25 November 2013

early autumn east side stroll

Just like everything else, autumn blew by without me getting to appreciate it. Outside is suddenly cold and darker and less vibrant in color. From what I did get to take in, autumn was amazing this year. Let's hope it leads way to a snow dappled winter. I wish for a few scattered days with inches of snow so we haven't a reason to bustle through life. We can take it slow, snuggle with our furry ones and warm up the house by baking some cookies. To me, that is like a vacation. 

happy monday!
xo, kim

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22 November 2013

soldering one itty bitty earring at a time

here I am getting my production on . . 

happy friday to you!
xo, kim

ps: more than half of these earrings are two lovely new textures I hope to debut soon! the studio has been very inspiring as of late. 

pps: who can spy Callie girl snoozing?

21 November 2013

For love of iron work

For years I have been meaning to take some time to photograph these doors and the iron work gracing it. Now that I have finally captured this amazing entrance I plan on incorporating it into my designs in the new year. I can't wait to see what sketches emerge from this little photo shoot. 

happy thursday!
xo, kim

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14 November 2013

autumn flash sale: updated!

I have been making lists, so many lists! Inventory lists, lists of what I need to make, lists of what I hope make, lists of what I hope to sell, lists of materials to purchase. There are a few items I have collected quite a bit of and would love to sell them off to make room for new designs. Since materials cost money, it is time to raise some! Let's celebrate autumn with a flash sale!

So, if you are on Instagram you can keep an eye out for pictures I post there. If you are on Facebook, why not like my page and follow my flash sales there? Or you can look out for my tweets with links to the sale item of the day. I am only offering these sales at www.kobrienjewelry.com so be sure to shop there. 

Here is a little sample. These earrings retail at $24 and being offered for $20 until the 17th of November at midnight EST. Including free US shipping you save $12.55. Heck yeah, right?

And these plum dot earrings are usually $44, so you save $14.55. Hooray! Now get shopping because the flash sale for these ends on the 17th at midnight. 

happy weekend!
xo, kim

11 November 2013

torch firing!

I added a sprinkle of 'pollen' to this blue necklace then fused glass to metal with my torch. I love making shiny objects with dashes of color!!

If you want to add a little pollen to your life take a look at my shop

happy monday!
xo, kim

09 November 2013

Somerville, we are back!

That's right. There are some shiny objects en route to Magpie

So, here's the peek. Now get in and see my bling in person.

xo, kim

ps: how awesome is technology? I made all of these graphics on my phone.

02 November 2013

studio shots: smoke and mustard dot earrings

Here are some more behind the scenes photos . . .
This striker is the spark behind my flame. Love this simple tool. 

Beveling the edges of silver discs to prep them for . . 

. . . dapping!

The perfect little cup to hold silver in. 

Gum agar spray so the crushed glass sticks to the silver. 

sift . . sift . . sift

clean up the edges


Adding a mustard dash to a smoke palette. 

All lined up for one last firing . . 

I love the way the enamel changes right before your eyes, don't you?

Now they are fused and ready to become earrings. 

Cutting up bits of solder. 

Setting the earring on a trivet so the enamel doesn't flow and stick to another surface while I am soldering. 

Flux . . 

. . . and more FIRE!

Soldering time!
[then there is clean up time, we can see that next time around.]

I love this combination. Smoke is a lovely canvas for dashes of color, especially mustard. 

won't you visit my shop and start making your list for the holidays?

xo, kim

ps: at least i waited until after halloween to mention the holidays. in the crafty world, we have been planning for it since the fourth of July. 

thanks for reading!