11 September 2012

New keys, new space, new beginnings

453 Cottage Street will be my new place to make shiny objects. That's right! I'm moving.

I had a great start to my business on Mineral Spring Ave and the best studio mate ever. But the other sweet Kim is moving on to exciting adventures in Warren. She is opening up a retail space! And I wanted some heat in the winter so it was time for some changes. 

As I've been going through some rough times this summer I am hoping
 ...new keys...

....new space...
[view of my space from the office floor]

...means new beginnings. 
[view of my office window]

now to get packing....
xo, kim


  1. It looks wonderful, Kim! Best of luck with everything! Cheers to New Beginnings <3

  2. Wow what a pretty space!

    I love your blog and photos btw!

    1. Ken,
      I simply can't wait to move in and get settled. And thank you for your compliments on my photos. It's another passion of mine.
      Best, Kim


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