29 November 2012

happy autumn!

Callie girl is enjoying autumn while it is still here. 

Enjoy some romps in the leaves before they are covered in snow. Us New England ladies know how to enjoy the best every season has to offer.
Happy Autumn! Love, Callie Rose

26 November 2012

cyber monday

Here is yet another day added to the long Thanksgiving weekend which is promised to be chock full of deals. But the thing is I don't believe in putting my handmade items on sale. I work hard to make quality items in an efficient way and I offer them at what I consider to be an affordable price. My goal is to be able to live a meager lifestyle as a jewelry artist and since a girls gotta eat I just can't afford to put my work on sale. I do hope you enjoy my bling just the same and make a point to support small businesses and buy handmade this holiday season. 

Here are some new items available on my website....

dots with dashes of color

smoke + aqua

smoke + mustard

surf + sun

Parisian blue
I may not believe in putting items I plan to continue fabricating on sale, but I believe in marking down items I will no longer be making. As they say, out with the old, in with the new. Take a look at my clearance section to get items that won't be around for much longer. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

24 November 2012

support small business everyday

I've been busy playing with shiny objects with dashes of color prepping for the holiday season. Remember to buy handmade this holiday season. When you buy handmade you support small businesses whose work is made with skill and love. And, you won't be buying a loved someone something they already have. It will be a special and meaningful present, one to be treasured for years to come. 

snow and spruce from my dot collection

office work [maybe some relaxing too!]

double exposure shot of sifting enamel and fusing it to silver

soldering my enameled pieces

bitty earring production, 26 soldered...

...and 16 more to go

Shopping local and supporting your community is just as important. Here's a list of shops who carry my bling but in case there isn't a local brick and mortar there's always online, no waiting in lines and you get to see my packaging! 

happy saturday!
xo, kim

15 November 2012

wood and hints of green

Right before the early autumn snow I noticed a pattern on my photograph role. I had captured weathered wood with all of the lingering green hues I could find. Looks like I am not ready to let go of summer just yet. I am learning to appreciate all of the seasons in New England but when summer comes to a close I always miss the colors of flowers in bloom. 

I think that is why I take the time to capture everything, I can always revisit the colors and forms of each season in my photo album. In the dead of winter, during the short dark days all those photos of flowers really make a difference. 

happy autumn!
xo, kim

13 November 2012

New studio, new work, new shop!

I am pleased to announce my jewelry will be available in the Fuller Craft Museum Shop for the holiday season! 

 hues of autumn and winter dot necklaces
I have spent many late nights in my studio which turned into early mornings to complete this order. 

new nasturtium necklaces!
During these wee morning hours I played around with a few new elements. I am most excited about the new nasturtium series. The organic shape really speaks to me, it allows my palette to be displayed as one would see these colors in nature versus how they are seen within the constraints of the rigid frame of a perfect circle.

complete set of necklaces for the fuller museum
Other updates include: 
the chain: this one seems to allow the pendants to move more freely.
the clasp: they mimic the shape of the pendants [this sleepy head forgot to capture them for you.]
the finish: the back of the pendants are satin finish while the edges are polished to a shine [I am loving this contrast!]

nasturtium post earrings
The newest color in the collection is autumn rust [second from the left]. I have fallen in love with this hue, I think it is the perfect compliment to this collection.

autumn and winter hues dot post earrings
So, here are all of my new shiny objects with dashes of color. They are bound for The Fuller Craft Museum Shop this afternoon. Their holiday shop opens on the 17th of November, mark your calendars and buy handmade this holiday season. 

xo, kim

thanks for reading!