30 April 2012

thrifted jewelry displays

I had a gallery request that I supply my own displays for my jewelry. I never had this request before and at first I was stressed over the idea. I worried that I wouldn't find displays that matched my aesthetic and the gallery's. And since most of my displays are thrifted I was worried about how long it would take to gather up the odds and ends I needed, not to mention time spent refinishing the pieces. There are many more little displays for this sweet little shop but I am saving the grand unveiling for when my collection is neatly assembled in a glass case.

I've seen a lot of folks use embroidery hoops with lace to display earrings but I wanted a more substantial and rectangular frame. {As I neglected to take before and after shots I will need to use my words to share this project with you.} I found a white picture frame at Savers an bought a lace curtain there as well. Getting a lace curtain is key in keeping the costs down, you get a lot of lace for your money. I wasn't keen on the frame being just white so I painted the outer facet which worked well, it matches the lace. 

I cut the lace much larger than the size of the frame so I had some extra fabric to get my hands on. You want the lace to be nice and taut so you need some extra inches to get a good hold on. So, with a helper and a trusty staple gun I got the lace in place. Once it was stapled in nice and tight I cut the excess material away. This works just as well lying flat as is does hanging on the wall. 

My favorite finds are those that require nothing more than a quick soak in the sink. I'm a huge fan of glass dishes and trays. Some {like this one} come in great colors, others have etched designs that I adore and others just need a few coats of spray paint to bring out the character of the piece. {I'll do a post on the spray painted glass pieces soon!} I adore this plate to show off my forget-me-not collection. It's simple and it works. And with glass plates you don't need to worry about the color taking away from your work as you may with thrifted ceramic plates.

happy monday!
xo, kim

29 April 2012

random studio shots

It's been a while since I've posted some behind the scenes studio shots. So, here we go...

clasps all set up and ready to solder

soldering ear wires to make aster dangles 

new necklace in the works!

how i love these wire cutters

more clasps being soldered. this time for my forget-me-not necklaces.

a sketch i made while in school. it was for a thimble weed hairpin I later fabricated in silver. 

chuck taylors hard at work cleaning soldered clasps to a shine.
I plan on starting up my studio sundays posts again. Hopefully, I will remember to keep taking pictures on the days I am hard at work.

happy sunday! kim

shop local at Magpie

One of the lovely ladies of Magpie worked some of her display magic and made a great setting for my jewelry.

Doesn't my jewelry look amazing in this sweet little shop in Davis Square? I feel like we are a perfect match, their tag line is Magpie in Davis | shiny things for your nest. While I always describe myself as a maker of shiny objects with dashes of color. Who doesn't love shiny objects?

Now that I've done some shameless self promotion I'll mention that Magpie is a shop full of handmade goodness and you should stop in and do some shopping.

xo, kim

25 April 2012


It's been a little while since I've posted here. So, Callie and I are stopping in to say Hello!

We hope your day is just as satisfying as this chin scratch.

xo, kim + callie too!

18 April 2012

more trees along the River Seine

I may have found more pictures in my photo album which I couldn't resist sharing. 
I hope you revisiting my trip to Paris as much as I do.

I'm pretty small so if anyone is planning a trip please consider stowing me in your luggage.

xo, kim

trees along the river seine

Back in August of 2005 two newlyweds took the greatest adventure of their lives. Threes days were spent in each city: London, Paris and Amsterdam. Paris being the favorite. The first full day in Paris we took a river tour of the city from the River Seine. Was it ever heavenly. 

 Seven years later I realize I've broken a promise, we have yet to return to my favorite place on earth. I think we need to start saving our change and set a goal to fly away again the the land of cafes, croissants, art and the best place on earth to roam the streets hand in hand.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

13 April 2012

perfectly abstract

I've been participating in the april opposites challenge set up by instafame. And do I ever love this challenge! Here are my two favorites that are perfectly abstract and I think capture the theme well.
day 5 : looking up {view of the chandelier from my bed}

day 7 : near {a door knob}
I'll be sure to post some of my other photos from the challenge. I just couldn't wait to share these first.
Want to play? Take a look at the challenge here. And you can follow my photos here

and happy friday the 13th.
xo, kim

east side greys

The east side is generally bright with well painted houses and groomed flower beds. On this particular jaunt everything seemed so grey, not that I am complaining. 
{Grey is my new favorite hue, it is easily accented.}

Wasn't I right? Grey looks great with a hint of yellow and bold orange. Either way, this area always looks great with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, a fresh roll for the road and shopping bags from my favorite neighborhood shops.

xo, kim

12 April 2012

college hill yellow + black

Forsythia has bloomed on college hill. 
It is the perfect accent to black iron fences.

These swirls look lonely without the lovely yellow accents.

It is also lovely against the aged brick. Aged brick and black fences are a staple in college hill and the forsythia is a great way to brighten up the neighborhood for spring.

xo, kim

budding trees + brick

The trees were starting to bloom last time I was downcity. 

 I can't decide what is prettier, seeing the buildings through the trees or seeing that lovely sky through a mess of branches...

xo, kim

11 April 2012

the giant has a posse on the east side

Am I the only Rhode Islander who is ever so proud that Shepard Fairey started his obey the giant campaign on the streets of Providence?

It makes me happy to see this giant's abstract face stickered all over this city. The more I learn about the campaign Shepard started here in 1989 the more I appreciate street art. I've fallen for graffiti, posters and stickers all over again.

xo, kim

dramatic skies

The skies were quite dramatic the other day. 

The perfect day for looking up and daydreaming. 
xo, kim

05 April 2012


Magnolias are in bloom!

And aren't they just beautiful?

xo, kim

five things about me

I was given the challenge to come up with five things about me by Linda of à la mode stuff
So, here you are...

This is a challenge going on over on Intagram. Search the hashtag #fivethingsaboutme to see how others approached the task. 

Maybe you will share a list of your own. I'd love for you to post links for me to see.
xo, kim

04 April 2012

iron work + greenery

Here's one little photo I tool while leaving my beloved Olga's. 

The perfect combination of my two favorite loves, iron work and nature.  

I think this one goes to the printer.
xo, kim

lines + shadows

I snapped this photo while coming from the basement. 

There is something simple and soothing about this photo. Somehow the colors are subtle yet drastic at the same time. And the subject is and isn't interesting. At least that is how I see it. 

happy wednesday!
xo, kim 

thanks for reading!