28 December 2013

new stockist!

Finally! I am back near my favorite soap maker, Stella Marie Soap Company.

Get on over to 486 Main Street in Warren and buy some soap and shiny objects. 
While you are there say hello to my former mate for me. I love that soapy lady!

xo, kim

26 December 2013

what I really wanted sale!

If your stocking didn't have enough sparkle in it why not treat yourself to some bling? Now until January 4th, 2014 use the code WHATIREALLYWANTED at www.kobrienjewelry.com to add some bling to the New Year. 

Pick earrings that don't match. I won't judge you. 

xo, kim

23 December 2013

fair isle with a side of poppy and smoke

I love the crafty community I am a part of. Near and far we are all working on different projects. We take the time to check in on Instagram to see what others are crafting up. One of my friends had been knitting away with the same hues I was enameling with. She saw these colors together but I had been thinking of sea foam and smoke. Poppy was out for a whole other project. 

A fresh set of eyes encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and create a new  color combination. We crossed our fingers hoping our gadget monitors matched. She continued knitting as I fired up some enamels. After I wrapped the package with twine and shipped it off I set back to work at my bench. A few days later as I did my usual check in to see what others were making and I came across this picture and smiled in pure delight. We matched! Knitting in DC matched enamels from Pawtucket!

I love this crafty community I am a part of. It is nurturing, encouraging and supportive. Thanks to all who support us artisans and get us out of our comfort zones and inspire us to create something we couldn't see even if it was right on on jeweler's bench.

xo, Kim 

15 December 2013

free shipping code

Seeing as I am snowed out of my last event, Picnic Portland, and those lovely folks in Maine can't see my goods in person I am offering them (and you!) free shipping. Keep in mind the USPS says domestic shipping must leave by the 21st for arrival on the 24th. I am running this until the 20th on all items, even made to order items. I plan on busting out orders and living under a heap of silver dust until the 20th. Help me sparkle and buy handmade this holiday season. Shop soon, as some items may sell out.

thank you for supporting my little business and buying handmade.
xo, kim

ps: will someone in Portland hug the yeti for me?

07 December 2013

see me & my bling in person!

I have a few events coming up. Won't you come and visit, shop for shiny objects and support small businesses this holiday season?

[click on images for more information]

I hope to see you soon!
xo, kim

thanks for reading!