29 February 2012


I am attracted to texture. It instantly gets my mind thinking of how to create it in metal.
This photo of paint peeling makes me wonder if I could create this with enamel. The challenge would be to make a sound structure that appeared fragile so one could still wear it. Or is this best as a wall piece to be admired but not touched? Or maybe the erosion of such a piece would be more interesting than a sounds piece where the wearer plays the role of the elements?

I love the subtle shade of gold over the "patinated" brick. This could be easily created with reticulation but I think playing with hammers would be more fun and fulfilling. 

Somehow this peeling paint is completely different than the first photo. I like the way the first color is intact and revealed trough the crevices of the new coat. Maybe a form of champlevé could achieve this? Or adding a few layers of color, one atop the other and filing bits of the top coat away? I'd like to experiment.

Layering of metal in different shapes may make for a lovely basse-taille. I love playing with transparent enamels. I need to get back to my roots and fiddle with these techniques.

Brick holds a subtle texture but its layers and grout make is more interesting. Maybe I need to take a sheet of metal and hammer it over some brick. What do you think the results would be? Subtly beautiful and well captured under transparent enamels is how I see this working out.

happy making! 
if you try any of these out please share them here on my facebook page. I'd love to see your experiments in metal and color.

xo, kim

love of flowers

just a few iphone flower photographs. some blooms just in time for the snow.
ranunculus via hipstamatic

jasmine via instagram + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic

tulips via shake it photo + hipstamatic and arranged by diptic. 

daffodils + yoko ono poms at Olga's via instagram
I'm sort of addicted to flowers. I love having tulips in my home at all times. The white ranunculus were a sort of test to see if I could love flowers void of vibrant colors {they passed}. The jasmine was the perfect find at Trader Joes and man does my bathroom ever smell sweet. And those daffodils mixed with green poms are a match made in heaven. Just as the coffee and bagel brunch was. Thank you, Olga's!

and happy leap year! any plans for your extra day?
xo, kim

28 February 2012

save the usps 2012

The craft world is still rocking the save the usps movement.
Eling {aka migration goods} knows that pups are the way to my heart. 
And isn't her handwriting just lovely?

And Sarah {aka egg-a-go-go} introduced me to boy girl party and their adorable illustrations. 

It's fun to see what other folks have stashed away in their treasures of stationery. It's also nice to read more than a person's blog or tweets. Holding a real piece of paper with their handwriting composed into a note meant just for you is the best.  

Want to join the fun? Send me an email with your address. 
Let's get our mail on! xo, kim

27 February 2012

photo a day challenge : days 18-25

Here are my photo a day challenge photographs. 
day 18 : drink
{my newest addiction, ginger teas}

day 19 : something I hate to do
{work in the cold, cold studio}

day 20 : handwriting
{a possible tattoo inspired from Banksy's graffiti}
day 21 : a fave photo of me part 1
{me + callie}

day 21 : a fave photo of me part 2
{me + phil}

day 22 : where I work part 1

day 22 : where I work part 2

day 23 : my shoes
{newest addiction, chuck taylors}

day 24 : inside my bathroom cabinet
{a broken lock}

day 25 : green
I told you there would be better montages here. This time around I enjoyed this challenge far more, I feel the results are better.
xo, kim

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photo skill a day : days 18-25

Here's another weeks worth of my february photo skill photographs. Enjoy!
day 18 : documentary #2
{afternoon view}

day 19 : freeze motion
{stopped in my tracks}

day 20 : black on black
{my dinner plates}

day 21 : white on white
{my grandmother's doily on the radiator cover}

day 22 : abstract
{abstract flower graffiti}

day 23 : found face
{woman putting on eye liner found on a staircase}

day 24 : framing
{New York City papercut captured in its own frame}

day 25 : documentary #3
{morning view}

documentary 1, 2 + 3
{night, afternoon + morning : my views}
I've been having some fun with diptic lately. I'll admit, this montage above isn't my best. There's more to come. Follow my Instagram photos on Webstagram.

happy monday!
xo, kim

24 February 2012

narragansett electric part two : interior {via point and shoot}

I love the bones of Narragansett Electric much more than I like the exterior. I was hoping to get in to take some close ups and do some more intimate exploring, instead these pictures were taken through a chain link fence. 
The interior was much more rustic and weathered which made me love it even more.

And the sunlight casting shadows and creating forms made the views all the more amazing.

As with the exterior the steel structures mimic the shape of the arches and rectangular windows.

I spy rust and rivets. It's just dreamy to someone who loves working with metal.

Yes, this cog came home with me. Little hands fit through fences..

I'm sort of in love with all of the X's in these last few shots.

And what are these circles all about? So weird to find them in the land of angles and arches.

In this last photograph I love the bursts of light coming from windows unseen.

What is so fascinating about weathered and worn structures? I can't get enough of them.

happy friday!
xo, kim

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