29 August 2012

wayland square window shopping

After visiting some dear friends Callie and I took a night time stroll through Wayland Square. 

I find the displays to be even more dazzling at night. 

And the walk is cooler and quiet, thus more enjoyable.

I am coveting these yellow jeans. 

This men's shop had the best display in the square. 

Old cameras and rose colored lenses...

It was fun to observe the items on display in a different hue.

This was an old slide they had in the window, this shot is easily my favorite.

With this one being a close second.

Callie and I need to get back here soon for another stroll. This time I will make sure to stop at L'Artisan Café and grab a delicious coffee first.

happy wednesday!
xo, kim [+ Callie too!]

28 August 2012

thriftin' in New Bedford

I spent a year living in New Bedford when I was an undergrad. The city had just started to come to life with boutiques and restaurants popping up here and there. Aside from the burritos at No Problemo my other favorite part of living in New Bedford was being so close to four huge antique shops. 

This time I was on the hunt for displays. One of my major display pieces was broken at my last fair.
[big sad face here. it had a cover and was well, perfect.] And I was pretty good leaving with a few displays and one dinged up hammer. For once I was all business, except for all of the picture taking that happened.

I have a hard time keeping to my task when I shop at antique stores.

There are too many bright, shiny objects that catch my eye.

It is probably a good thing that I drive a VW Golf and can't get home with tons of large pieces. 

Everything is so enticing. The furniture is fun and just asking to be refinished. 
And who doesn't need an old dress form just for decoration?

There are four different major antique shops in New Bedford [some listed here] and they are all unique, amazing and overwhelming with treasures to be found.

They manage to all have very different collections than the next one.

Making the adventure even more fun when you are hitting up all four at once.

I so wish this machine were $2. Because, you know, I really need an old register.

I think my favorite part of taking pictures at the Cove was trying to capture the collections people have acquired over time. I am fascinated with the objects one decides to collect.

Do you remember milk delivery? I do. There were many days of carrying glass bottles to our third floor apartment. Was I ever petrified I would drop a quart of milk.

I found the Cove to be a haven of sorts for anyone interested in textile arts or old product design. 

Another odd collection, but this one is my favorite. Color, rust and metal get me every time.

Would any place other than New Bedford have this type of bling in a vintage jewelry display case?

Another great example as to why it is a very, very good thing I drive a Golf.

Same here. How cool is this??????


Crystal haze.

Singa, the way a true New Bedford resident would say "Singer".
[I can crack this joke as a girl born in Fall River, aka Fahl Riva.]

More rust but this time with moss!

How I wish I had more than a fire escape garden. I'd love to mount these on the side of a garage and plant ivy or clematis to wind around the perfectly weathered iron work.

Let's grind.

These boxes completely fascinate me. 

The colors and type are attractive. I keep trying to think of just the right project for these.

Turn me on I'm a radio!

Washboard abs.

I hope you enjoyed my thrifting adventure. 
happy tuesday!
xo, kim

27 August 2012

makin' it : floral arrangements edition

I spent this weekend making centerpieces for my nephew's baptism. In my family we use all of our talents to throw a great party. My step-sister is the menu planner and chef, my step-mother is the organizer and my nephews and niece are the entertainment. 

 I was told the palette I had to match was a pale blue table cloth, an espresso painted room and a blue and white cake. It seemed obvious that I get in as much blue and white as possible but load it up with as many complimentary colors as I could to liven the room up a little.

These were oh so fun to arrange. My nephew helped by being super sweet and finding me a radio so we could play some music as we worked together. He chatted with me while he drew skyscrapers. 

Once I set all of the arrangements out on the table I took a step back and really liked what I had made. The results were more organic than my days working at the florist in a supermarket. There wasn't a formula or premeditated idea on what form the flowers should take. I just grabbed scissors and went for it. I somehow lost myself in my work and ironically this is the most pleased I've ever been with something I arranged. Needless to say, I miss being a florist girl ever so much. It is like making jewelry, I need to do it or I seem to lose a part of myself.

happy monday!
xo, kim

03 August 2012

paint it black

This thrifted + handmade post has a bit of a theme. I can't decide if it's a coincidence or if my outlook is influencing my attire.

I wanna see it painted black, painted black, Black as night, black as coal... 

Here is my new favorite headband made by Giant Dwarf. It matches everything in my closet and adding some sparkle to my day is hard to resist. Not that I don't end up covered in silver dust.

And my new favorite tank top by An Li Studio. What isn't to love? Ladybugs on charcoal grey. A super cozy tank just perfect for these steamy summer days. I do laundry over and over so I can wear this tank again. And, I think it looks great paired with my thrifted black and grey skirt....

 ...and my beloved checkered vans. 

I can't believe I haven't posted this get up yet, it is essentially my uniform this summer. It is perfectly cozy, cool and painted black.

happy weekend!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!