27 June 2012

thrifted: Jackie Kennedy style

I needed a little retail therapy the other day and Savers is always just the right place. You have no expectations when you walk in but you always leave with something [or many things] great.

About thirty seconds in the door I spotted two scarves and fell head over heels in love. When I got them home and tried different ways to wear them I realized wearing them in the style of Jackie Kennedy was the way to go.

I can't believe the beauty of this scarf. In each corner there is a different butterfly. Same color palette but with different markings. The colors are so feminine and cheery. I wish you could see more of these details when the scarf is being worn. I am thinking it could also make a nice shawl on a cool summer night.

I love how this scarf compliments my curls. And it will serve to protect them. I do love my sunroof open on nice summer days. Normally I hate eating my hair with all of the wind. But this, this will be a fine resolution.

As an online friend said, it was like Savers knew I was coming. This scarf is meant for me. Flowers and bright colors and the flowers named in this lovely cursive. 

Savers always seems to make my day brighter.
xo, kim

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