28 February 2012

save the usps 2012

The craft world is still rocking the save the usps movement.
Eling {aka migration goods} knows that pups are the way to my heart. 
And isn't her handwriting just lovely?

And Sarah {aka egg-a-go-go} introduced me to boy girl party and their adorable illustrations. 

It's fun to see what other folks have stashed away in their treasures of stationery. It's also nice to read more than a person's blog or tweets. Holding a real piece of paper with their handwriting composed into a note meant just for you is the best.  

Want to join the fun? Send me an email with your address. 
Let's get our mail on! xo, kim


  1. Kim, you are so beautiful and creative! You have the world in your hands!!

    1. Thank you, Patty. I need to read some sweet words once in a while.

  2. Boy Girl Party is amazing! I don't even remember how I found out about them... maybe perusing Etsy? I love idea of save the USPS... does it work if I'm over here in the UK?

    1. I'd be using postage from the USPS and they would start the journey to get it to you so if you participated with folks in the states it would absolutely help!


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