent the rest of the morning editing some photos of new work. Keep checking into my shop as I will be adding a few pieces a day. 

happy autumn!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!