31 January 2012

january photo a day : days 24-31

I am a little late to the photo of the day game, so this is my first recap. All photos are taken/altered with instagram. I'm finding this challenge proposed by fat mum slim to be quite inspiring. My eyes are wide open ready to take in more of my daily life, looking for a different angle in which to capture the theme of the day. I set out with the topic in mind, trying not to go for the obvious keeping this fun challenge fresh.  

day 24 : guilty pleasure... packing peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my lunch.
day 25 : something I made... new series of forget-me-not necklaces.  

day 26 : colour... red + aqua, my new favorite color combination.
day 27 : lunch.. I stopped by Olga's for some coffee + a delightful seeded bagel.
day 28 : light... light shining through a textured window, creating shadows and depth to patterns.
day 29 : inside your fridge... my new avocado colored butter dish. it makes me feel all grown up.
day 30 : nature... I decided to capture nature indoors, mementos taken from walks, pieces of nature I just can't leave behind.

day 31 : me, again. this one I did on two parts. Me at home..

day 31 : me, again... me out and about, as most folks see me around town.

Won't you please join us? It's great fun. Maybe it is the little kid in me who misses homework assignments. I suppose it is about time I confess.. I am a nerd at heart.
xo, kim

so darn cute

This little lady makes it ever so difficult to leave for work.
She knows the signs, my lunch is packed, I've collected my belongings and brought them to the door. And just then when you thought that cute face couldn't get cuter. 

She pulls off a face that says, 'mama, please don't go' and my heart melts. Those brown eyes are pleading for attention. So I give her a few more scratches and belly rubs and a treat, tell her I love her and sadly slip off. 

It's nice to be so loved.
happy tuesday!
xo, kim

my guest post over on a lil' expression

I am delighted to announce that I was chosen as the first guest blogger in a new monthly series over on a lil' expression

Here's a little sample to wet your whistle... 
'What I love most about being a jeweler is the making. Using tools, playing with fire and getting good and dirty.' 

There's more talk on my craft, what I love about it, what's challenging, what inspires me and how I get out of creative ruts. 

Visit Tabitha over at her blog. Be sure to take some time to learn about her, browse her  photography section and take a peek at what's on her reading list. Soon enough she will be doing a guest post here but why not stop by now and introduce yourself. 

Thanks, Tabitha. I look forward to learning more about you on my little blog. 
xo, kim

30 January 2012

January Photo A Day # 30 : Nature

As an avid user of Intagram I had been wondering what the tag #janphotoaday was all about as I scrolled through my feed. Then the lovely Linda of à la mode stuff explained the photo a day challenge she was partaking in. Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim has come up with an inspirational list of themes for us followers to capture each day. Thus far, today's theme was my favorite. Nature.

These are sweet little pine cones from Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. They sit with my other dried winter weeds collection right outside the coat closet.

Being winter and all there isn't much thriving outdoors.

So I decided to take some photos of nature which has been brought indoors. 

Most of these photos are of natural objects collected by my neighbors. 

They decorate the windowsills for which I am grateful. 

But I have my own collection in my studio and home.

I keep objects I want to fabricate in metal. 

Or pieces that I want to have cast. 

Above are eucalyptus pods that I've had cast into silver. They've been around for a few years, waiting to be enameled and made into jewelry. 

Today's theme was so inspiring that I couldn't take just one photo. Once I started thinking of how to overcome the dilemma of capturing nature in it's weakest season I realized that I've surrounded myself with pieces I've collected on walks. It seems I am not alone by the looks of our back porch.

 In the future I am planing on sharing a weekly wrap up of my photos of the day here on my blog. Why don't you partake in the fun? Get your inspiration here

happy monday!
xo, kim

25 January 2012

toil and trouble, keeping me cozy

I made a special trip home yesterday to get these lovely mitts from my mailbox. I just couldn't wait to get  my special order from Ana of toil and trouble
I am smitten with them. The color is perfect, the texture is divine and they are perfectly cozy.

Take a look at Ana's etsy shop. You will be smitten too!
xo, kim

24 January 2012

a little girl's adventures

My wish came true, I finally got a Jen Corace letterpress print to hang on my wall. 
I've actually had it for nearly a year now but it is newly framed and hung on my freshly painted bedroom wall. Right by my side of the bed, over my reading light, just the perfect place to inspire sweet dreams.

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

and sweet dreams. may they be full of grand adventures.

23 January 2012

snow pup

Here's my girl....

She couldn't be happier!

I'd say enjoy the snow but it's nearly gone.
xo, kim

maisonwares love

During the few minutes I had to browse while vending at Bazaar Bizarre I fell in love with these switch plate covers by Ryan Marie of Maisonwares
For months I have been trying to find the perfect colors to paint our apartment. I settled on aqua for the living room and a greyish lilac for the bedroom. This fabulous umbrella switch plate cover (with a matching outlet cover) is now gracing the walls of my eating nook (which is part of the living room).

And this sweet cover is in my bedroom. It looks lovely against the grey/lilac.

Once I settle on colors for the rest of our apartment I'll be back for more. I'm also putting an apron by maisonwares on my wish list. Take a peek at her store. What do you see adorning your home?

happy monday!
xo, kim

22 January 2012

save the usps 2012

A few weeks ago on twitter the lovely Sarah Coyne of eggagogo started a call out to gather addresses for her campaign of saving the usps through letter writing. 

I immediately jumped at the chance to get in on the fun and sent out my own request for addresses. Callie Rose and I got some cards together. We sent out a mix of our own handmade winter cardsheatherjeany stationery, and jill bliss cards. One of my secret indulgences is stationery and I was happy to send part of my collection out into the world.

Seeing as Callie did such a great job posing for the stamp used to help save the usps, I thought she should have her name in with the return address.

In case I haven't told you before, Callie has her own last name.

And the best part of this campaign is my letters just starting arriving! I am amazed at the effort these other ladies put into their parcels. Picking stationery, writing personal notes full of encouraging words..

..and even putting together sweet care packages. This one is from Tabitha of a lil expression and tbell photography. This is one of my favorites. Even her business card is adorable. 

If you'd like to join in on the fun send your name and address along to kobrienjewelry@gmail.com with the subject of 'save the usps 2012'. I'd be happy to send some more stationery out into the world. And there are still some Callie stamps left which should be even more incentive to email me. 

I've been thinking of extending the fun and sending out monthly letters. It gives me a good excuse to buy more stationery. It keeps us corresponding on a more personal level. It keeps the usps working. 
Are you in?

xo, kim

20 January 2012

in need of cheering up

I'm in need of some cheering up today. Life has been challenging lately. One thing I can always count on to cheer me up is spending time with my Callie Girl. 

We have been cuddling a lot lately. Mostly on the floor since our girl still has an injured knee and can't jump on the bed in the mornings. I have really been missing our walks. I miss the time with her and the time exploring our city, capturing it all with my phone to return home to share with you. But what I am grateful for is that our girl may have an injury but she doesn't show it. She is still happy, playful, cuddly and loving. Callie still thinks she is a puppy and loves life. I have a lot to learn from this pup. 

i hope these pictures warm your heart a little.
happy friday, kim

18 January 2012

winter weeds + brick

Here are some lovely winter weeds, some from Wayland Square and others from my studio grounds.

And I threw in some brick pictures for good measure.

happy wednesday.
I'm really hoping we get snow this weekend. 

xo, kim

thanks for reading!