30 June 2012

thrifting in New Bedford

Part of my New Bedford adventure included some vintage shopping at Circa. It is a favorite destination within a favorite destination,  New England Demolition and Salvage

I think this mannequin fancies herself being onstage along side Madonna.

Check out this pole dancer! She's got the moves.

I love this wall of hatboxes. Wouldn't this be an amazing way to decorate your bedroom?

And these guys, what is there to say about them? Hear no evil and see no evil?

happy weekend!
xo, kim

29 June 2012

city stroll: New Bedford

I had the most fabulous romp in New Bedford last Saturday. It was great fun to visit my old stomping ground. I loved living here while I finished my sixth year of bachelor studies and often fancy myself moving back here. The art scene is alive and thriving!

This is one of those lucky shots you just couldn't plan. I loved this sequin star in a window display and took an attempting to capture it. I hadn't realized until the picture "developed" that you could see the reflection on the city around the star. 

And here is the other side of the street with a lovely gingko tree.

I can't believe this new and improved New Bedford. When I was a student this little courtyard seemed  like a dream. Through a fence you could see these potentially beautiful space with brick walkways surrounded by lovely old buildings and trees. 

It seems like some landscaping it starting to happen.

Making this courtyard even more magical.

And if you get this table, you will always win at chess.

I left my old neighborhood and started towards our favorite vintage shops.

This is a building I have long admired and pulled the car over so I could get some pictures of it. 

I love the brick, stone, metal and paint of the facade. 

But most of all, I love the ladies who watch over the building.

They appear to be angelic and strong at the same time.

Smart and beautiful.

And powerful. 

I do wish this building were open for me to explore the interior. For now I will keep poking around and taking pictures. For a place on the side of the highway, it is ever so peaceful.

happy friday!
xo, kim

27 June 2012

thrifted: Jackie Kennedy style

I needed a little retail therapy the other day and Savers is always just the right place. You have no expectations when you walk in but you always leave with something [or many things] great.

About thirty seconds in the door I spotted two scarves and fell head over heels in love. When I got them home and tried different ways to wear them I realized wearing them in the style of Jackie Kennedy was the way to go.

I can't believe the beauty of this scarf. In each corner there is a different butterfly. Same color palette but with different markings. The colors are so feminine and cheery. I wish you could see more of these details when the scarf is being worn. I am thinking it could also make a nice shawl on a cool summer night.

I love how this scarf compliments my curls. And it will serve to protect them. I do love my sunroof open on nice summer days. Normally I hate eating my hair with all of the wind. But this, this will be a fine resolution.

As an online friend said, it was like Savers knew I was coming. This scarf is meant for me. Flowers and bright colors and the flowers named in this lovely cursive. 

Savers always seems to make my day brighter.
xo, kim

welcome summer!

Now that summer is here what are your favorite parts of this season?

I enjoy the cool nights, rain and flowers bursting from hibernation.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim

26 June 2012

makin' it

Here I am a day late with makin' it. 

These are my forget-me-not castings in need of some sanding to smooth out rough edges. 

 You've all seen my lovely 3M wheels I use with my foredom, so I figured I would just show an after picture of my nice, smooth castings.

Next comes dapping time!

I love tools and hammers. This step is much more fun than clean up.

Once the flowers are cupped I get my soldering station set up. Out comes my soldering stick, brush, flux, third arm, tweezers, ear posts and some freshly cut solder chips. 
[don't you love the little crane that keeps my tools from rolling away on me?]

Just a little close up.


 Here's the happy little family pre-pickle and full of fire scale. 

 After the earrings have been pickled I sand away fire scale and solder [yes, with my 3M wheels!] and then start on my matte finish. This sander attachment is intense, safety goggles are a must [but really, they are always a must]. Once I am done texturing I am covered in silver dust and bits of the wheel that came loose. I can't argue with the results. I love the random scratches that create my matte finish. I should add that I do this for the oxidized flowers as well, it gives the same feel to the oxidized pieces, making them less shiny, even after a romp in the tumbler.

Then comes the packaging. This step is so satisfying unlike the photography step. With photography there is editing photographs, loading them onto websites, writing descriptions and filling in 15 fields before hitting 'publish' to get your work listed but when your item sells, it makes it all worth it.

I love these behind the scenes studio posts, don't you?

xo, kim

thanks for reading!