11 April 2013

where to rebuild...

Lately I have been struggling with where I want to call home. The options are endless and include leaving the country. There is a huge part of me that wants to pick up and leave, get to another coast or cross a border to start a new. Will my troubles just follow me there or will a new scenery refresh my life and let me clear my head and rebuild my life? I struggle with these questions daily, just as I come close to packing up my car with my sights set on no destination, just roads to explore to find someplace to call home. 

I keep coming back to these lyrics from a Bob Dylan song, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue...

"Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you...
Strike another match, go start a new..."

More and more I am leaning towards searching for a new place to call home. Until then I will try and recall why I fell in love with Providence to begin with. It will make my stay here a little sweeter. 

happy thursday.
xo, kim

10 April 2013

studio shots

  I have been trying my best to get into a good routine in the studio. My stores have been so kind and patient in requesting my jewelry to replenish their diminished supply. If you have been waiting for some shiny objects with dashes of color at a boutique near you please know they are being made with love. 

Here's a peek at my process. 

 step one: sanding the edges of fine silver discs

 [why yes, that is a hammer in my apron]

 step two: dapping discs

[this slight cupping gives the enamel a home and allows the glass to fuse to metal just a little better]

 step three: sifting glass onto silver

step three: fusing glass to metal with my torch

 here's the crop!
 [this gets me through a long studio day, a soy cappuccino and a coconut macaroon.]

 step four: sanding stray enamel from the edges of silver

 [view of my soldering set up with a nice chuck taylors shot!]

step five: soldering ear posts to my enameled dots

step six: sanding solder and silver to a shine!

[the finished product photographed for my shop.]

 step seven: product packaging

step eight: packing up for shipping. my favorite step!

thanks for taking a peek at my studio shots. 
xo, kim

08 April 2013

what I wore: stars and stripes

This astral crown by giant dwarf may be one of my accessories. 

It adds just the right amount of sparkle to my day and these days have been calling for some extra shine.

This striped shirt is a thrifted find. 

I will say, it took some courage to wear this. My attire isn't usually this tight.
[can you spy my favorite cuff by sunshine derby? i almost never leave home without it.]

These red docs always seem to give me some extra courage, another thing I need these days.

And when it got chilly I wore my favorite teal thrifted cardigan. 
[also seen is another favorite accessory, this french knot necklace by the merriweather council.]

happy monday! 
i hope today sparkled for you, kim

04 April 2013

stripes, scarves and teal

Here's what I've been wearing lately...


lots of 'em 

clashing and not matching

this new scarf

and lots of teal

with my favorite teal accessory being this ume hair clip by the dearest Eling of migration goods

I may very well need an intervention, there are so many stripes and scarves in my life. But they make me oh so happy! 
xo, kim

03 April 2013

neighborhood stroll

Callie girl has been given the okay to start taking strolls. Not only am I delighted to get outside with my girl but I will be back taking pictures again. I am always inspired when I get outside and take in my surroundings. Especially when life is starting to bloom around me.

What I love most about the photos I take while on our neighborhood strolls is that they are a mess of things. Rusty metal, flowers, textures...whatever strikes my fancy as I poke around the area with my phone in hand. 

happy spring!
xo, kim

02 April 2013

welcome spring!

This last sunny Saturday got me out of the house and into a little wooded area on the edge of the city.

After a stroll through the dog park we sat by the river to soak up the sun. It was indeed a happy, sun filled Saturday.

xo, kim

ps: how have you been enjoying this new season?

thanks for reading!