29 December 2012

a little handmade for you, a little handmade for me

This year's holiday shopping definitely came with a little more handmade for me than for you. Sometimes a girls gotta spoil herself. If she doesn't who else will?

for me... the button collector pillow by egg-a-go-go
for me... turquoise flower hair pin by sew mary ann
for me.... soy candle by maisonwares
for me... lid detail of maisonwares candles

for my nieces... flower headbands by Jen Menkhaus of the littlest bean
i love packaging that doesn't require wrapping!
for me... sun and ferns sweatshirt by An Li Studio
for me times two... three geometric flowers wrap by An Li Studio
and a custom french knot necklace by the merriweather council
for me: bear disguised as a star ornament by migration goods
for my four lovely aunts: bears disguised as trees ornaments by migration goods
I am grateful to have so many talented crafters to buy presents from. Even if most of them are for myself.

xo, kim
ps: there's a little more 'handmade for me' to come

28 December 2012

winter nights in my city

One of my favorite holiday traditions is shopping in my little city all lit up under the night sky. 
Just me and my city.


 My city and its bright lights will forever be my first and lasting love.
xo, kim

27 December 2012

thank you, boston!

 Once again, Boston has treated me well. The customers and organizers of Bazaar Bizarre sure knew how to make this girl's craft season end with a bang.

ceiling at the cyclorama
The morning started out grim, I got lost, lost again and then got lost again looking for parking. 

This photo above is a result of being lost and stuck in traffic, an awesome combination.

But once I got to Bazaar Bizarre and finally set up my booth it was well worth all of the late nights crafting and the early morning adventures of being lost in the streets of Boston.

This is my 'where's waldo' photo. I really enjoyed seeing this fellow browse the fair all day. It lightened my stressed and tired mood helping me remember to smile a little.

[click on photo for source]
And here I am with my display wearing my 'no sleep til Bazaar Bizarre' face.
[i promise, i had a wonderful day selling, buying and catching up with friends!]

After packing up my remaining merchandise and bidding my friends a farewell I loaded up my car and turned around for one last look at the cyclorama building. I really do love this place, it treats me well year after year. 

This year has been particularly challenging for me and I doubted my ability to participate in this event. With some encouragement from the lovely organizers I decided to give it a go. Am I ever glad I did! I left with a happy heart, feeling grateful for just how much people love my work and in complete awe of the love and support I receive from this amazing craft community I get to be a part of. I don't know that I could ever fully express my gratitude but I love each and every one of you who made my day.

xo, kim

26 December 2012

thank you for a smashing year!

after another year of crafting my heart away i get to send out another thank you post on the blog.

thank you for keeping even my oldest of designs in high demand. 

and when i say high demand i am not kidding.

i soldered, cleaned and packaged [well, my awesome parents did the packaging] over 50 pairs of earrings [& some singles too!].

oh! i forgot to mention some steps here...

...i did texture sheets of metal, cut out disc after disc and dap them..

...before i went though all of these 3m wheels.

I did a quick run through my new set up before my one and only fair of the season, Bazaar Bizarre

and i also crashed on the studio couch so my late night of making could turn into an early morning of making. [2013 may call for a sofa bed]

So, here's a nice big thank you. I am grateful to have been busy enough to sleep at my studio and grateful to be making orders up until the 21st of december. As a reward to myself I will be taking some time away from my production work to clear off my bench and start fresh. It's a new year and this new year is promised to be full of fresh beginnings. Don't worry, I won't push aside my simply timeless line of designs, it is just time to add some fresh ones to the mix. 

here's to a happy, healthy new year full of fresh starts for all.
xo, kim

ps: thank you for being awesome. without buyers of handmade, i wouldn't be able to do what i love everyday. i love you for your support.

16 December 2012

bazaar bizarre today!

I am all packed up and ready to catch some sleep before my one and only holiday show of the year. 
Did I mention this is my favorite show? Yeah, it is my favorite show of the year, all year, every year. The small craft advisory ladies know how to put on one rockin' show. 

click image for more info
Did you see my interview on the Bazaar Bizarre blog? Well, it is a pretty good read if I do say so myself so take a peek. Get to know about the lady behind the bling.

moon post earrings
This is what I have been working on. The good old basics. 
and my parents deserve a good ol' thank you for helping me package these babies into the early sunday hours.

bitty earrings
By popular demand my bitty earrings are now being offered as singles. Not that the ladies won't like this as well but this is the perfect boy bling!

click on image for more info

And I will be taking part in the first ever Night Owl Hour. All of my discontinued jewelry [certain colors and styles no longer in production] will be offered at clearance prices. So, hang around until 5 and get some awesome bling at a discount. 

Hope to see you later. If you are so inclined to bring me coffee I like it strong and with two sugars. In return I will give you a huge smile and a hug.

xo, kim

thanks for reading!