27 March 2012

random providence signs...

...and stickers.

I love how stickered my city is. 
{By the way, there isn't a phone here. I was so hoping to find a pay phone.} 

I think I may put in more of an effort to take photos of stickered signs. Providence is rich in stickers, especially obey the giant stickers by Shepard Fairey, which makes me love this city more and more.

xo, kim

spring blooms!

Our near summer-like weather has come and gone. While it was here it brought blooms along with it.

 My favorite are the muscari. 
Which spring blooms are your favorite?

happy tuesday!
xo, kim

indoor flowers

From the 'just because' sunflowers to my orchid I've been hoping to see bloom for over a year...

all the way to the short lived bloom on my strawberry plant, it looks like spring has sprung indoors. 

I also started a bunch of seeds which have begun to sprout. Expect some fantastic fire escape garden photos when summer comes. 
xo, kim

21 March 2012

a touch of green

I was looking at some old photos and noticed they all had the color green in common. This made me realize that this Irish lass never wished you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope you raised many good pints of Guinness in celebration and filled your bellies with Irish Soda Bread. 

radish art on a green trash can

fun shadows on my coffee table

my water glass full of sparkles
May the wind be always at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face.
xo, kim

20 March 2012

happy spring!

Happy spring equinox.
Soon enough, the grass under our feet will be green. Spring is so exciting, all the nice weather is right there waiting for you.

xo, kim

17 March 2012

spring day stroll

Here's a little mix of spring skies, wrought iron, cement, telephone polls, brick and bulbs in bloom. 

These are from a little stroll I took on the East Side after a dentist appointment. After finding out I still don't have one single cavity this was another great part of my day. Enjoy some spring time strolls, the weather has been so kind to us.

happy weekend!
xo, kim

15 March 2012

point street bridge

The other day I mentioned taking a walk to clear my head. Well, my walk extended to crossing the point street bridge. I've wanted to stroll across this bridge for, oh, fifteen years or so but just never got around to it. On Saturday I found myself with some time to spare with a hankering for a roll on one side of the bridge and an appointment for a haircut on the other. It seemed only natural to get my stroll on and to take my camera out.

I don't know what it is I find soothing about the sound of cars traveling over bridges, maybe it is the repetition of sound... If only I could remember how soothing this is when I have the mean reds. I am certain spending time here would turn the reds to blues in no time and bring on a sigh of relief. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!