01 February 2012

a weekend stroll in warren Rhode Island

This weekend I spent many hours combing through thrift shops. I am going to be in a few new shops soon (hopefully Valentine's Day soon!) and I need some displays for one of them.
I heard that there were a few antique shops in Warren. Unfortunately, the one I was looking for closed 5 years ago but Warren was fun anyway.

I love this quaint little street. 

There was one store front so full of items it was overwhelming. 

The artist seems to have an affinity for religious icons. 

And a liking for craftsman style lettering.

There was certainly a lot to take in. 

My other reason for making Warren a destination was to see The Wooden Midshipman, another shop I will soon be selling in. I'm smitten with the space and the goods she has to offer. I left with a bracelet (I haven't left home without it yet) and some lovely hair pins that actually stay in my fine hair.

I'm sure you know that if there is iron work in the area I am going to photograph it.

The repetition mesmerizes me. 

This building had some lovely vines...

...and colors.

And here I am, being a peeping tom.

I wonder what the spring or summer makes this vine look like?

I bet it really jazzes up the place.

And this drill press I fell in love with.

Warren has some interesting window displays.

Living in a city I miss little old hardware stores. 

The shops where you can get screens repaired instead of replaced. They are usually housed in the quaintest of places too.

happy wednesday!
I can't wait to have my bling on this little street. I'm off to get making.

xo, kim


  1. Such pretty photographs, looks like a lovely day out! Vines are pretty in theory, but I am creeped out by them - I hate that they bring spiders to windows!

  2. Kim the green shop.....I think that used to be the Yes Gallery and Studios.....I used to sell my jewelry in there, along with Andrea Corson and a couple of other well known metalsmiths http://www.yesgalleryandstudio.blogspot.com/

  3. Allison, It looks like the same building. I thought the Wooden Midshipman was there for a few years now. It's a lovely space.

    Ana, I like spiders. If vines let bats in, that would be a whole other story!


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